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  1. I am really bad at understanding players and designing my games. Can you recommend me good game design materials?
  2. Thank you! Sounds great, will contact you
  3. Something funny

    I am putting that here
  4. [Phaser]Bubble Shooter

    One simple bubble shooter with my favorite framework - phaser. I've tried to make it as simple as possible. Link to play: Bubble Shooter Game Link to Android Play: Bubble Shooter Android
  5. Analytics for html5 games?

    What analytics do you use?
  6. Phaser v2.7.6 problem

    game.input.onUp I receive this event when alt + tab to something else and then alt+tab back to the browser. So how to avoid my code running when the player is not clicking on game but going away to another window and back again?
  7. [WIP][Phaser] Dreams vs Nightmares

    And its way too hard
  8. [WIP][Phaser] Dreams vs Nightmares

    Fun game but don't work on IE and Iron(chromium or whatever)
  9. THREE.js category

    One more to this question.
  10. Do you have games available for embedding?

    Thank you LittleGiantWorld. My site is small and I have nothing to offer to developers, I'm sorry. Its and I am doing a favor with it for a friend. I will be honest, I get less than 100 visitors per day so no income and nothing to offer. So I am looking for freely available good games to embed.
  11. Do you have games available for embedding?

    Actually I am asking about some good games available directly from developers. For example I like the hooligans by gemioli. I don't want to add to my arcade the usual bunch of stupid games. So any developer that offers good games for embed? With not too much ads.
  12. I have small arcade site with flash and html5 games. I need games that are made available for embedding by the developer(officially). Actually it will be great if there is a topic with games available for other sites.
  13. EU Threatens Code Sharing

    EU is getting better and better. Or is it the world?
  14. HTML5 Multiplayer Card Game

    You will need nodejs or some other backend to support multiplayer.
  15. HTML5 Multiplayer Card Game

    I am using Phaser for this thing.