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    Also player names on game will be good so you will know who to hit

    It actually fun and addicting You need a bigger map so players can run more.
  3. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Looks great, I want to play! And I am ashamed of how simple my games are Great one!
  4. Hello, I need good performance game engine 2D for android. Any ideas?
  5. Sharing Pixel Art Assets and Code

    Very good work!
  6. Can we list all ways of making money different than just selling the game to a sponsor. For example ads on site or in game, porting to mobile, in game transactions. Is this all? Anything else that I am missing?
  7. Old devices support?

    What to do when the customer requires support for some very old devices? I am not sure what to do in this case.
  8. Current state of the market

    I can care less about credibility but I understand your position and the reason behind it.
  9. Current state of the market

    I have bad experience with one of those rated 5 stars sponsors. And I don't think they have many players. All of the web players prefer old flash games as they have less advertising. There is no html5 games niche at all. Those multi-million dollar companies are actually struggling to sustain theirselves. (Just an observation) Even that only two people are responding to my thread is a response by itself (And you can't have ads each level, ads at the beginning, ads each 2 minutes and even more video ads that are unscipable. No one will play this)
  10. Current state of the market

    Just wonder what is the current state of html5 market? I think there are too few sponsors and most of them are closing. The games on the big distrubutors and sponsors are way too money centered with too many ads so players are less and less. What do you think?
  11. Is there a way to resume tween from the start?

    I can't make it work with yoyo tween. No problem with simple tweens.
  12. Is there a way to resume tween from the start?

    If I add it again at some point I'll create tons of tweens once and garbage collect them later. Not the best thing to do when you need performance. samid737 thank you! This is exactly what I need.
  13. Strange Flicker with Mobile Canvas

    Anyone manage to solve this?
  14. WebGL performance on Chrome

    Why is this thing so slow? Windows, Chrome, Phaser and WebGL and I am getting less than 20fps? The same thing works smoothly with Canvas on 60fps