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  1. Shivaan Keldon

    Animation from Blender

    The armature moves but not the mesh... I'm quite new in Blender and maybe I do something wrong :-/
  2. Shivaan Keldon

    Animation from Blender

    Applying changes nothing in babylon but the animation doesn't work in Blender anymore :-/
  3. Shivaan Keldon

    Animation from Blender

    Yes, there's a human skeleton in blender, and a modifier to apply it on the character Here's a screenshot of Blender : Do I have to apply the armature ?
  4. Shivaan Keldon

    Animation from Blender

    Hi, I try, since yesterday, to start an animation loaded from Blender, but nothing appens. All my scene is loaded from blender. There's camera, lights, walls, a character with its rig, and an animation set for "walk". After reading this tutorial (, I decided to loop manually into scene.meshes to retreive the character, and attach the scene.skeleton[0] to it. I've checked that all vertex groups are ok in Blender, and that each vertex has maximum 4 bones influence (not so easy). The mesh _vertexBuffer has only color, normal and position, but doesn't have matrices weight or matrice indices. Is it the problem ? How can I generate this values ? Is there something to do in Blender to import them automatically ? Here's the light version of my code : <script>var canvas, engine, scene, player;function render(){ scene.render();}window.onload = function(){ canvas = document.getElementById("renderCanvas"); engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true); BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load("", "testroom.babylon", engine, function (nscene) { scene = nscene; scene.executeWhenReady(function () { for(var i=0,n=scene.meshes.length; i<n; i++) { if(scene.meshes[i].name=="player"){ player = scene.meshes[i]; player.skeleton = scene.skeletons[0]; } } scene.beginAnimation(player.skeleton,0,60,true,1.0); engine.runRenderLoop(render); }); });};</script>Thanks PS: Babylon is really great and has a good render engine. But it could be great to have an API and more examples when building a game from Blender. But well, it's still young and I think it will come after ^^