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  1. Hi all! I own a small html5 gaming site, so far I have 4 finished games. I thought as a way to increase plays and help other small developers to add a sort of cross-promotion feature. Signing up (you can do it with your Twitter or Google account), you can add a free promo banner that would be showed while users play. The more you play, the more your banner will be shown. My site is 1 Pixel Army What do you think about this idea? David.
  2. One of my gamedev dreams is to make a complete retro soccer game. I almost have the shooting part, step by step
  3. Lots of good content in your site, congrats! I got a bit lost navigating the site, but I don't have a good advice to improve it either, ;). I'm also struggling to make my site more easy to navigate. Android versions are native or is the same Phaser game packed with some Phonegap-like framework? Newsletter popup is working for you? I mean, are users subscribing? Good work, keep on it! David
  4. Hi all! I've uploaded a new game to my website, it's a shootout game called Soccer Stars. Now it's in beta version, so you're encouraged to play it and suggest Also, do you like the look and feel of the site itself? You can find it at https://1pixelarmy.com/arcade_games/soccer_stars Thanks! David
  5. Cool! tested in my Galaxy S3 and runs fine. Liked the graphics and gameplay is fun. I don't know if it's my phone's fault, but some texts in the intro screen looked a bit fuzzy. Agree with @The_dude8080, global highscores could be a lot of fun. I've tried Phonegap in the past but I'm not very happy with it, regarding games. I think I'll give Crosswalk a try.
  6. I did it based on this discussion, with Vignette and FilmGrain filters: I added a scanline image as well, just like @Sotfwave said. I think this doesn't work in Canvas, I'm using WebGL
  7. Nice game in a non-common genre. Also, I didn't know about Ink library, right to my bookmarks
  8. Adder CRT style to my games, and I think I've made "Basketball Legends" and "Pool Master" playable from tablets. But I can't test it because I don't have one. If anyone is interested in testing, you're very welcome ;). www.1pixelarmy.com
  9. Cool! The only 2 things I'd improve (it's my opinion) are: - Start game with music off - Be able to play all game from the keyboard (including menus) Keep on!
  10. Agree, I have my site hosted in DigitalOcean with a RoR+Nginx configuration and I'm pretty happy with that. It's cheap and if you're not using a lot of CPU you'll be ok with the lowest rate.
  11. I've used this plugin in some of my html5 games and I have to say that is great. If you already know about Box2D implementation is smooth, and performance is pretty good.
  12. Cool! Liked the cartoonish graphics and gameplay is fun. I think I've found a bug. If you tie, game hangs. I've tied 4-4 in my first game and I couldn't continue playing. I reloaded the game, lose my second game and then it worked well (sent me to classification screen)
  13. Thanks! I'll try to fix it Games are written using Phaser, and for website itself I've used Ruby on Rails 4.2 for the backend (leaderboards, user management, etc...) and some Bootstrap 3 for design.
  14. Twitter login just added
  15. Thanks! Uhm, could be a good point, I've added Google sing-in in the past and didn't get much interaction. Btw, for all games in my site I've used this Phaser plugin: https://phaser.io/shop/plugins/box2d Totally worth the price