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  1. [Panda 2] Diamond Dasher

    Looks great!
  2. How?

    Thank you! I've missed this.
  3. How?

    How did some developers have multiple accounts on google play store? For example these guys have several accounts and are leading to their site. Can you create more than one with one company? What am I missing?
  4. As I am trying to understand gamers I am trying to design an arcade focused on them. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible with minimum distractions. What do you think: Very few games there are mine but with time I'll try to make it with 90% my content.
  5. ads.txt

    So as I get it now the big guys are enforcing this thing. And a sponsor can't show ads on games on game sites if the game site owner don't add especially the sponsor's ads data to its ads.txt. So if I add ads from the big guys to my game and offer it in iframe, I won't be able to make money? This affects most of the sponsors and the current model. No reason for small games offered to multiple portals.
  6. I am new to having arcade sites and I have few questions.
  7. I have this problem - I can't focus on one thing. I work mostly with phaser, but lately I really like pixi. And babylonjs and three.js. And now I look at haxe/openfl. And on a bit of not web related stuff. But my performance on my current work is slow because of all this. How do you focus on your current task?
  8. What is your opinion on ad4game? Are they worth it for small publishers?
  9. Rewards ads for html5 games

    I don't have enough visitors for google. At least for now.
  10. Rewards ads for html5 games

    Which ads network except google offers rewards ads for html5 games?
  11. How to get more players

    I would like to develop in direction where I host my own games and monetize with ads. (Working for others is not fun and I can not focus on what I like to make) But I am not sure I would be able to get players.
  12. In-Game Advertising for HTML5 games

    I have long way to go to reach 20 000 plays per day per game. :'(
  13. Flappy Fish

    My version of the flappy series. You can collect coins and later buy fishes with them. I had fun drawing these fellows. Game made with Phaser Play game: Flappy Fish
  14. In-Game Advertising for HTML5 games

    I need something like Adsense for Games but for publishers with less views.
  15. In-Game Advertising for HTML5 games

    I miss mochi too. :'(