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  1. Luminous Wizard

    Instant Online Soccer

    Thanks for the reply!
  2. Luminous Wizard

    Instant Online Soccer

    Well done on yet another amazing game! I've actually PM'd him over Twitter about this, with no response of course, but I would also like to know some technical details if he wouldn't mind providing some.
  3. Luminous Wizard

    [Solved] Website "Stealing" my Games - What can I do?

    If they are embedding your games and you don't feel comfortable with it (since they didn't license it), I suggest having a look where they are hosting your game from, and implementing a secure site-lock that will block the game from running. I found a few of my games on their site too.
  4. Luminous Wizard

    Professional 2D Game Artist

    I really like your style!
  5. Luminous Wizard

    Including API with Gamemaker: Studio

    Usually publishers that do this use your source code and skin the game for publishing/licensing themselves, some publishers don't mind GameMaker or Construct or other game engines.
  6. Luminous Wizard

    Including API with Gamemaker: Studio

    I've sent you a PM there is some information missing and I cannot help you directly.
  7. Luminous Wizard

    What are your plans for 2017?

    I had also hoped he would return. I do indeed miss his content on this forum.
  8. Luminous Wizard

    What are your plans for 2017?

    Nice! Thanks for the update Jade, and thanks for reviving this! Last year didn't go quite as planned. I was full time GameDev for 7 Months working on an MMO game for mobile, and then transitioned to a better opportunity back into Software Development. I had around 50 different prototypes created for multiple games... I got around to finishing 3 of them. Not at all satisfied. This year I have multiple plans though: Add at the least, 5 more games to my portfolio, less prototypes, more stable workflow. Get my planned online game into Alpha before October. Start blogging more about Game Development & GameMaker. I think this might exclusively interest you: I did make a full transition to GMS 2 though from GMS 1.4, and I can say that the HTML5 module has become a lot more stable than at first. I do however, resist the urge to update whenever there is a new update, I first check to see if there are any issues reported and then make a decision if its worth updating. I cannot risk waiting 2 months for YoYo to fix issues, although they also seem to have picked up some pace around the last 3 months of 2017.
  9. Luminous Wizard

    Game Resources Costs

    Hey, thanks for the useful input. It helps to also hear form artists. How much do you usually charge per hour?
  10. Luminous Wizard

    Character Customization Idea

    This is probably the way to go, I'm not that familiar with Phaser, but I am currently using GameMaker and doing something quite similar when customizing a character. We have base sprites, and separate sprites for each customization item, and based on what the user picks, there are multiple variables storing one for each state and these are just drawn on top of the base sprite as mentioned above.
  11. Luminous Wizard

    Gamemaker android performance

    The performance is much better, with the right optimization as well. Native is always going to be faster than wrapping.
  12. Luminous Wizard

    [Phaser] Santa Rush

    Really nice graphics! Did you make it yourself? I like the game! It's quite challenging at first but once you get to the turning, it's quite easy!
  13. Luminous Wizard

    [GameMaker Tutorial] Simple 3D Dungeon

    I was hoping this would be in GMS2, considering the date, I figured it would be GMS 1. But there shouldn't be an issue converting it. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Luminous Wizard

    Do you make money from app/play stores? How much?

    Wow, okay that's quite interesting, I didn't know that type of license still exists in this market. I knew what you meant I'm going to look into those! Thanks!
  15. Luminous Wizard

    Do you make money from app/play stores? How much?

    Do your games have ads? Is this purely because of downloads not being so frequent?