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  1. I can't make it work with yoyo tween. No problem with simple tweens.
  2. If I add it again at some point I'll create tons of tweens once and garbage collect them later. Not the best thing to do when you need performance. samid737 thank you! This is exactly what I need.
  3. Anyone manage to solve this?
  4. Why is this thing so slow? Windows, Chrome, Phaser and WebGL and I am getting less than 20fps? The same thing works smoothly with Canvas on 60fps
  5. Sorry but nothing of these is not answering my question. I need something like calling stop and then start again. Pause is stopping the tween and resume continues from where it starts. After stop the tween is marked for deletion and has some strange behavior.
  6. I have yoyo tween. I want to pause and resume from the start. I don't want to create many tweens. Is there a way?
  7. Not working for me - chrome on desktop
  8. Can you recommend me resources on game polishing?
  9. I am not sure if any of you know about this but anyway I want to share this. Its not game related.
  10. Thank you all, I've decided to try to negotiate.
  11. What are you doing when you have contract and need to cancel it (because the customer changes his mind too often)? Big company, actually one of the recommend er sponsors from here but working with them is not fun.
  12. I was going to add this - Talking about canvas performance when the game is loaded and playing. Frames per seconds are less when on server. but not happening now. Maybe I've had too many open browser tabs.
  13. Thank you both! I have one more question - why on localhost(local server) I get twice as better performance than on remote server(my site)? Its only for canvas. What can be the reason for this? (Windows and Chrome)
  14. With the awful big res that is required from me on desktop only canvas performs ok. I have great performance on mobile with the auto setting (webgl most of the times) and canvas is slow on mobile. Again my resolution for this is way too big.
  15. I want to use always canvas on desktop and on mobile. How is the best way to achieve this?