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  1. Chezt

    [Phaser 3 ] Cant get intellisense to work properly

    Try add this to jsconfig.json { "compilerOptions": { "target": "ES6" }, "exclude": [ "node_modules" ] }
  2. Chezt

    Can Phaser3 do fullscreen?

    After playing around with it I tried to make it like this Don't know if this acceptable, but it's work for me
  3. Chezt

    Can Phaser3 do fullscreen?

    I tried trick from "Antriel" but only give me blackscreen in firefox, it works in safari There is warning in console for firefox "Request for fullscreen was denied because requesting element is not in the currently focused tab" is there any other solution for fullscreen?
  4. Hey, I want to say thank you! this really saves me. If anyone interested I make data format for phaser
  5. Chezt

    Collide with TileSprite

    thanks for answer rich ! i'm sorry i didn't check enough
  6. Chezt

    Collide with TileSprite

    Hello i wanna ask how to collide with tilesprite using arcade physics ? i found this thread and example go to but that not work. I change from tilesprite to sprite its normal player can collide hes some of my code create : function() {daratan = this.add.tileSprite(-this.cache.getImage('wall').width/2, 0, this.cache.getImage('wall').width,, 'wall'); this.physics.enable(daratan, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);},update: function() { // Collide this.physics.arcade.collide(player, daratan);}Thanks EDIT : its work in phaser ver 2.2.2 is this a bug ?
  7. sorry if bump old thread, but i got these problem in 2.2.2 too, i used trick something like this this.add.tween(blackjackConfig.player.phaser.CardName[0]).to({ y:520, x:( - 60) }, 100, Phaser.Easing.Default, true, 1000);setTimeout(function () { console.log('tes');}, 1000); or should i use like @pxam ?