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  1. jjwallace

    How much faster is phaser3?

    Wow, Really neat stuff, good job @themoonrat ! ~
  2. jjwallace

    How much faster is phaser3?

    Hmm, that looks pretty fast, maybe i will try out building a prototype. Do sprites off the screen also get rendered or are these just data until they enter into the fillrate? (i am probably not saying that right)
  3. I am going to be starting a RTS game in Pixi4JS or Phaser3, I am looking for inspiration or artist that might be interested in working on a new project. My tech plan: NodeJS, SocketIO, ES6, Webpack, Pixi5/ Phaser3
  4. jjwallace

    How much faster is phaser3?

    Hi guys, I have built a bunch of games in Phaser2 and now i am working with PixiJs since we can render 20,000 + entities on the screen and animated them. PixiJS lacks a lot of features. So, How fast is Phaser3? Does it render as many objects as PixiJS 4? Anyone have experience using all 3?
  5. I come from the Phaser world but have recently been working on a new application using PixiJS v4.5+ I don't like the pixiJS sprite sheet example and really would like to find a solution to handleing sprite animations much like phaser2 had. I have taken a look at smoothie. I use tweenMax for tweens. What animation libraries do you use for sprites?
  6. jjwallace

    Using React in Pixi? Pixi in React?

    closest thing i found so far https://www.protectator.ch/post/pixijs-v4-in-a-react-component
  7. jjwallace

    Using React in Pixi? Pixi in React?

    Cool stuff, I will look into this. Have you seen any projects utilizing multiple frameworks?
  8. Thanks @ivan.popelyshev , yeah i tried these, none are what im looking for. Just React and Pixi in ES6, no typescript shananagans. I am just gonna have to build my own. ok here we go. Declarative style coding is horrible, front end devs be messing with crap and polluting stuff
  9. Is it possible to just drop in a pixi application into a component without using pixi-react or anything like this? It is hard to find a solution to this. I am not really into declaritive style for building out this application...
  10. jjwallace

    Using React in Pixi? Pixi in React?

    I am building an app using Pixi as my main render. I am also using D3 and I want to use react as my UI manager. How is the best way to go about this? I am already running Pixi with Webpack and ES6
  11. Do you guys have an example of what you do for your games?
  12. jjwallace

    too many assets?

    30 mb is huge! Also remember that images have a max pixel size for browsers
  13. jjwallace

    Phaser Manifest Loader

    does it load json files for levels?
  14. jjwallace

    Sprite width after zoom?

    sprite.width ? or scaleRatio = window.devicePixelRatio; ?
  15. jjwallace

    Increase the velocity of tilePosition

    I have no idea how to use tile sprite, I have been trying to learn, do you have any resources so i can try implementing it? I am trying to make a block blasting game: https://jjwallace.github.io/Hedgehog-Blast/build/index.html