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  1. Stunt Pixels

    Prevent iOS video autoplay on touch unlocking?

    @Puppy Club Dev I ended up monkey patching it in Phaser#Video#unlock Easy enough, but a little ugly.
  2. Stunt Pixels

    Scrub video cleanly

    Thanks @samme, the video scrubs fine in other players, and as a plain dom element. It seems to be just in Phaser – I haven't tried it straight in Pixi, but I assume it also go black there. I can work around it, it's just bugging me that it's happening... Cheers
  3. Stunt Pixels

    Scrub video cleanly

    I've built some custom controls for videos in Phaser. The scrub bar works fine, except the video flashes black while I scrub. I would have thought it was a caching issue, except this happens with already cached videos too. Scrubbing is done via a simple: function setTime( t ) { video.currentTime = t } Anyone got an idea how to lose the black flashes?
  4. Stunt Pixels

    Phaser video on iOS borked?

    Hey, can anyone confirm if video works on iOS 10.2? I've tried on a number of comps and devices, and they all get the same behaviour. The video looks to preload fine, but when you touch it to play, the video is good for the first 1-2 seconds then freezes with the audio playing through. This is with local dev on both 2.6.2 and CE 2.7.3. All the Safari console says is 'An error occurred trying to load the resource.' This also occurs with the Phaser demos, ie: Cheers
  5. Stunt Pixels

    Prevent iOS video autoplay on touch unlocking?

    I've put a sample showing this behaviour up at - - and a zip at - For various reasons, I need to ensure some videos are preloaded before playing the next state – for this demo case I'm showing it all in the one state. Only the 'create' and 'preload' functions are required to display the issue - the other functions are just there to check video preload progress. If this is loaded into a desktop browser, it runs fine. In a mobile, or emulation of a mobile, the videos both play once the canvas is clicked after they're loaded - even though the movies are never added to the game world. Ideas?
  6. Hey, I have some videos I need manual control over. For non iOS devices, they're working fine. But with iOS devices the videos all automatically play simultaneously on user interaction (which is touch unlocking them). Is there a clean way to flag off autoplay on touch unlocking? Cheers
  7. I don't know whether it's the lack of sleep, but here goes. Simple HTML5 game using Phaser 2.4.6. Works fine on desktop. Needs headphones to hear audio on iOS 9.3 / 9.2.1. As in, no audio can be heard through the phone speakers, but you put headphones in and it plays fine. Tried other sites, they play audio without the headphones.... No errors, nothing in the log. Audio is all .mp3 Anyone come across this before? Am I doing something stupid? Cheers
  8. Hey guys, I've been getting up super early over the last few months to get a couple of hours in each morning building a Facebook app I'm doing some friends. I'm doing server speed optimisation stuff over the next week or so, and then we might start a little bit of marketing. I think it would currently bork if we got more than 10 people on it at once.... But you guys probably understand that Super brief summary: I wrote all the code (front and back end) apart from included libraries: jQuery, TweenMax, SoundJS, PreloadJS Front end is all DOM written in Coffeescript. Back end is Ruby on Rails. A friend did all the art, we both did animations. The games are up here. I'm also setting up a blog which will mainly be about making HTML5 slots for Facebook, I'm planning on putting a big tutorial together over the next few weeks, but I've just started. Really appreciate any feedback, issues people have, and particularly insight people have about making the games more social.... Cheers
  9. Stunt Pixels

    Educational Game Drag and Drop

    You'll probably find more help if you can show why googling for the answer before asking the question didn't help. You were provided two possible solutions. Did you try googling them, and if so, what was unsuitable about those approaches? 3 seconds googling the above terms got me: Have you tried these approaches? If the problem is not knowing Javascript, have you done any tutorials? Or tried codeacademy or similar?
  10. Stunt Pixels

    Advise me spritesheet editor

    Is there any reason you can't batch convert the TGAs to a format shoebox can use?
  11. Sounds like your X and Y are in the right place (if the image looks correct), but your width and/or height are over the edge of the sprite. You should trim back to the actual sprite dimensions on your width and height.
  12. Stunt Pixels

    CreateJS, Haxe and Typescript

    We primarily use CreateJS and Coffeescript at work. CreateJS was chosen because we had a LOT of simple little Flash games to move over to HTML, and the API was pretty consistent. For my personal projects, I'm moving over to PIXI.js and my own game logic. I find that CreateJS carries too much baggage with it, unless you're porting Flash content over, or want to use Flash to create content...
  13. Stunt Pixels

    Saving game state on a server

    I've done games with Rails and Sinatra back ends, but you should be good with any back end - sounds like all you need is user authentication and the ability to save/retrieve to a DB. If you want to stick with JS, maybe look at Node?
  14. Stunt Pixels

    Object.seal() performance boost?

    Seems seal() is slower in Chrome, slightly quicker in FF. Be interesting to see some real world benchmarks using more than a trivial implementation though. Sample jsperf benchmarks:
  15. Stunt Pixels

    Profiling Memory Usage

    Make sure you kick off in a neutral page though. Otherwise it can get snagged by what you've run, what extensions are installed, yadda yadda. Dev tools are good, but much easier if you look for specific objects. It can get very messy with larger apps!