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  1. Hi @enpu Yes sorry, my terminology is always off lol.
  2. Ho @enpu I've had a look at the Pixi plugin docs and can't find an 'overlay' filter. Just wondering whether there is another filter there that does a similar thing? If not, any possibility of adding 'overlay', as it's really useful to create textured effects etc. Thank you in advance
  3. Hi @enpu Just wanted to point out a couple of possible issues with WebGL. Polygons don't seem to show and neither do tiled backgrounds. Everything works fine in canvas. My Triangle Class ... game.createClass('ShapeTriangle', { init: function(x, y, w, h, rot, color) { this.spriteLine = new game.Graphics(); this.spriteLine.lineColor = '#000000'; this.spriteLine.lineWidth = 2; this.spriteLine.fillAlpha = 0; this.spriteLine.drawPolygon([0, h, w, h, 0, 0]); this.spriteLine.anchor.set(w/2, h/2); this.spriteLine.position.set(x, y); this.spriteLine.rotation = rot * Math.PI; this.spriteLine.addTo(game.scene.robotContainer); this.spriteFill = new game.Graphics(); this.spriteFill.fillColor = color; this.spriteFill.drawPolygon([0, h, w, h, 0, 0]); this.spriteFill.anchor.set(w/2, h/2); this.spriteFill.position.set(x, y); this.spriteFill.rotation = rot * Math.PI; this.spriteFill.addTo(game.scene.robotContainer); } }); My Tiled Bg Class ... game.createClass('Bg', { init: function(image) { this.sprite = new game.TilingSprite(image, game.system.width, game.system.height); this.sprite.anchorCenter(); this.sprite.position.set(game.system.originalWidth / 2, game.system.originalHeight / 2); this.sprite.addTo(; } });
  4. Hi @enpu Thank you very much, you are an absolute legend! I would really like to send you a donation / tip for adding these new features so quickly. Any chance of setting up a ‘buy me a coffee/beer’ donation link? Thanks again, for the help on this
  5. @enpu I'm pretty happy with the way the current Graphic Objects work, so I'm not sure if it should be included or separate. Hopefully, a couple of other people will chime in on what they would prefer, but at the end of the day, I guess whatever is the simplest for you to implement / maintain. Thank you again for your help on this, really appreciate the hard work your putting into the engine!
  6. Hi @enpu Yup there is a very specific reason why I want to use graphic objects. I need to be able to have a shape class that I can scale to any size, while maintaining it's outline at a set width. Basically, in my prototype I have 4 shapes so far - Square, Circle, Triangle, and Semicircle (or arc in Panda). I display the outline of the various graphic objects on the screen and then on user input I 'fill' them / 'color' them. I can't achieve the same results using png's. The only other way I can think of is using vector graphics, as I did something similar in Flash a long time ago. Thank you again for you help
  7. Hi @enpu Any idea whether something like this is possible in Panda at the moment? If not, I'll think of a workaround Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi @Wolfsbane Thanks for the tips I've tried playing in the console that @8bitdna sent, and it looks like it possibly works differently then Panda. I think it would requite me to to dig deeper into the engine (which is beyond me lol). I can't get the example working inside Panda at all, but like you, I though that using two arcs (not closed) and joining them, might be possibility. Might have to wait and see if @enpu has any tips / ideas. Thanks guys!
  9. Hi @8bitdna That is actually close to what I need, but my version is a little more complex. If it's not possible, I could make changes to make it work with the example you've sent me
  10. @8bitdna Thanks for the reply! I’m using the drawing api for a very specific purpose, but it’s really hard to explain unless I write an article lol. i have 4 outnof 5 shapes setup square triangle circle semicircle and the last i need is a U shape this might be a bit beyond the capability of the drawing api tho.
  11. Hi Panda People / @enpu I'm trying to create a polygon / arc , in the shape of a U or horseshoe. Any ideas on how this could be achieved? I've tried making an arc and using a mask, but it's not really working as I want, because I need the outlines to display properly as well. Thank you in advance!
  12. @enpu - Thanks for that! That is very good news