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  1. Very happy with your work, reasonable pricing, looking forward working with you again !
  2. I'am looking for experienced Phaser coder for minimum of 4 upcoming mobile game projects, preferably even longer. Its crucial that applicants are able to add interesting mechanisms to the games, very good understanding of making games for phones, to keep the performance of the games, make sure resolution is scaling properly, short loading times and so on... Being able to work on flexible systems and even add your own touch to the game. You should know that these projects, even tho majority of them will be small, might take even couple months to finish. Pay is per project, unless objected and explained why it should be different. Half upfront half at the end of each game developed. It is important for you to please send your applications to this email address: [email protected] , and mention where have you found me on. Within the applications, include your portfolio of previous games you've worked on, and how long you've been working with Phaser. Also whats the longest project or series of projects you've been hired for, or worked at yourself and finished.
  3. Hey, I've noticed the original Skype group is inactive for a long time now and thought it would be a good idea to renew it. Anyone interested for chat, tips, collaboration maybe, testing out games and basically helping each other, let me add you there Simply add me on Skype: pomstitelsvk and we'll make group there.
  4. I checked the stats, and it is indeed also played through 2 unknown sites in the stats, and the
  5. Hi, thanks for showing me this. I honestly dont remember selling them anything, unless they are under a larger publisher which they doesnt seem to be. I've renamed the game to Sweet Fall some time ago, sold it to few publishers since then. However i believe i was sending out a newer version of the game, this seems outdated. This version however might be on , or FGL. I dont know about this happening directly. Not to mention your case where its probably definitely taken from
  6. I have submitted games there about month ago, not only they werent approved, they werent even disapproved, nothing, just waiting for approval. So i cant even put my game there.
  7. on iOS7 i cant hear any audio on iDevices,
  8. What kind of graphical tutorial for example ? And yes there is no sound, dumped the music that wasnt really for the game anyway, and since audio doesnt seem to work on safari and some android devices with chrome, i feel like its a waste right now to add audio to it.
  9. Update: Added tutorial
  10. Ah, i see, was my first project at the time i didnt have any group of people that know anything about html5 and games for it No one told me that graphical style is wrong :/
  11. 1. Graphics - Nothing seems to suit well there, i was thinking of changing it into a farmland with zombies and water guns, but how would it be presented in the game ? Point of view is top-like weird sort of, nothing isometric :/ 2. Good idea, ill put there a button or so, 3. Ill try to name them, that could help 4. Ill double the value of diamonds you get from ships 5. Mute button I've mailed sponsors about this game somewhere in the middle of december, havent mailed many of them but those which i did, refused. Saying its not the style they are looking for, therefore graphics. And well showing the game to strangers now Because for some time since its release, i had the game as a failure and didnt want to invest another second to it, rather wanted to create other games much more simple.. Google - serached for various older flash sites if they support html5 now.. , and here on this forum.
  12. Ill try to balance it out a bit more, already delayed time between waves and subwaves.. Ill try to ships to give double of what they give now.. And fixing the problems, well the graphics seems to be the biggest problem but iam not sure what else to implement there to fit properly...
  13. 1. I certainly realize that a price like that is a laugh if not even worse, but i invested in this game so much, and yet seems that NO one is interested in it, while in games made in couple of days have far higher interest, and while that is fine, i hoped for this game to earn something, at least something.. That price would be just for the sake of earning something instead of nothing, yet iam afraid that even a price like that wouldnt interest publishers, if they dont like the game i guess i would have to pay THEM to put it on their site... Iam afraid i cant sell the game for its true value, no one would take it at all probably.. 2. I was actually thinking of that couple of times, but i cant really imagine the graphics update in this game, anything i came up with, it didnt make sense in this point of view the player gets here. I would mostly appreciate any ideas for this. And thanks
  14. Nice one ! Finished the third one in 153 attempts Really awesome idea as well to learn something fast, Keep up ! And keep us up to date with your games