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  1. how to make bingo game using phaser

    It's not actually That would be keno. Bingo is only about buying cards. No user input required (only when you fork over the money).
  2. Had a quick look at the source (collideSpriteVsTilemapLayer), it (collideDown etc) doesn't look implemented? I guess you could just set the collide processCallback, and return false...
  3. C# port of Phaser for desktop games

    What would it take to render to OpenGL though? I guess that would be quite a performance boost?
  4. The syntax of the engine

    I think the main 'problem' is that Factory methods are capitalized. JS doesn't really lend itself well for that. You have to know that Zero is not a class... It would be simpler if you could 'new' everything that starts with a Capital, since you can be sure it's a class.
  5. The syntax of the engine

    If you don't know if a function is static, you don't know if you can use 'new'. Since JS is not statically typed, maybe you could use typescript within some IDE, they usually immediately tell you the definition.
  6. The syntax of the engine

    I remain confused... You are complaining that there is a Zero() function that returns a new Vector3? If you don't like it, don't use it.
  7. The syntax of the engine

    Then why do you ask The static functions are just there for your convenience. You don't have to use them. You can create a sphere anyway you like...
  8. The syntax of the engine

    You use 'new' to instantiate an object. A 'Zero()' or 'CreateSphere()' is not an object. They are static functions.
  9. Maybe have a look at Cocos Creator. That seems to be the closest thing to Unity, has javascript/typescript/lua bindings, and is optimized for 2D graphics. (even though I would just keep using Unity, as the wasm export will probably become the best option anyway)
  10. Bullet (or similar) in P2?

  11. Why, thank you. I like to think of myself as a bit of a philosopher I've been on the employer side (not in game dev) several times, just relaying my experiences...
  12. What's holding you back from putting everything on github? C++ is more impressive than JS, and so is not using an engine. When you have that to show for, and then 1 Phaser game, I'm sure that would be enough to get some Phaser dev work.
  13. Best Typescript/Phaser IDE?

    VSCode is awesome, but I find myself using VIM (with all typescript plugins) most of the time. I guess I don't like using the mouse...
  14. Most of the things on github aren't ready Just think like an employer. If I needed an experienced Phaser dev, I'm not going to take someones word for it. Graphics/Sounds are not important, just programming skills.
  15. You'll have to prove yourself. Have a portfolio (github), and you can respond to quite a lot of 'developer wanted' requests. An other option is to have such good gameplay, that players would be willing to pay for in game things (extra levels/power etc).
  16. TileSprite Alternative

    Don't use game.height (in the assignment). Make sure you actually stitch them together. So Bg2.y = Bg1.y - Bg2.height. Or something like that.
  17. Sprites are (sometimes) passing through polygon barrier

    If you have CCD (infinite steps) you'll get your collision. Maybe the PE shape just collides easy, who knows. Did you at least try playing around with frameRate and useElapsedTime?
  18. Sprites are (sometimes) passing through polygon barrier

    That's nonsense. You can't create a bad shape. Collision detection is very simple. When it fails, it's tunneling. And that means too few steps. So either use CCD, or just keap increasing the steps.
  19. Sprites are (sometimes) passing through polygon barrier

    So you're saying you found a bug in p2?
  20. Sprites are (sometimes) passing through polygon barrier

    I guess you could set frameRate explicitly, or set useElapsedTime to true. Just use more steps...
  21. Work in Progress: Escaping Earth - 3D space platformer

    Are you saying there's free music on the level of Morricone and Vangelis? That's Oscar/Grammy stuff you know... When I heard this, I knew they either had an insane music artist, or it was the real thing.
  22. Work in Progress: Escaping Earth - 3D space platformer

    And even then, I don't know if being from the same village gives you any right Whatever, it set me of on a youtube journey, and I thank you for that. I first thought it was Ennio Morricone. But that's low on synthezisers, so I just checked out your network traffic, and thankfully you didn't change your music name
  23. Work in Progress: Escaping Earth - 3D space platformer

    Love it. I doubt you have the rights to use Vangelis though...
  24. Blockchains allow different parties that do not trust each other to share information without requiring a central administrator. That's the only advantage it has over just using a database. There are definitely no performance or cost reasons. Maybe you should explain with more detail how blockchain works, especially what mining is.
  25. What is "no constructor" error? Details are inside.

    Ok. I don't use either Phaser or Pixi, but I assume including Pixi f*cks up Phaser? I know Phaser uses Pixi for renderering. You're probably not supposed to include it yourself. Try to ping Samme or Rich.