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  1. What skills are required for Phaser development?

    Hi @Apollo14 Yeah tutorials with Gideros are a little sparse but to be honest, I've learned everything I need to know just by going through the forums and asking questions - it's that easy to pickup! Gideros has one of the most supportive and friendly communities you will find - I really mean that. I've used C2 / C3 for several projects and they are awesome tools, but I think that if you are looking for trouble free native exporting, you will run into the same problems as with Phaser. As far as Unity goes, I've always found it to be unnecesarilly powerful if all you are making is 2d games. I can setup something simple in Phaser/Contruct 3/Gideros about 10x faster. Whatever you choose has to feel right to you Good luck!
  2. What skills are required for Phaser development?

    Hi @Apollo14 If you want to make games mainly for mobile, I would definitely recommend Gideros. Giderios uses Lua scripting, and exports native games - it is extremely easy to get started and make games, and since it's not a drag and drop game maker - you get all the flexibility in the world. You can even export to HTML5, if you'd like to offer a demo of your game for the web. Note that the HTML5 in Gideros is emulated, so its not as fast as a dedicated HTML5 framework (like Phaser), but if the web is not your primary target, this should not matter. As for experience, I don't think you need any ... Pick a very simple game, jump in and try to make it. You will learn everything you need along the way (by searching forums and dealing with problems as they arise). Hope this helps
  3. Game with multiple sections

    Hi @juliogomez7 I haven't really played with the drawing api at all, so sadly I'm not the best person to help with this I wonder whether there is someone else here who made something similar with Panda, that could help.
  4. Hi @enpu I've posted a bug about this on Github but just wounding if you've had a change to have a look into this When I turn my game into landscape mode on iOS, the who game gets shifted up, some of it hiding under the top bar. Also, is there a way to get the game to switch to fullscreen on changing to landscape, like in the example below ... I made this example in Construct 3 and just wondering if this fullscreen switch could be done in Panda? Thanks heaps!
  5. Game with multiple sections

    Hi @juliogomez7 The way I would do it, is to make the drawing buttons like you said, and a canvas ( you can make this a white sprite to draw on ). Here is an example ... If 'pencil' button is selected and mouse is down, check if the mouse is touching the canvas sprite and only then enable the drawing Hope this helps a little bit.
  6. Hi @enpu I followed your tip for loading media from a different folder and it works perfectly for sounds and images. I am however having a problem loading fonts from a shared fonts folder as it seems to be looking for the @2x files in the default media folder.
  7. Multiple media folders question - SOLVED

    Oh awesome! I didn't realise, since the same can't be done with the engine (unless you change the sourceFolder - which I have sorted now). Thanks heaps!
  8. Hi @enpu Is there a way to have more than one mediaFolder? I'm working on a long term project in which a lot of small games will be sharing the same resources (e.g. ui/hud elements). Is there a way for the game to have two media folders - one from which it loads its own unique resources, and one for shared elements between games? Just want to see if its possible Thank you in advance!
  9. Settings (game.cofig)

    Awesome, I was just looking for the same thing lol. I wanted to reuse the same engine folder between games - easy to do with the sourceFolder setting Thanks @enpu
  10. Latest Panda 2 Dev - fromFrames / fromTextures - SOLVED

    Oh ok, sorry I didn't know that Thanks heaps for you help on this btw. I'll have to wait for a fix on the sprite sheet problem I'm having with @2x @4x sheets, as right now it breaks my level lol. If you need me to send you any test projects - please let me know! PS. Again - really appreciate the help!
  11. Latest Panda 2 Dev - fromFrames / fromTextures - SOLVED

    Not in this case. Here they are single images (i'm having problems with the sprite sheets and @2x @4x etc. - they load at the wrong size - I posted on github) I can attach the project if you need.
  12. Latest Panda 2 Dev - fromFrames / fromTextures - SOLVED

    Hmmm ... I get when {} when I log the cache. What Im confused about is that this works ... Mouse = game.Class.extend({ num: 0, blind: false, showing: false, init: function(x, y) { this.sprite = new game.Animation([ 'mouseA0001.png', 'mouseA0002.png', 'mouseA0003.png', 'mouseA0004.png', 'mouseA0005.png', 'mouseA0006.png', 'mouseA0007.png', 'mouseA0008.png', 'mouseA0009.png', 'mouseA0010.png', but this doesn't Mouse = game.Class.extend({ num: 0, blind: false, showing: false, init: function(x, y) { this.sprite = game.Animation.fromTextures('mouseA');
  13. Latest Panda 2 Dev - fromFrames / fromTextures - SOLVED

    I'm getting ... typeError : undefined is not an object (evaluating this.sprite.addAnim')
  14. Latest Panda 2 Dev - fromFrames / fromTextures - SOLVED

    Sorry, yup I just tried from Textures but now its looks like it doesn't work in conjunction with addAnim
  15. Latest Panda 2 Dev - fromFrames / fromTextures - SOLVED

    Hi @enpu I'm still getting ... Type Error - fromTextures is not a function