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  1. ?
  2. HTML Canvas supports clearRect(), so you could add that to Phaser's CanvasRenderer. Add some sort of clearObject, similar to how a Mask is used. Then as the final step on render, do some clever clearRecting You would have to do everything with Rects of course, could be fun. For the WebGLRenderer it should be easier to implement, you can just render your transparent clearObject.
  3. You are a strange person. Forget about True Valhalla. Claudio Souza Mattos is SCUM. TV supplied the evidence. Attack the evidence, not the messenger...
  4. You seem to think you can restore your 'reputation' by discrediting me or TV... It doesn't work that way. Discredit TV's evidence, then we'll talk.
  5. I couldn't care less about TV. But you are caught. Admit it, get over it, and get on with your life. SCUM.
  6. You are successful? Then why do you steal software? Claudio Souza Mattos YOU ARE SCUM.
  7. That's your problem. You left a trace. And TV picked it up. YOU SCUM.
  8. And don't forget your LAWYER! SCUM!
  9. It's not going to happen. Until you admit YOU ARE SCUM, and pay damages, you are dead.
  10. Then you can prove that to your employer. YOU SCUM.
  11. That's going to be fun. You seem to ignore evidence. YOU ARE SCUM. Now admit it, pay damages, and get lost. Maybe then the internet will forget about you...
  12. Dude, give it up. You are scum. Admit it, or I will start too. And then the next. And the next.
  13. Why not just use the connection handler, like in this example? If you're using InnoDB it seems autocommit is default (but maybe Node sets it to 0). Setting the isolation level is a separate command, but I think the default InnoDB setting is ok, so you shouldn't need it... SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ COMMITTED; /* InnoDB */ START TRANSACTION; INSERT INTO table_name (table_field) VALUES ('foo'); INSERT INTO table_name (table_field) VALUES ('bar'); COMMIT; /* SET AUTOCOMMIT = 1 might not set AUTOCOMMIT to its previous state */ /* MyISAM */ SET AUTOCOMMIT = 0; INSERT INTO table_name (table_field) VALUES ('foo'); INSERT INTO table_name (table_field) VALUES ('bar'); SET AUTOCOMMIT = 1 /* COMMIT statement instead would not restore AUTOCOMMIT to 1 */;
  14. Make sure the conditional (I guess that's a SELECT) is only allowed to read the new state. So the DB update must be finished, before the SELECT returns. I haven't used MySQL for a while, but google something like 'prevent dirty read'. You need to set the ISOLATION level. So use TRANSACTIONS, and COMMIT.
  15. You need to COMMIT the update, before doing a SELECT. But you could also just refuse the attack for some period after the last one. Maybe that would be enough for the database to 'commit' by itself, but you can never be sure...
  16. IE11 is right actually. And less forgiving... Just add these lines in front of the tinted drawImage call, and you're good to go. if (cw > this.tintedTexture.width) cw = this.tintedTexture.width; if (ch > this.tintedTexture.height) ch = this.tintedTexture.height; Can't seem to reproduce the XML problem, works fine for me.
  17. Pixi can't seem to create a WebGL context on IE11, so it uses Canvas, strange (@rich, 2.7.3 should work?). Your game works fine on FF/Chrome Canvas, so we'll have to figure out why IE11 doesn't like it...
  18. Haven't got time now, I'll have a look later. Got it running on localhost, and indeed runs fine on FF/Chrome, not on IE...
  19. Just 'copy' the problems to a new project...
  20. You'll get help for free if you just put the problems online...
  21. Very smooth 60 fps (5 year old HP i5 with an onboard Intel GPU). WebGL is slightly slower. Don't like the Player/NPC 'swap' behaviour, the whole screen jumps. BTW, got this at first: ERROR in Use of const in strict mode. @ multi app Updating node helped.
  22. Much better Now get some sleep!
  23. There's something wrong though. It takes so long that Chrome asks me if I want to Kill the Tab. From what I see, it actually shouldn't take any time to load. Unless you have some amazing graphics loaded that aren't shown...
  24. Impressive work. I don't understand the loading time though? PS. Thanks for pointing me to scala.js. Very interesting.