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  1. True, but it's German. I guess that's even harder. Strangely elaborate grammar...
  2. Lose all the text. Just make everything obvious. Let me click a color, and just give me all the connected ones. Once there are no more connections, you automatically reload. Improve the Sun eating 'animation'. Just cutting it off is not good enough. Add some 'twinkle/bling' etc.
  3. Hey U Installers work fine on Ubuntu and Windows. On my Ubuntu 1366x768 it doesn't quite get the window size right (which makes it hard to read the last line): Windows does show the full window. Full screen would be nice though. On Ubuntu, if I start from a terminal, I get 3 or 4 "ATTENTION: option value of option force_s3tc_enable ignored." warnings, every time I enter the menu. The previous dev version I tested had much smoother scrolling. Are the different keys necessary? Couldn't I just use Space for all actions (Use/Talk/Attack)? Couldn't find the tools in the shed btw
  4. bullet.lifespan should be exact.
  5. That's just insane. @rich?
  6. This means you are doing something wrong. Increasing a pool should not slow anything down, only eat some memory. Maybe you're not returning your objects back to the pool. Put your game online somewhere so we can have a look.
  7. Or it could be spritesheet artifacts. Make sure to use padding. Funny WebGL being slower than Canvas. Maybe use BitmapFont...
  8. The Mozart effect can refer to: A set of research results indicating that listening to Mozart's music may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as "spatial-temporal reasoning;" I seem to recall Bach works even better, because it's very mathematical.
  9. A classical music station. It is claimed Bach improves IQ
  10. Usually when games are slow with many objects, the pool is too small. Try it with no pool, i.e. create a new object every time you need it The amount of objects itself is not very relevant (as long as they don't all have different textures). 10000 objects with the same texture will pretty much render just as fast as 1 object...
  11. Get rid of the opening screens, immediately show the menu. People can always find the options. Have a demo button that shows how to play. I didn't understand that I could move to an empty space... Get rid of the space shuttle. Change the 'game over' sound. It would be nice to drag over multiple positions. Nice game, but it needs some polish
  12. Hmm, that doesn't make sense. It only handles live objects. Even if you had a pool of 10000 it wouldn't matter... Just make sure you don't create objects while running.
  13. I guess you want to use either BitmapData or RenderTexture. Combine the sprites you want to a single texture, and use that for your character sprite.
  14. Phaser.Point.rotate does this for you I think.