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    Server Sided Development (PHP,Zend Server), JavaScript Frontend mostly Dojotoolkit and JQuery and i wish to learn about creating games for kids and for my inner child

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  1. dojoVader

    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    For a second I was curious thinking how would you pull off making a game about someone wearing adidas track suit and squatting.
  2. @slimtmusic might bring them next week. got some stuff to do i will drop it on friday and collect it sunday i promise

  3. @opeadeoye latest scam

  4. This is why i love community contribution always inspiring others
  5. dojoVader

    (Level Design) What's the best way to achieve such

    Thanks for the reply, the reason i asked is because i was looking at which pattern was more suitable out of the options. 1. TileMap 2. or creating it like the PhotonStorm tutorial any there any memory implication from TileMap games ? sorry if this sounds n00bish .
  6. dojoVader

    How to do slope in platformer game with Phaser

    Is this added in Phaser yet am interested
  7. dojoVader

    Courier - RPG (First Trailer!)

    Dude as a Final Fantasy Fan of all series played, I am compelled to love your work. I hope to gain such knowledge soon,
  8. Hi guys, always wanted to create a game cuz i love gaming to death and lucky blessed to know Programming, I have experience with JavaScript alot and Processing so i have an idea of Canvas and similar Immediate Mode type. And first of all Phaser is just awesome within few weeks i understand the States and love it, but my biggest issue is having an idea of how to create a Level like this. (Image is not mine) I have thought of having one large TileSprite and using the move camera, however I am bothered about the performance implication, rendering item not in the viewport. I won't mind pointers from experienced devs on how to go about it, My concept was to break the Maps into separate stages and change state when the users approach a certain point. Thanks all