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  2. pure js: function Animation(radio){ this.direction=true; //clock / anticlock this.cutY=0;//position in spritesheet this.cutX=0; this.maxCutY=13;// last sprite position this.adder=0;//to prevent that animation run much quickly this.changer=0;//in this point chnage cut in sprite{x:0,y:0};//position center by star this.pos={x:0,y:0};//position to draw star;*2;*2; this.isInDisplay=false; } Animation.prototype.set = function(dir,posX,posY) { // body... this.direction=dir;//need boolean value from arguments if(this.direction){ //if clock direction this.cutY=0; }else{ //if anti-clock direction this.cutY=this.maxCutY; } this.adder=0; this.isInDisplay=true;//to procces in loop, optimization ;);; //asign coordinates to draw -; -; }; Animation.prototype.update = function() { if(!this.isInDisplay)return; this.adder+=1; if(this.adder > this.changer){ this.adder=0; if(this.direction){ this.cutY+=1;//in direction of clock if(this.cutY > this.maxCutY){ //this.cutY=0;//if loop this.isInDisplay=false;//if loop comment this } }else{ this.cutY-=1; if(this.cutY < 0){ //this.cutY=this.maxCutY; if loop this.isInDisplay=false;//if loop comment this } } } }; Animation.prototype.paint = function() { if(!this.isInDisplay)return;//to optimization ctx.drawImage(imageStar, this.cutX*this.width, this.cutY*this.height, this.width, this.height, this.pos.x, this.pos.y this.width, this.height ); };
  3. mi game for js13k on google play on newgrounds :
  4. Hi all, I have decided to place a playable prototype desktop browser, to fire missiles with "space" rocket with "x", to canon fire and move with mouse, it's graphics programmer; if you can play it with headphones you will be better. Appreciate your feedback
  5. bug
  6. hi for all, this is my game for competition js13K 2016 Link
  7. 000webhost free without ads
  8. I'm looking for a 2D (vector design) artist to implement the video game, is a serious game, I took 8 months of work, and hopefully out in 5 months. Deploy platforms: Android, Windows 8.1 / 10, facebook, web, google chrome, IO's, xbox maybe (just maybe) Monetization: ads and inn-app purchases. As you can see I consider myself a good game programmer in HTML5, but my graphics capabilities are very poor, so I need a committed person who wants to win 5% of the total profits of the game. As a safety measure I believe a partner in each panel of the respective online stores account. my web page: the game : on my channel there are more videos that project list of versions so far
  9. Any suggestions will be heard gladly.
  10. How odd, I only worked well, I lasted almost one week trying everything.
  11. Hi, place code <script src="xxxx"></script> in a div element, at this div you can set css properties
  12. Hello, you need not be dynamically created the canvas object. Look like I do 'use_strict'; if(window.cordova){ document.addEventListener("deviceready",Init, false); }else{ document.addEventListener("load",Init, false); } function init(){ scaleX=(ancho/window.innerWidth); scaleY=(alto/window.innerHeight); canvas=document.getElementById('canvas'); ctx=canvas.getContext('2d',{antialias:false}); canvas.width=ancho; canvas.height=alto; //frontal layer'absolute';'transparent';'0';'0';'100%';'100%';"10"; //background layer canvas2=document.getElementById('esce');ctx2=canvas2.getContext('2d',{antialias:false}); canvas2.width=ancho; canvas2.height=alto;'absolute';'#000';'0';'0';'100%';'100%';"0"; enableInputs(); toLoop(); }
  13. cocoonJS does not accept degraded, maybe you can check that, app development also has a console that will tell you if there are other errors (gradient not shown)
  14. ad

    I have used Leadbolt, it is easy to implement but can not say profits, do not have even the traffic necessary to give an opinion, if you need help with the implementation tell me and I can help, is very simple.
  15. You see why not use frameworks. Do not try the large square as a square, treat him like two triangles, then each point of the four that make up the small square, you calculate if within any triangle, if only one is inside is that your picture small collided with one of the two triangles.