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  1. I think this is a rare case of bugs when we work with HTML5. For instance, I found on one of my projects the Alarm 0 would never trigger, but alarm 1 would (I am no GameMaker noob, I was setting the Alarm with a value above 0) and indeed it was frustrating, so some instances I used Alarm 1 instead just because it worked. Some infrequent bugs are popping up... I think if it happens again, best place to post it would be Mantis to load a bug report. As for the graphics, it may be a display problem. Check to see if the browser itself does not scale the graphics down by themselves to lower quality, I know this happened with my projects as well (Even if it uses HD graphics) and has been rather frustrating.
  2. Making Multiplayer HTML5 Games

    @SuspendeeStudios While I admire the effort and the risk to take on a multiplayer game, It's something called constructive criticism, and it's suppose to help you notice things from a user 's point of view. Well done on making a multiplayer engine in an hour, but can you spend a few more hours cracking those bugs you mentioned? And polishing the UI or get some new UI and game art from OpenGameArt. No one wants to play the game because it doesn't have high quality or appealing graphics, first hand users who try the game feel completely lost, it lacks a tutorial of some sort, it's simply not simple to get started. I'm sure this is not your standard, and you were possibly in a rush to create a portfolio for yourself, take some more time and polish it up then lets see the game in the Game Showcase thread when you're done. @True Valhalla does have a very valid point. So don't try to fight it, take your time and make the game (Airships Online) complete .
  3. What are your plans for 2017?

    Hi Matthew! It's great to hear of the information you provided! Also, it's definitely looking like a promising year! I hope you find the same success as last year This year I turn my focus full time to Game Dev! I currently have a company that's outsourcing my programming skills for multiple Android/iOS games and along that I'm fine tuning my focus on HTML5 games. A new, better website and more games being developed this year So business for HTML5 should boom and I look forward to learning more about the industry and growing my skills! The Apple Pay & Google Pay does indeed look interesting, I'm going to be taking a look into it sooner rather than later. Wishing everyone a Happy and Successful 2017!
  4. Mobile game revenue share

    ' Haha wow.. okay I get your point then
  5. Mobile game revenue share

    Haha it was a reskin of a template, and for a first game I think it's pretty good?
  6. Mobile game revenue share

    Today I received my invoice for 7 months of rev share I made 63.30 Euros from Boostermedia.
  7. GM: Studio, issues with sound?

    Hey Sandy, .wav would be your best possibility in GM. Simply because it is compatible with all browsers Scale the quality down so you don't have such huge file sizes, you can hardly hear the difference on mobile speakers anyway
  8. Address bar just wont go away on Android with GameMaker

    I haven't gotten the address bar to remove itself on Android too. Apparently nothing works so I've left it, Android browsers just bring way too many problems
  9. GM: Studio, issues with sound?

    You're welcome. Glad to hear you got it working!
  10. GM: Studio, issues with sound?

    It also depends what format you are using? And its a pleasure
  11. GM: Studio, issues with sound?

    Are you testing both the new and old audio system?
  12. Mobile game revenue share

    There are publishers who are doing 50/50 Toon Goggles seems to be growing.
  13. HTML5 Income Report - December 2016 ($5,165 profit)

    Awesome Matthew! Looking forward to your next one as always!
  14. 2d Game Art - Free Assets

    Really nice artwork! Can you animate as well?
  15. Hey everyone, I recently contacted a few sponsors to get their input and feedback about my games and created a basic summery of the requirements they would like. I am not sure whether ALL must be considered depending on the sponsor, but it definitely makes your game look more professional Some of you may know all this already, but for GameDevs who are breaking in to the industry it could help them. Here's the general requirement for creating a professional looking HTML5 games: - Offers the player a deep in game experience and give the player a reason to return to the portal for multiple gaming sessions. - Works perfectly on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and PC (if yes, name the device(s) you have tested it on). - It is optimized for phone and tablet. - Works in full screen (no URL bar visible) and automatically scales to any high/low resolutions (no black borders visible ) - Handles device rotation automatically (showing “please rotate screen” information). - Has a loading bar and optimized loading times. - Sound can be turned off/on (if there are any). - Text is separated from images (Google Web Fonts may be of help here). - Text is loaded from an external file to make localization easy. That is what I have gathered so far. And there you go, if you have anything else to add, I will add it to the list