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  1. qdrj

    [Phaser 2] Mini MrDriller

    @dude78 Thank you! I will fix this issue in the next update.
  2. Good news everyone! Recently our team was able to collaborate with guys from Bandai Namco (creators of famous game series like Pacman, DragonBall , Tekken and many more). We have created a web version of a good ol' arcade game MrDriller. Please take a look and let me know what do you think - https://robowhale.com/games/mini-mrdriller/
  3. qdrj

    HTML 5 Game Santa Game Wanted

    Hi Jacob, I have a couple Christmas games which we can tailor to your needs: https://robowhale.com/games/santalicious/ https://robowhale.com/games/christmas-friends/ You can drop me email at vlad@robowhale.com
  4. qdrj

    Need help from fellow Dutch people

    Awesome, thanks a lot @Stephan
  5. Hey, everyone! Are there any Dutch folks? I need very basic voice-over for my game. The script will be like - A is for Apple, B is for Balloon and so on. But since I never heard Dutch speech in my life, I'm afraid that I will choose someone with accent or whatnot. It has happened before with Spanish voice actor. So could you please help to choose a voice performer with proper, clear Dutch pronunciation? Here is the list - https://www.fiverr.com/search/gigs?utf8=✓&locale=en&query=dutch%2Bvoice&search_in=category&category=12&sub_category=16 Thanks in advance!
  6. qdrj

    [Phaser] Drawing Letter

    @NumbOfAthma Thanks a lot! The trick is to interpolate letter curves as a bunch of straight lines. Because restrict movement along a straight line is a relatively easy task. I've created specific editor for this game where we were able to do this
  7. qdrj

    [Phaser] Drawing Letter

    @scheffgames thanks! Glad that you liked the game. Let me Grow was our very first HTML5 game and turned out most popular one. The website is running on WordPress with some premium theme. It cost about 50 bucks but totally worth it because it looks great and has a mobile version.
  8. qdrj

    [Phaser] Drawing Letter

    Game - https://robowhale.com/games/drawing-letters/ Drawing Letters is our latest HTML5 game. It is the educational game for kids. The game teaches how to draw and pronounce letters. It is fully localized in 5 languages - English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The game was developed with Phaser 2.4.4 Please let me know what do you think! Any feedback will be appreciated. Shameless plug - this game was exclusively licensed so is not available for licensing. But we have a lot of other great HTML5 games which are available! Feel free to contact me at vlad@robowhale.com
  9. Hi, I'm interested in this position. Is it still available?
  10. qdrj

    Phaser 2.5 Roadmap (and request for ideas)

    For me, Pixi 4 is a "game-changer" because of the performance boost. I spend a lot of time trying to achieve 60 fps on mobile devices. So anything that will help would be a huge time saver for me. p.2 sounds nice but from my experience if a game runs >45fps sprites movement looks good enough. Pools are very easy to code and can be tailored for specific games. So I don't think that it should be part of the game framework.
  11. qdrj

    Phaser 2.4.7 Release Candidate 1

    Yay, I wasn't expecting so much love for 2.x version Thanks, Rich and all contributors!
  12. qdrj

    Phaser 2.4.5 + 2.4.6 Released

    Whoa, 85 fixes - that's huge. Thank you! There is an issue with Phaser.Text - some symbols simply don't display. This issue is inconsistent - in 1st case "Aa" & "Bb" don't display, in another case "Save" and "Edit". Maybe it is related to the font I use, but it worked in 2.4.4. I will prepare separate test case today.
  13. qdrj

    Phaser 2.5 + Pixi v3 Build for testing

    Thanks for this build Rich. Error on text.destroy() var style2 = { font: "10px bariol_boldbold" }; var text2:Phaser.Text = this.add.text(0, 0, "1234567890%", style2); text2.destroy();
  14. qdrj

    Should we merge Pixi v4 with Phaser?

    It would be great if multitexture batching will be implemented in Phaser 2. But I say - stick with option 1. Spend development resources on Lazer development. Yes, Phaser 2 have some small issues here and there but overall it is a very solid engine.
  15. qdrj

    Upgrading to 2.4.4 slowed down the game

    I haven't experienced any issues after the upgrade. If the problem is only with tweens, try to set game.tweens.frameBased = true; at boot or preloader state.