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  1. Zebestov

    Frontal Sinus

    When pressing the space button page jumps down
  2. Zebestov

    [phaser] my first game

    Goog game! But in my view chicken runs too fast.
  3. 640x716 is most "square" aspect ratio (Safari with navbar on iPhone 4).
  4. Zebestov

    My second finished game

    Thank you! I've used Photoshop.Pencil + Layer styles (with noise) = Cute Pixel Art
  5. Zebestov

    My second finished game

    Thank you! Yep, Flappy Bird inspired me for this game. About the missed apples on start of new game. It's not a bug, but a feature. It hepls player to become accustomed to the movement. I believe that details like these make game more fun.
  6. Zebestov

    My second finished game

    Very good idea!
  7. Zebestov

    My second finished game

    Hi everybody!Check out my new game powered by CreateJS.Touch And Catch: Fruit Farm Simple and addictive gameplay!Tap anywhere to catch the apple by the basket.
  8. Zebestov

    [CreateJS] Paintshot Bubbles

    Well, I’ve finished my first game for Android and ported it to HTML5. Blast the colored bubbles with bullets of the same color! One would think: what can be easier? However, easier said than done. - Blunt this endless attack as long as you can!- Blast more bubbles! Set records, prove your skill!- Pick up awards for tenacity and zeal, for a quick eye and a sure hand! You can play this game only with device that supports multitouch! …OR You can play it on desktop using the keyboard… crazy chellenge but this game debugged in this way Press the buttons <q><a><z> for the guns and <]><'></> for the colors. Play HTML5 version here Check Android version on Google Play Have Fun!
  9. Nice game, good art, cool sound! But discrete speed of the rocket makes gameplay completely unplayable. (SGT 3 7)
  10. Zebestov

    [Complete] Key & Shield

    Reloading doesn't help. In the Firefox the game runs normally.
  11. Zebestov

    [Complete] Key & Shield

    In Chrome (Version 35.0.1916.114 m) is only background after complete loading — can't start playing.
  12. Zebestov

    [Complete] Candy Pets [Math3]

    And one more. The bears and the tigers look similar. Especially it appears on the Apple devices.
  13. Zebestov

    [Complete] Candy Pets [Math3]

    Pretty art! Nice, but slow animations. Too much combos.
  14. Zebestov

    [Phaser] Elevator Miner

    Good idea for game! When playing on a mobile device, sometimes I lose the sliders and I can not pick up them quickly. You can also try simply to divide the screen into two halves to get touch events for each slider.
  15. Zebestov

    Bubble Meadow 2

    Nice game! Button "Replay" really needed.Looks like it's impossible (or very hard) to complete second level with three stars flowers