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  1. Update, even using this way of loading audio, I still see the error listed at the link below when the page is reloaded
  2. Aha: game.load.onLoadComplete.add(createGame,this);
  3. Still need an answer to my question above
  4. If I use game.load , how do I point it it to a complete handler other than "create" ?
  5. I'm running Phaser using Canvas mode for IE 11, it doesn't seem to work in auto mode. I have an audio pre-loader, like this: var loaderGame1 = new Phaser.Loader(game);'n', ['audio/a.mp3', 'audio/a.ogg']);It works fine in Chrome, Firefox etc, but on IE 11 it hangs and i see .. Phaser.Loader fileComplete invalid index the console Loading other audio in preload() in this way works fine...'n', ['audio/a.mp3', 'audio/a.ogg']);Help!
  6. Thanks, but when I try "" outside preload(), i.e after create is called when a button is clicked, the referenced audio doesn't load, I don't see an error, but the audio doesn't load...
  7. Would you have an example of this?
  8. Instead of loading all my audio upfront, i want to do it when each level is loaded, but when I try to load audio outside of preload () it doesn't work, is there a way of doing this? Thanks...
  9. Anyone else seeing this? e.g This doesn't work
  10. Anybody?
  11. Ok, I thought this was solved, but now drag events aren't working on Android Firefox, does anyone else see this?
  12. Wow that works, thanks!
  13. My game runs fine on Chrome Android on a Nexus 7, but on Firefox it crawls and I get "unresponsive script" messages constantly appearing... Has anyone seen something similar?
  14. This answers my question
  15. "The audio in my game works perfectly on desktop and on Safari iPad, but on Android no audio plays, is this a known issue?" Ok, I just realized that without WebAudio I'll have this issue... Is there an example of using Audio Sprites within Phaser anywhere? I'll use that as a fall back....