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  1. Im going to build a website for people to pass around bitcoins ... with games.... i almost have a website, basic api and payment for bitcoin solution, written in nodejs . im going to try to give the games a easy api to build on. im using dogecoin as a test network(easy to get donations to test api) mongodb as my database for websockets() using heroku as hosting provider if you dont know what bitcoins are, take a look at anybody wana help?
  2. i use node.js c++ addons to build stuff for witch is javascriptV8 here is a example nodejs c++ addon for windows + node.js app..
  3. heres a example node-webkit app you can look at for examples
  4. I would use nodejs as much as i can in this framework, but node-webkit does allow you to use the file:// system to read files if you want or you can use the FS object api that nodejs supplies
  5. bmatusiak


    Did some updates, Added a Poke feature to poke players with facebook request dialog
  6. bmatusiak


    Just fixed Some Firefox bug... sorry firefox users, its just faster to develop in chrome and then test in firefox and other browsers the bug consist of mouseEvents with offsetX and offsetY heres the fix i used if(typeof event.offsetX === "undefined" || typeof event.offsetY === "undefined") { var targetOffset = $(; event.offsetX = event.pageX - targetOffset.left; event.offsetY = event.pageY -;}
  7. node-webkit has been a +1 for me because it included nodejs
  8. dont know what ActionScript looks like, Im all about javascript
  9. I think this format works var _privAlien = { x:null};var alien = { get x(){ return function(x){ if(!x) return _privAlien.x; else _privAlien.x = x; }; }, set x($var){ this.x($var); }};alien.x(293);//oralien.x = 293; window.document.writeln(alien.x()); // == "293"
  10. +1 Cloud9 for Javascript Web Development includes NodeJS debugger includes terminal under OpenShift gears and allows live collaboration like google docs
  11. Hey guys, if you havent see this, its worth checking into.. What exactly does this do?? node-webkit is an app runtime based on Chromium and node.js. You can write native apps in HTML and Javascript with node-webkit. It also lets you to call Node.js modules directly from DOM and enables a new way of writing native applications with all Web technologies. It's created and developed in Intel Open Source Technology Center. Its also provides a way to protect your javascript code heres a example node-webkit app you can look at for examples
  12. bmatusiak


    Thanks for checking it out and leaving feedback.. I do have color ideas for the lines , but i wanna get more important stuff like showing and saving scores to and from Facebook... and other things on the "drawing board" is Badges and Notification for facebook also. Things to do Scores (Facebook) Notifications (Facebook) Badges (Facebook) Last Move Color Line Player Chosen Color Line Quick Switch between Grids VS Player Some Type of In-Game Quick Chat I'm also working on a mobile friendly menu System.
  13. bmatusiak


    I Added 1 Player (Vs Computer) Mode today.. enjoy!
  14. bmatusiak


    Hey guys i created a game called MyGrid. you can find it at its in Work in progress game. if you would like to contribute to MyGrid feel free to tweet me @bradleymatusiak. the server side of my game is pure javascript. using node.js the connection between server and client is using: and the game is hosted at Heroku