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  1. Milton

    (Solved) Need help translating AS2 code to HTML5

  2. If you want native and web there are few options. Probably Haxe/OpenFL is your best bet. Otherwise go with Unity3d and port a separate web client.
  3. Maybe try it without crosswalk? Since the browser webview works...
  4. Milton

    Run Astro Run - My first HTML5 game

    When I play on Desktop, I'd like to continue with right arrow (or spacebar). Not some mouse button. Pretty good first game
  5. Milton

    Phaser 2.0 Tutorial Series: Flappy Bird

    It looks like has got it.
  6. Can't they look in their server log? Maybe they can't handle a space in the filename...
  7. Milton

    [Phaser] Underworld Chaos

    Very confusing. It says 'Y' to jump. After some time I figured out it was 'Z'. Also, I keep trying to climb the hanging chains, but I guess it's just decoration? A better 'goal' would be nice. Maybe like climbing the level to the top. And even if you only used 256 colors, it should look a lot better. Otherwise, very smooth and professional. Has potential.
  8. Why not actually sell the advertising space ?
  9. Milton

    Pseudo 3d racing?

    If it's just for laughs with some mates, put it up on GitHub. I don't think it's commercially viable anyway. You would likely get some people (even me) contributing exactly what you want for free
  10. Milton

    Pseudo 3d racing?

    Maybe you could contact Ansdor, who just finished Slipstream. I don't think you'll get much cheaper than my estimate, even for a prototype...
  11. Milton

    Pseudo 3d racing?

    Phaser could handle it, no problem. But unless someone is willing to sell existing code cheap, this will cost you. I would ask at least 50K...
  12. Milton

    Gamedistribution payment and VAT

    NL 857313915B01 Says google...
  13. 107 It becomes (somewhat) easier the more balls you get... Nicely balanced though.
  14. Milton

    Laser keeps hitting enemies even though destroyed

    I find that the lesser of two evils... I wonder what undefined result 'var enemy = game.scene.spinvaders[ i ];' etc, gives when 'i' exceeds the original length.
  15. Milton

    Laser keeps hitting enemies even though destroyed

    Hi Ninja, This has nothing to do with Panda specifics. To become a better programmer you should understand memory... I grew up with assembly and C, so I guess it's not really fair, but maybe you could read some early Kernighan and Ritchie book.