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  1. TNelson

    Platformer player sometimes passing through platforms

    I am still having this ish. Is the solution basically just to switch to P2 then?
  2. TNelson

    Finding mouse position in world

    Thanks, this was a brilliant little fix! Worked like a charm for me.
  3. TNelson

    Guardlands - Twin-Stick Bullethell!

    This is very cool @langet16, can I ask how you got it onto Google Play? I am working on a twin stick game right now too.
  4. TNelson

    Phaser games on Steam

    Found this entire thread very helpful, thanks so much, again, @Raicuparta!! I'm the @InsightDude twitter-er.
  5. TNelson

    How to capture a touch event on mobile device

    Tremendously helpful convo guys! It helped me to implement multitouch on my game menu, and also as a controller for my mobile game--I am converting a game from desktop to mobile. How do you get the coordinates of the touch?
  6. Any specific examples of folks using Phaser to actually make fireworks? I would def be interested.
  7. TNelson

    how to restart/reload a state?

    Elegant solution, thanks gang!
  8. TNelson

    Simple space shooter, my first game.

    I think it's great. I like the way it incrementally gets harder. How many levels are there? I stopped at 15. I also like the double-layer canvas, it makes for a cooler background. All around pretty sweet!
  9. I actually have been using Intel XDK to build my HTML5 games into mobile apps. NOT a dumb question, you are clearly looking for a development environment for your HTML5 to become a mobile app methinks? You should also check out Cordova and Phonegap. Cool.
  10. TNelson

    Disable resizing for tablet

    I have been trying to make my game responsive. One major issue is that when you doubletap on tablet it adjusts the screen size. I used this fix: <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=.7, user-scalable=no"> And it resizes it fine for tablet and desktop, but not for mobile. Is there a way to code a double-tap event listener that will eliminate the resizing feature instead?? btw, my game: Thanks!
  11. TNelson

    Need Help With multiplayer

    This article might help. I know that websockets is supposed to work for multiplayer. Admittedly, I have not used the technique yet myself...