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  1. diyo-games

    Babylon.js in responsive

  2. diyo-games

    Babylon.js in responsive

    variable 'jugando' ; (playing) it is a flag to activate state 'playing', as well, 'loading', 'paused', 'ended' etc
  3. diyo-games

    What was your most complex html5 game ?

    This :
  4. Hello everyone, I have the pleasure to present my last and fun game: Instant games: Google play: web browser :
  5. diyo-games offers revenue share!

    I tried to upload my game and never they accept it, they always send an automated response saying something is wrong, they make list some "possible reasons", but never specify. But that if, while the game is loaded, shows the publicity, which makes me think of some dirty play.
  6. hello, I sent a game for review in, it takes a lot ...? Mi mail
  7. Hi, i interested, mi portfolio:
  8. hi for all, mi game has been accepted in facebook
  9. diyo-games

    Firefox Slow FPS

    The same thing happens to me, and that without using any framework and having an emphasis on optimization (pool objects, bitwise etc)
  10. diyo-games

    Mi new game, Space Jumper

    Hello everyone, I have the pleasure of presenting you the demo of my videogame, it is available for licensing, there are 24 very challenging levels, your opinions are welcome. full version web: google play:
  11. diyo-games

    Babylon.js in responsive

    Hi, center in all orientation/resolutions. var ancho=1920;//width var alto=1080;//height function rPantalla() { var gameWidth = window.innerWidth; var gameHeight = window.innerHeight; var scaleToFitX = gameWidth/ancho ; var scaleToFitY = gameHeight/alto ; var currentScreenRatio = gameWidth / gameHeight; var optimalRatio = Math.min(scaleToFitX, scaleToFitY); if (currentScreenRatio >= 1.77 && currentScreenRatio <= 1.79) { //16/9 aspect = gameWidth + "px"; = gameHeight + "px"; = ((gameWidth - (ancho * optimalRatio))/2)+"px"; = ((gameHeight - (alto * optimalRatio))/2)+"px"; console.log("a "; }else { = ((gameWidth - (ancho * optimalRatio))/2)+"px"; = ((gameHeight - (alto * optimalRatio))/2)+"px"; = ancho * optimalRatio + "px"; = alto * optimalRatio + "px"; // console.log("b "; } scaleX = ancho/(gameWidth-(gameWidth-(ancho*optimalRatio)));//I use this for events, but it may not be necessary scaleY = alto/(gameHeight-(gameHeight - (alto*optimalRatio))); //console.log("scale x "+scaleX+" scaley "+scaleY); console.log("width "+ancho+" height "+alto); dataRatio.offx = parseInt(canvas.offsetLeft); dataRatio.offy = parseInt(canvas.offsetTop); if(playing){ engine.resize(); } } //fin de rPantalla : redimensionar la pantalla (end of resizing display) function init(){ dPantalla.w = window.innerWidth; dPantalla.h = window.innerHeight; dPantalla.rx = ~~(dPantalla.w/2); dPantalla.ry = ~~(dPantalla.h/2); canvas = document.getElementById('canvas1'); rPantalla(); //event resize, also change orientation window.addEventListener("resize", function () { setTimeout(rPantalla,300);//important this async }, false); } //end of init if you need more aspect ratios, tell me.
  12. diyo-games

    Babylon js developer

    hi, i sent a email. 😊
  13. diyo-games

    How to force HTML5 Game to load in Landscape mode

    here the advice to user to rotate device function setOrientation(){ if(window.innerWidth > window.innerHeight){ //device is landscape"block";"none"; //resume the game }else if(window.innerHeight > window.innerWidth){ //device is portrait"none";"block"; //pause the game } } window.addEventListener("resize", function () { setTimeout(setOrientation,200); //somewhere the coordinates update as asynchronous //that use the "setTimeout" }, false);
  14. Yes, I already know nodejs and babylonjs, but I want to take the course, to see what approach you give, And if you do that part would be wonderful, greetings.
  15. bought it. I hope the course has the part of creating game rooms, which has given me so much headache nodeJS