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  1. mazoku

    Lets talk GDPR

    As I see it, some of the developers here (including myself) have removed all their games from play store. I am asking people from EU. How do u solve the GDPR without removing the game or the ads from it? Have u hired a lawyer for writing the privacy and terms? Do you have consent database and how do you store who (yes, the player personal data) consented on what? Isn't it GDPR only a way to remove EU companies from business? On first page of play store now I see almost only non-EU companies.
  2. mazoku


    What will be your plan if you are finishing an AAA game? Or at least AA? Maybe A? Which sponsors would you contact first? Defense genre? I know that developers view game value differently than sponsors but anyway.
  3. mazoku


    Is it ok to use Phaser.Class when extending Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite for example? What is the role of Phaser.Class? Is it only for scenes?
  4. mazoku

    Question on performance

    But doesn't this slow the stuff? One more function creation and call each frame?
  5. Is there any reason to call requestAnimationFrame(function() { loopFunction(); }); and not requestAnimationFrame(loopFunction) Why would anyone choose the first and not the second?
  6. mazoku

    Rounded Rectangle

    So still no rounded rectangle in Phaser 3?
  7. One of my customers are well known company, they are here in the forums too with good reputation. They purchased custom game and I've delivered it to them. They delayed payment with tons of explanations. Now I see my code used on their site but I haven't received any payment from them. I am going to look for legal solution. And this is a simple reminder - always get at least half in advance even if you have several projects with the same client before. And those guys have reputation, haha. My bad for being too naive.
  8. mazoku

    Scene switch

    When you use scene.switch is there a way to know that in the awaken scene? Some method that is called when a scene is awaken or event I can listen to?
  9. mazoku

    How do you store your gdpr consent?

    I am not sure how to create my consent database (and according to everything I read if I show ads I need to have consent database to show the authorities)
  10. mazoku

    How do you store your gdpr consent?

    Can I officially go crazy?
  11. I have this question. How do I store user's concent without getting more personal data to store that I don't want to store. As I read the requirements, I need to have evidence to show?
  12. mazoku

    Stolen 'instant games' on Facebook

    Also you can reach some people from facebook team from the instant games group there. Edit: I hate facebook, their instant games api, their other apis, their support and everything fb related.
  13. mazoku

    Stolen 'instant games' on Facebook

    You can play the instant game on desktop browser on facebook (once you've played it on mobile you will get it suggested in desktop too) and the game comes with app id in the url.
  14. mazoku

    Tilemap problem

    @snowbillr thank you! I found = true;
  15. mazoku

    Tilemap problem

    Ok I see this tile bleeding on all examples, is the problem with me?