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  1. New rates: I'm going to work for 20$/h for the rest of this year
  2. Hi! My name is Tom, a Norwegian 2D game artist with 4 years experience. I'm looking for an experienced HTML5 game dev (need some links to sold games) to team up with. I'm looking for a longterm partnership (50/50), I'm not just some game artist who can work for rev-share when needed. You have to speak understandable English (for skype) and be over 18 years old (for contracts and other legal stuff). What I can offer: - 2D game art in a wide range of styles (http://shadow-embryo.com/portfolio/). - Brainstorming/ideas, feedback and testing. - Sounds and music(http://shadow-embryo.com/wp-content/uploads/Rubies-of-mars.mp3) You can contact me at: Tom@Shadow-Embryo.com or use this thread for questions.
  3. @Dean Not interested in profit-share deals. Only paid work.
  4. Thanks for the compliments everyone! @kali It's from a game, but it's not really a post-apocalyptic game. I just wanted to set up a scene like that with the graphics I made. I'm a big fan of post-apocalyptic games
  5. Thanks! Updated the post with a link to my portfolio.
  6. Hi! My name is Tom. I'm a Norwegian 2D game artist with 4 years experience available for freelance work. I can work with a fixed price (if you got an asset-list). If you got any questions or need an estimate, shoot me an email at: tom@shadow-embryo.com Portfolio: http://shadow-embryo.com/portfolio/