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  1. Hey Alex_h I overlook your post! That's a good link btw! Thanks for these information. I think it'll be very helpful!
  2. Thanks for all the advice. Really appreciate it! However, I already have a sponsor which really wanted to buy the mobile browser version of this game. And hopefully there's still a way to port this game even with the said amount of images. Btw, Developoid you're right about the background, I can re-use that to conserve memory space. Not to mention that this is a stick game with less detailed characters, that might lessen the size of an image.
  3. Thanks Developoid! Well right now i haven't converted it into spritesheets yet, they are still in vector. But to give you an idea how big the animation is. I've created around 70 scenes, each scenes consists of an average of 100 frames. So if I'm to convert each frames into png, it'll have around 7000 image files.
  4. Hi! thanks guys! regarding the buttons, i was actually thinking of putting something like this. But I'm not sure if it'll work on small devices. You think porting this game to HTML5 will not be a problem? I mean, I've created a lot of animations for this game and I'm not sure how can these animations be exported to HTML5 without taking a good amount of memory space.
  5. Hello! I'm just new here, and currently seeking for an HTML5 developer who can port my flash game and create a version that could work on mobile browsers. It's just a simple game to begin with and you can check it by clicking this link --> Zassin. Btw, I'm actually a flash game artist/developer and I've been doing games for the past 3 years already. However, this is my first time to try HTML5. This is a paid project btw, so please if anybody is interested, kindly message me with your quotes. Thanks and Regards, Gilbert