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  1. Converting ActionScript is probably easiest with OpenFL. AnimateCC seems to be the right choice too. Ask on the OpenFL forum. I don't see m(any) advantages of using (just) Phaser. If you need it you can use externs from Haxe.
  2. [Phaser] Color Stars

    When I disable WebGL. it doesn't load... (PS. You should be able to do this in Canvas easily, without slowdown)
  3. [Phaser] Color Stars

    WebGL slows to a crawl pretty quickly on my system. Why not just use Canvas? Maybe use the right mouse button to speed to the next dot.
  4. Pymp - A colorful, fast-paced arcade game

    19/48 so far. My favorite game in ages.
  5. How can I apply arcade.body.bounce to a immovable objetc?

    Yeah, I just look at all unread topics. Would be nice if I could filter forums, I'm not interested in Babylon for instance, while that one does take up most space...
  6. How can I apply arcade.body.bounce to a immovable objetc?

    That's why I added a question mark I don't use Phaser, so I was just guessing.
  7. How can I apply arcade.body.bounce to a immovable objetc?

    body.kinematic = true; ?
  8. Ah, but while shooting it's 3 keys. I guess my keyboard isn't wired to go up/left/shoot. Never noticed it before though... If people lose interest in the 1st level, they're not going to try the 2nd. I didn't.
  9. Very smooth now. First, a spelling remark, it's 'to restore', not 'for restored'. - I would like to be able to move diagonal. - Enemy waves should move more interesting (circles etc) - Start with slower autofire - Have powerups like (visible)shield / missiles / drones / multi bullet etc Basically, just mimic Xenon 2 / R-Type
  10. Ubuntu Chrome/FF. Slows to a crawl pretty soon. Please don't use WebGL. When a bullet hits something, a (big) black square (alpha) is visible over the target. Since it is not playable (for me) I can't comment further... (looks good though )
  11. Need help creating ocean shader

    I think I prefer this one. And the original.
  12. What do you think about that?

    True, but it's German. I guess that's even harder. Strangely elaborate grammar...
  13. Help on reviewing this game

    Lose all the text. Just make everything obvious. Let me click a color, and just give me all the connected ones. Once there are no more connections, you automatically reload. Improve the Sun eating 'animation'. Just cutting it off is not good enough. Add some 'twinkle/bling' etc.
  14. Arkona II

    Hey U Installers work fine on Ubuntu and Windows. On my Ubuntu 1366x768 it doesn't quite get the window size right (which makes it hard to read the last line): Windows does show the full window. Full screen would be nice though. On Ubuntu, if I start from a terminal, I get 3 or 4 "ATTENTION: option value of option force_s3tc_enable ignored." warnings, every time I enter the menu. The previous dev version I tested had much smoother scrolling. Are the different keys necessary? Couldn't I just use Space for all actions (Use/Talk/Attack)? Couldn't find the tools in the shed btw