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  1. VirtualJoystick

    Sounds like a scoping issue, have you tried removing game and just using 'this'
  2. Are you referring to concept creation or final product?
  3. Question about file paths

    Yeah, get an extension for use with development. I use this one, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clear-cache/cppjkneekbjaeellbfkmgnhonkkjfpdn?hl=en
  4. Question about file paths

    Its because your scripts will be running in index so you will be 'assets/image.png'. Doesn't matter where the js files, just matters where the canvas is located and in this case its located on index.html
  5. Detect circle collision inside shape

    is this for a user interface? I only use my own physics so I am not sure if P2 has that function, perhaps there is a way.
  6. Mobile Issues

    Ive never had good luck with these things on mobile, they only work in webGL so canvas will not display them at all. Scaling is weird with them too
  7. looped rotation tween or updating the angle?

    The way you did it is how I would do it, it's as lightweight as it gets to my knowledge. Here is tween code in phaser: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/search?utf8=✓&q=tween&type=
  8. Move Patron Badge

    Like shown below
  9. Destroy does not remove prototype

    Very interesting, that is kinda what i have now without the onDestroy. I wish there was a way to completely obliterate it though.
  10. Destroy does not remove prototype

    So what i found is that after my fish is eaten (alive=false) he falls to the bottom and off the screen (active=false) so i found even after deleteing the sprite the object is being push farther and farther along the Y. This causes the drawable area or something larger and larger and so i was able to stop the prototype from making these calculations. I still wana destroy it if i can. I tried setting it to null but it hates that.
  11. Phaser on Linux & Rasberry Pi

    Why not use a android mini PC? Yes you can also run it on a raspberry pie! Here in NYC we have a club that builds games and cabinets a lot for their shows.
  12. Real Uglify JS with Grunt

    Alex_h, moving options outside target worked! thanks
  13. Hmm normally yah you would use a sprite sheet with two images. So you are loking for some type of layering effect?
  14. Destroy does not remove prototype

    I have a fish game and i add fish and remove them using destroy. The game gets slower as more and more fish are eaten and removed and added again. Is there a way to destroy the prototype and everything inside? I checked memory leaks and it seems its the CPU that is having trouble not memory