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  1. Psychedelic Miner Hello, I've got a new very simple, yet fun game, very much like those popular nowadays. You need to tap right colour buttons at a right time. It's not yet finished/polished, but really like how it looks already. Feedback and business offers are welcome. Screens: Play the game
  2. 99%, doesn't load any further. iPad 3 iOS 6
  3. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://temp.paulp.ws/html5/sun/robot_files/e35153d96d24.js Uncaught ReferenceError: init is not defined
  4. If it's just a wrapper, games could work there slower, since as far as I know, in iOS only safari uses Nitro, apple's own faster js engine.
  5. I was mainly saying that the better quality games should not be undersold. Although, that 400$ mark is really dependant on the game and the buyer, a lot of today's games aren't really worth much. Surely, older games need to get thir pricetag trimed to be sold, but new, more quality ones can't go for that low for sure. Again, it can really depent on who you are selling to. If you know a buyer who's a really nice guy, but just starting out with not much money, it's not a loss selling to him at 100-200 (with no api intergration).
  6. Thank you for posting a question like this! I hope it gets needed attention. I hope for more topics like this, since we mostly see tech questions and game showcases now... As for the question in hand, I think we need to keep prices to stay alive and not feed lowballers like softgames.
  7. Don't you think that stealing art is a little ILLEGAL? http://www.ant-karlov.ru/ http://www.kongregate.com/games/AntKarlov/zombotron
  8. Nice graphics! Works like a charm in chrome on PC, but lags really good on ipad 3. Please, tell us more about serverside.
  9. Same iPad (6.1.3) 56 fps, 57 max. I think it is usable for now, if capped at 30, we can add more bodies. Do you plan to make typescript definitions?
  10. iPad 3 (iOS 6) - mostly 28-30 fps, no fullscreen
  11. First look: Reaaly good, this may now be my js physics engine of choice! Tested on iPad 3 (ios 6): Oh, it was so promising at first... Performance is not as good as I hoped.
  12. Well, you asked "is there any idea how to shake screen", I gave you a couple of ideas. Math.random() returns a random value between 0 and 1 (float value), which can be manupulated by multiplying, rounding, adding and subtracting from what you need. Math.sin(angle) returns a value between -1 and 1 based on the input angle (which can easily be a counter value, to which you add 0.1 on each frame for example). This second solution is harder and also needs a dampening function (which will reduce amplitude over time) to make for a realistic effect. Load all this to your brain, add a little bit of google and shake a little.
  13. I don't know about panda.js, but generally you would update stage.x and stage.y (or whatever you are shaking) in every frame either based on Math.random() or sine function.
  14. Meh... Is it Armageddon already?