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  1. Smrdis

    Monetising HTML5 games

    Bla bla bla.  Real numbers is something about $1-$2 per game.
  2. Smrdis offers revenue share!

    API broken, support keep silence.
  3. Smrdis

    MarketJS game copying strategy

    Typical clonemakers, nothing unusual. original: marketJS:
  4. Smrdis

    Looking to license HTML5 Games!

    Can somebody share experience with holaverse?
  5. Smrdis

    [Phaser] Avoid

    Nothing unusuall. Something like: scrollingLayer.x = mouseX + startX;
  6. Smrdis

    [Phaser] Avoid

    Anyone can use .
  7. Smrdis

    [Phaser] Avoid

    I used box2d, but not as phaser plugin.
  8. Smrdis

    [Phaser] Avoid

  9. Smrdis

    [Phaser] Avoid

    Hi everyone, This is our first experience with Phaser. Endless arcade avoider game. Physics made with box2d. Description: Avoid the blades for as long as you can! Collect coins to unlock new characters. Touch and drag to control your character. Be careful! game link: This is promo game and I will try to distribute it. So, if you are portal/network owner or content manager you can host this game for free. You can find game zip here: shows promo banner every 4 gameplays and it has little less content than native version, but it still fun and addicting. I also can implement any API and it is free. Feel free to write me viaskype: smrdis_oremail:
  10. Smrdis

    [Phaser] ZERO

    Circle Pong .
  11. Smrdis

    Hoowu HTML5 Game Contest Results

    Got it today.
  12. Smrdis

    HTML5 Income Report - December 2016 ($5,165 profit)

    Could you clarify what "HTML5 sponsorship" mean in your case?
  13. Smrdis

    Hoowu HTML5 Game Contest Results

    Do not speak on behalf of others please.
  14. Smrdis

    Hoowu HTML5 Game Contest Results

    I can not speak for everyone, but my game Road Safety was released on Hoowu before any other platform. All in accordance with the rules .
  15. Smrdis

    Html5 Game Development Contest in China

    The time has come.