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  1. Ninjadoodle


    Hi @8bitdna It's really funny that you bring this up, as I've had exactly the same concerns in the past. I used to make a decent income using flash in the past and was pretty happy with how things were going - and look what happened. Granted, in that case it was the technology it was based on, more than the program it self, but still. I was doing pretty well with Mochiads as well, and wait ... they also went under lol. I don't mean to sound all prophetic and all that, but I've honestly learned, that in this life, there is no certainty. Phaser was run by one guy for a long time, until it got to a certain size, then (I think) other people were brough on. Contruct 2 was run by 2 brothers for ages, before they hired more employees, and look where they are now! You honestly sound so similar to me it's scary (past experiences with game dev / concerns etc.). I'm also using Panda 'professionally' to (re)build a game dev business, and after my search and experiences elsewhere - I'm happy to put my faith in this engine I wish @enpu all the success in the world with Panda 2 (he deserves it) and I'm really looking forward to seeing where this engine goes and how the community grows. Saying that, if there ever came a time where Panda could not be developed anymore for whatever reason, sad as it might be - I'd have to adapt and search for another tool. Honestly, tho - if it ever came to that, my second pick for an engine would be Construct 3 (again just my experiences - and Phaser is very good).
  2. Ninjadoodle

    Depth Swapping / Bring to top?

    @enpu You're a legend! Thanks heaps for adding these so quick - these will be extremely useful for any 'point and click' style games
  3. Ninjadoodle

    addTo Question

    @enpu Awesome, I was hoping that was the case - thank you!
  4. Ninjadoodle

    addTo Question

    Hi @enpu Just trying to understand this a little better ... If I do this -> this.mySprite.addTo(game.scene.container1); but later on decide to -> this.mySprite.addTo(game.scene.container2); Is this basically just changing the sprites container, without adding another instance? Thanks in advance!
  5. Ninjadoodle

    Depth Swapping / Bring to top?

    @enpu Sorry, but what if I don't know what the top sprite is? Is there a quick way to find out? In Construct 3, there are a couple of actions called - sendToTop and sendToBottom and they will send the sprite to the top/bottom of the current layer (in Panda's case 'container'). I think these would be really handy to have in Panda Thanks heaps for the tips! *** EDIT - I just realized that children[0] is the top sprite (feeling stupid tonight lol) ***
  6. Ninjadoodle

    Depth Swapping / Bring to top?

    Hi @enpu This is awesome, thank you very much! I do have one case scenario that I'm not sure how to work around tho. I have a bunch of sprites in a container (4 or 5). Any suggestion on what would be the best way to bring any particular sprite to the top of the container?
  7. Ninjadoodle

    Depth Swapping / Bring to top?

    Hi @enpu I could swear that there was a depth swapping example floating around for Panda 2, but I can't find it. Is there something like this hiding somewhere, or am I just being blind? Thank you!
  8. Ninjadoodle


    @enpu @8bitdna @pstrejczek I think it's awesome to allow people to choose their preferred engine to use with the editor, and while I agree that Phaser is an awesome piece of work, I feel that (and this is just my experience), a lot of stuff falls trough the cracks (small bugs / features etc). I honestly believe that the only fields that Panda can't yet compete with Phaser is a 'choice of a physics engine' and a 'visual editor'. If Panda had these, it would not even be a contest (this is again only my view). I completely understand however, that people have their preferences and reasons for going with different frameworks. Saying that, it's time to put my money where my mouth is and actually start getting stuff out there lol
  9. Ninjadoodle


    @enpu - Awesome, sounds really handy. Saying that, I have no intention of using another engine/framework with Panda Editor. Panda is absolutely awesome and in my opinion, the most straight forward, easy to get into and fun engine/framework on the market - thanks to all the hard work you're putting in! Looking forward to the release
  10. Ninjadoodle


    @8bitdna - Good idea! It would be really cool to have a roadmap. It doesn't have to have any dates, just stuff that's being worked on / on the to do list. @enpu - Awesome, looking forward to the next version - just wondering / will there be any syntax / class changes or is it more editor based stuff, that's coming?
  11. Ninjadoodle

    A question about classes (trying to get more efficient)

    Hi @enpu Thanks heaps - thanks for the tip! I thought that might be the case
  12. Ninjadoodle

    Sprite Atlas with texture & bug in the Spine Plugin

    Hi @ftguy2018 This is all you should need ... game.addAsset('yourAtlas.atlas'); Now if you want to use a specific image from your atlas, declare it in the same way as you would with a single imported image. Super easy
  13. Hi @enpu / panda people I've been setting up my classes this way ... game.createClass('S04Clue', { init: function(x, y) { this.sprite = new game.Sprite('s04Clue.png'); this.sprite.position.set(x, y); this.anchorCenter(); this.addTo(; } }); ... but, I have recently learned that you can also setup classes this way (I assume, this method is setting up a class by 'extending' the sprite class) ... game.createClass('S04Clue', 'Sprite', { texture: 's04Clue.png', init: function(x, y) { this.position.set(x, y); this.anchorCenter(); this.addTo(; } }); I notice that in the second version, if I want to use a mouse event inside the class, then I don't have to bind like this - this.sprite.mousedown = this.mousedown.bind(this); Are there any reasons for using one method over another or any pitfalls I can expect with either? Thanks heaps for any tips
  14. Ninjadoodle

    Panda / Javascript question :)

    Hi @enpu / panda people This is just a basic question about declaring variables and stuff. I'm just trying to learn to write more efficient code and use less space lol. game.createScene('Stage04', { slot1: false, slot2: false, slot3: false, slot4: false, init: function() { if (this.slot1 === false) { // do something } The code however works exactly the same, if I remove the variable declarations, like below ... game.createScene('Stage04', { init: function() { if (this.slot1 === false) { // do something } Is it better 'practice' to have the declarations there, or does it really serve no purpose in this case? Thanks heaps for any feedback
  15. Ninjadoodle

    Essentials Flash Question

    @8bitdna - I completely agree, @enpu is a legend and Panda 2 absolutely rocks!