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  1. error coordinates GUI & setHardwareScalingLevel

    In about 2 months ... it will be over. It was for the dream build play but I could not finish it by a lot of work .. Here I upload the development progress
  2. error coordinates GUI & setHardwareScalingLevel

    Hi, 0.9 was a random value, if I had placed 0.5, it would go out of the screen to the right and I no longer heard any touch event. "engine resize" is why that function is called when starting (body onload) so it is inside that if. There is only one canvas .. in the DOM, (and a button for fullscreen) thank you very much.
  3. error coordinates GUI & setHardwareScalingLevel

    wow.. many thanks its solved.. with 3.1 ...
  4. error coordinates GUI & setHardwareScalingLevel

    i tried, and nothing
  5. hi, i have a advanced textured :: and coordinates are wrong en mobile yo quiero mejorar la calidad, por eso aplique setHardwareScalingLevel if hardwareScalingLevel is 0.5, the real coordinates move more to the right of, for example 0.9 (which is almost in place) Note: I am using a specific size for the canvas and centering it automatically, I do not know if it relates to this problem. #canvas1 { /* width : 1280px; height : 800px; /*width : 100%; height : 100%; */ touch-action: none; position:absolute; } function to drive canvas function rPantalla() { dataRes.mode = false; var gameWidth = window.innerWidth; var gameHeight = window.innerHeight; var scaleToFitX = gameWidth/ancho ; var scaleToFitY = gameHeight/alto ; var currentScreenRatio = gameWidth / gameHeight; var optimalRatio = Math.min(scaleToFitX, scaleToFitY); if (currentScreenRatio >= 1.77 && currentScreenRatio <= 1.79) { = gameWidth + "px"; = gameHeight + "px"; = ((gameWidth - (ancho * optimalRatio))/2)+"px"; = ((gameHeight - (alto * optimalRatio))/2)+"px"; console.log("a "; }else { = ((gameWidth - (ancho * optimalRatio))/2)+"px"; = ((gameHeight - (alto * optimalRatio))/2)+"px"; = ancho * optimalRatio + "px"; = alto * optimalRatio + "px"; // console.log("b "; } scaleX = ancho/(gameWidth-(gameWidth-(ancho*optimalRatio))); scaleY = alto/(gameHeight-(gameHeight - (alto*optimalRatio))); //console.log("scale x "+scaleX+" scaley "+scaleY); console.log("width "+ancho+" height "+alto); dataRatio.offx = parseInt(canvas.offsetLeft); dataRatio.offy = parseInt(canvas.offsetTop); if(jugando){ engine.resize(); } } //fin de rPantalla : redimensionar la pantalla
  6. coordinates world

    many thanks, It helped me a lot, I had rotated the camera and that's why I moved in two directions at the same time ...
  7. coordinates world

    I need to create the "radar screen" to locate asteroids and ships, but I can not understand how coordinates systems work in BabylonJS. When the game starts, the ship is at 0,0,0 after moving on the x axis, (or what I believe was moving on that axis). How is it possible for the z-axis values to change? Note: I do not move on the y axis. At what point did I move 145 units on the Z axis? What am I doing wrong ? In the second image you can see the options that I have tried .. and i tried this too
  8. Doubt about inverted texture

    OK, solved it. i flip y axs in blender,. babylon reinvests, well it's fine, thanks to everyone, this I had tried before uploading but it had not worked, now yes work
  9. Doubt about inverted texture

    sorry, "c4d" is ??
  10. Doubt about inverted texture

    strange, i scaled it and the speed is slow and the particles of turbine are hidden.
  11. Doubt about inverted texture

    wow.. it's blender, could you please give me the exact configuration that you used to export, it already works .. Also note that it is bigger, you resized it?
  12. Doubt about inverted texture

    I'm going to check
  13. Doubt about inverted texture

    many thanks naveTierraSolo.blend naveTierraSolo.blend1
  14. Doubt about inverted texture
  15. Doubt about inverted texture

    i will upload to server.. wait me