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  1. Zampano, all the tips from rich and nesh108 only cover multiplayer games where there is server that manages everything. What this means is that the Javascript Part (the Phaser Game) that is running in the browser has to connect to a program running on a server and act only as the client. (Such a connection could be made via websocket or continues http request etc.) The server controls the game and only tells the clients what to display and the clients tell the server what the player wants to do. This is much more work than a normal web single player game. There is no way to stop players in single player client side javascript games from cheating.
  2. Help with animations!

    Hi, I think the problem was that you redefine the animations every frame and phaser doesn't like this. Here is your example working: Here is the slightly changed code: I move the animation creation to playerInit (and added a single frame stand animation). Ignore the changes in preloadImageAssets, that was to fit my image files. Edit1: There is another small problem with your code, If you walk in two direction (up & right) at the same time, your code switches the animation from up to right every frame - this way the animation never advances to the next frame. You should restructure getPlayerInput() in a way that manages to only call one at the end. You could create a variable in which you set the animation name during the key checks and then at the end call play with that value. Edit2: I changed the animation settting like I suggested in Edit1.
  3. Move Patron Badge

    +1 Added incentive for Rich to fix it: I will get one when they don't overlap long sentences anymore
  4. Golandy game - Camera follow and see around the player

    The problem now is, that while the world bounds are ok, the tilemap layer (context.floorLayer) only has a width of (in my debugging sesssion) 1280 pixels, while the game (on my browser) has a width of 1920.# That's the reason it cuts of to the right. For testing after creating it I set the width to 1920 (via breakpoint + console) and everything looks fine for that session. I am not sure, why the layer is created with the wrong width - please try to add: context.floorLayer.width = game.width; after creating it, and see if this fixes anything for you.
  5. tilemap not displaying properly

    The first parameter for addTileSetImage must match the name of the tileset in the map file. Here is your example working: (I also edited the level file to not only contain green tiles - I also changed path in the main.js because my server layout isn't the same.)
  6. Golandy game - Camera follow and see around the player

    Hi, layerwidth/layerheight is only the visible (rendered) part of the tilemap - so that's not the way to go to size the word. Layer.resizeWorld() resizes the world to exactly the tilemap size. To make it bigger try this: var layerWidth = context.floorLayer.layer.widthInPixels; var layerHeight = context.floorLayer.layer.heightInPixels;, -layerHeight, layerWidth * 2, layerHeight * 2);
  7. Golandy game - Camera follow and see around the player

    Hi PRSolucoes, Easy fix - this line sets the size of your world: layer.resizeWorld(); But it resizes it to the tilemap layer, this is way the camera is "trapped" within the tilemap. Instead of using the layer to resize your world do it yourself:, -1000, 2000, 2000); The map will still start at 0,0 but the camera will be able to show the space to the left and to the top of the map. Adjust the world size as needed.
  8. Anti-alias when scaled. How to get crisp Pixels?

    I am having good success with these settings so far: = Phaser.ScaleManager.USER_SCALE;, 3); = true; Phaser.Canvas.setImageRenderingCrisp(; This scales the game by 3 and so far everything is scaled pixel perfect and moves one pixel at a time.
  9. SpriteSheet transparent

    The easiest solution would be to edit the sprite sheet in (or any other program that allows to save as .png with a transparent color) and remove the black.
  10. Problems with animation

    Add those two lines below the line that creates the "spider": spider.animations.add("ani1", [1, 2, 3, 4], 10, true);"ani1"); When running the exmaple, the gameboys will now switch color Edit of the linked example: Now switch the different color pictures of the gameboys with spider animation frames. Done Here is the example you can look at: Notice that the example doesn't specify frames, but the spider code above does. You need to specify frames if you have more than one animation in the sprite sheet.
  11. PhaserQuest - Roleplay Mod

    Screenshot looked interesting, but This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
  12. Multiplayer games challenge - The games

    Got the shirt Thanks again to everyone and especially RaananW.
  13. Multiplayer games challenge - The games

    Hi guys, First of all, thanks to everyone who played my game! Congrats to pepa, BlueManCZ and Athelios! Why congrats? Well they killed the Megaslime together! This is so very cool! I love that you guys organized to play all three classes together, level up and then coodinated to kill the boss. They did that on March 7th and I didn't even notice until now. I am very happy about this - I was really hoping some group of players would do exactly that. Some stats: There were 75 characters created, 7 reached the maximum level of 5. 50 of the characters stayed at level 1, so they just had a quick look at the game/class. Thanks to @RaananW for coming up with the challenge and managing it. Thanks to @Nockawa for implementing Canvas2d. Thanks to all contributers to babylonJS. And a very special thank you to @Deltakosh for creating and maintaining babylonJS!
  14. Since the challenge has officially started, here is the link to the game: Some information before you start: This is a rpg game where you control a character of one of the three classes: Fighter - meele fighters can take a punch and also deliver one Healer - pure magic healers that can't fight themselfs but are valueable in keeping everyone alive Caster - ranged magic damage dealer that control fire You choose a name for your character and the class on login. You can change your class by reloading the game in your browser. You can move by left clicking anywhere on the ground. You can use skills by clicking them in the skillbar or pressing the corresponding number. Target other player or monsters by clicking on them or their nameplate. You can click the text field in the lower left corner or press "Return" to begin typing a message to everybody else, another "Return" sends the message. You can gain up to 5 levels by gathering xp by killing monsters or by healing other players who are killing monsters. Each level gives you more hp, more damage/bigger heals and most levels give you new abilities. And here is the link to the challenge: I hope you have a look and vote for me if you like it. Also please let me know about any bugs or problems you encounter!