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  1. Adding Text (font) bug?

    Hi @enpu - When adding a *.fnt asset - the engine is looking for a @2x /@4x version of the font. Does panda only support fnt fonts (bitmap?) or can it also load ttf etc? Thank you!
  2. Does Panda 2 work with Physics Editor?

    @AndreasLoew - Thank you, that’s awesome
  3. Panda 2 Spine question

    Hi @enpu I've been looking at the Spine plugin, and I'm just wondering how I would go about supporting @2x / @4x etc. I don't thing the program itself supports this, as far as I know. Any ideas on how / whether this is even possible to get working without having to do lots of roundabout work? Thank heaps in advance
  4. Somethings wrong in the latest dev

    @enpu - Awesome, works now
  5. Somethings wrong in the latest dev

    @enpu - just sent through the atlas files. I've tried re-exporting about 3x and can't honestly see what it could be.
  6. Somethings wrong in the latest dev

    yup ... but also work with hires in WebGL and not in Canvas
  7. Somethings wrong in the latest dev

    @enpu - It only work in WebGL and not in Canvas. It has to do with hires.
  8. Somethings wrong in the latest dev

    Hi @enpu I can't seem to be able to use my atlas in the latest version (dev and stable). It works fine in WebGL mode, but it only displays a part of the image in canvas. I tried closing ad reloading the project, but not really sure what it could be.
  9. Question about vector gfx

    @enpu - just tried a different setting again and the sizing works properly now WebGL is still ignoring the hires tho and the svg shows up very pixelated. In canvas it looks perfect. Also WebGL is not showing tilingSprite correctly with hires.
  10. Question about vector gfx

    @enpu - I've exported with different settings and I can now display the whole image, but I'm having trouble with the scaling (can't seem to get the right size relative to the game scale).
  11. Question about vector gfx

    @enpu - Thanks for that, I'll have a look now to see if I can change it.
  12. Question about vector gfx

    hmmm ... I just bough Affinity Designer to finally get rid of Adobe software I just sent you the file I'm using to test.
  13. Question about vector gfx

    @enpu - It's really strange, when I preview through the panda player (on iPhone), the vector shows up fine. On desktop (panda preview window), I only get the top corner. A couple of other things I've noticed while testing - Tiling Sprite doesn't work properly with hires and WebGL. When WebGL is enabled, the svg doesn't show up as sharp as when using canvas - instead it's quite pixelated (i'm using retina and hires 4). Let me know if you need me to test anything. PS - SVG support this is a really amazing feature.
  14. Question about vector gfx

    @enpu - Awesome I am doing something wrong tho, as it's only displaying the top corner of my sprite.
  15. Question about vector gfx

    Hi @enpu This is absolutely awesome! You're a legend ... seriously. Couple of things - svg doesn't seem to work with hires (anything above standard size). This means if you're mixing raster and vector art, things don't work properly. Also, how would 'retina' work with svg? Right now it displays quite blurry on a 'retina' screen, so @2x (hires: 2 + retina) would have to be enabled to get a crisp vector. Thanks again for the amazing job!