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  1. My Videos - Inspirations / Tutorials

    Hi guys I've finally gotten around to starting a regular YouTube Vlog. My plan is to make videos focusing on my inspirations when it comes to game design, Panda 2 tutorials, updates on my latest games, balancing sitting in front of the computer and exercise, some random rants, and behind the scenes family stuff. I'll be doing my first tutorial (Panda 2 Hello World), in a day or two, and after that I would like to start posting one every week. If you guys are interested, here is a little bit about me ... ... and here is one about the first game I've ever played, and the reason I make games today. I'll post the any new tutorials / inspiration vids to this topic as I make them. Thaaaanks PS. It would be cool to eventually do some creator spotlights on Panda 2 games and interviews with creators.
  2. Panda 2 feature requests

    @enpu - You rock! Thanks
  3. Panda 2 feature requests

    Hi @enpu The Panda 2 Editor is AMAZING! I think people are going to absolutely love it I have one feature request if possible. The physics engine in Panda 2 is quite barebones and doesn't include joints etc. In the future, would it be possible to have a plugin for a full featured physics engine to use with Panda? Thank heaps in advance!
  4. New plugin: PixiJS

    Nice, yay - this is awesome! Good job @enpu
  5. Question about panda2 and webgl

    Nice! Looking forward to this!
  6. Panda 2 released

    I love the Panda Engine, and I just bought the Panda 2 Editor, and honestly - it’s awesome! I love everything about it! It makes your workflow/testing so much fun. Good job!!
  7. Panda 2 development

    Hi @enpu Is the format still the same? I use texture-packer to pack my sprite-sheets and when I select Panda format, it automatically selects json. Do I just have to rename the file to atlas?
  8. Panda 2 development

    Hi @enpu In the previous version I had to create my own class of a loader. Is this no longer the case / are the loader attributes set in the config file now? *** EDIT *** Just tested this and it looks like the loader is build in now - awesome Thank you!
  9. Latest Panda 2 Dev - fromFrames / fromTextures - SOLVED

    Nice! Thank you for that
  10. Panda 2 development

    Panda 2 is a work in progress, so it's understandable that things change Thank you for letting us know what the changes are so we can update our code. Updates like this are really cool!
  11. Latest Panda 2 Dev - Images from atlases size bug - SOLVED

    Hi @enpu i actually prefer the percentages for anchors I don't mind rewriting the code, but it would be awesome to have some sort of resource / log, of the changes made. I'd really like to do some tutorials as well, and keep them up to date with the latest changes, but a lot of the time I don't know what's changed until I hit an error. A good example is the particles. I can't get them working, as I can't figure out what's changed since the last version. A small log file with the changes made would be absolutely awesome Thanks again!
  12. Latest Panda 2 Dev - Images from atlases size bug - SOLVED

    Hi @enpu Really sorry about this, I don't know how I missed that!! I must have looked at it 20 times!! Again sorry for the false bug report
  13. Latest Panda 2 Dev - Images from atlases size bug - SOLVED

    Hi @enpu yup, both the @4x image and the images in the sprite sheet are 576x576. the single image displays correctly ( the big one - in the middle )
  14. Latest Panda 2 Dev - Images from atlases size bug - SOLVED

    Hi @enpu I've just attacked an example of the sprite sheet issue. I've included a single image with @2x and @4x assets as well as the atlases. As you see, the single image loads at the correct size, while the sprite sheet anim shows at half dimensions. Thank you!
  15. Advise - Phaser/OpenFL/Something Else

    I believe that even IF Scirra ever closed doors, your Construct games would still work online, as they are html5. You just wouldn't be able to update them unless they open sourced the software ( which I believe they would do in such a case ). The fact you are looking for something open source and well supported really only leaves Phaser imo. I personally really love the Panda engine as it's really easy to work with with a tiny overhead, but Phaser is infinitely more popular. Every other engine out there seems to have huge overhead or not much support. I don't really think your 100 percent safe with anything you choose. I was in the same boat as you as I used to make a lot of flash games.