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  1. If it's for HTML5 gamedev, create a website with your portfolio. The rest doesn't matter too much... Put up a resume somewhere, so we can have a look.
  2. If your object moves more than 5 pixels, use smaller sub steps (in 1 update).
  3. What would be the advantage over Typescript? Phaser already has TS defs, so you can compile to WebAssembly whenever you like.
  4. Guess you should use onComplete and then create a new tween. Doesn't look like you can update position, see
  5. sprite.inputEnabled typo?
  6. No Either change the w2 source or maybe try jQuery Combo. I'm sure they have a combo with add item.
  7. You would need to alter the source. Combo doesn't do what you want.
  8. You should probably ask in the new forum, but anyway: Your hinted_pieces[ i ] probably doesn't work as an index for the child array (only 0 and 1 would work).
  9. You still use Phaser, just a different Physics engine. Matter is a lot more advanced than Arcade, and not much slower...
  10. 3ms is insane. I would suggest switching to Matter, and configuring your collision.
  11. If you use Matter: You can adjust the number of iterations that Engine.update performs internally. Use the Scene Matter Physics config object to set the following properties: positionIterations (defaults to 6) velocityIterations (defaults to 4) constraintIterations (defaults to 2) If you use Arcade you could just alter World.js a bit where it says (in update): this.step(fixedDelta);
  12. You could try starting chrome with --allow-file-access-from-files but why not just use a server...
  13. defaultBuildToolsVersion="27.0.1" //String Installed packages:=====================] 100% Computing updates... Path | Version | Description | Location ------- | ------- | ------- | ------- build-tools;19.1.0 | 19.1.0 | Android SDK Build-Tools 19.1 | build-tools/19.1.0/ build-tools;20.0.0 | 20.0.0 | Android SDK Build-Tools 20 | build-tools/20.0.0/ build-tools;26.0.2 | 26.0.2 | Android SDK Build-Tools 26.0.2 | build-tools/26.0.2/ build-tools;28.0.3 | 28.0.3 | Android SDK Build-Tools 28.0.3 | build-tools/28.0.3/ See the problem ?
  14. Could you post platforms/android/build.gradle ? (in your project dir, reqTest?)