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  1. mazoku

    How do you store your gdpr consent?

    I am not sure how to create my consent database (and according to everything I read if I show ads I need to have consent database to show the authorities)
  2. mazoku

    How do you store your gdpr consent?

    Can I officially go crazy?
  3. I have this question. How do I store user's concent without getting more personal data to store that I don't want to store. As I read the requirements, I need to have evidence to show?
  4. mazoku

    Stolen 'instant games' on Facebook

    Also you can reach some people from facebook team from the instant games group there. Edit: I hate facebook, their instant games api, their other apis, their support and everything fb related.
  5. mazoku

    Stolen 'instant games' on Facebook

    You can play the instant game on desktop browser on facebook (once you've played it on mobile you will get it suggested in desktop too) and the game comes with app id in the url.
  6. mazoku

    Tilemap problem

    @snowbillr thank you! I found = true;
  7. mazoku

    Tilemap problem

    Ok I see this tile bleeding on all examples, is the problem with me?
  8. mazoku

    Tilemap problem

    It looks like related to physics as when I move the player with just changing the x/y those lines don't appear.
  9. mazoku

    Tilemap problem

    I see the same problem here when the player is near the game end and moves fast.\game objects\tilemap\collision\csv map arcade physics.js Here is a screenshot
  10. mazoku

    Tilemap problem

    I have a tilemap and a character moving on it in all four directions with camera following. When idle everything is perfect but when the tilemap(camera) moves black lines appear on tiles edges.
  11. mazoku

    Gamedistribution payment and VAT

    Sorry, my error, it is really valid. Thank you!
  12. mazoku

    Adsense for games

    Anyone here using adsense for games? How many views per month did you have when you got accepted in the program? Are you happy with it?
  13. mazoku

    Gamedistribution payment and VAT

    No, not valid VAT. Also NL 857313915 is invalid VAT number for cross border transactions within the EU according to the test service.
  14. I can't find the VAT number of Gamedistribution (TUNNL B.V.) How do you process their payment in the EU - I mean taxes and VAT. Anyone here from EU receiving payments from them? As I get it they are in the EU too.
  15. mazoku

    Next step

    For some time I was wondering on something. What is the next step if you want to grow in the gaming industry. I mean 1 person studio is something very small. What is a good way to grow from there? For example if you have the basics for hiring 2-3 people what will you do? And why? Hire developers? Hire marketing? Artist?