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  1. Yes, this is what I'm hoping for to be honest. I don't know why Nintendo hasn't made the Switch available for indie's yet though, like on their developer pages. Trying to keep things under lid still I suppose, hopefully they announce something soon
  2. Yeah this is bummer news to hear. The Wii U allowed html5 game dev... what a let down.
  3. Has anyone heard anything about putting HTML5 games on the Nintendo Switch? Can we use WebGL, web audio, etc. This might be a question WAY to early to ask, but I had to know if any you heard anything.
  4. I use CreateJS as well, and the sorting of children in a container by a zIndex property is missing. There is a 'sortChildren' method though, but you need to pass a sort function of your own. This is what I have done: DisplayObject.prototype.zIndex = 0; So all display objects have a zIndex property. After you add a child to a container you can do something like this then: var sortBy = function(a, b) { return a.zIndex - b.zIndex; }; container.addChild( sprite ); container.sortChildren( sortBy );
  5. I'm using three.js and I have a projectile I would like to shoot and I need help determining the velocity. I have the origin point, the speed/force I would like to shoot, and I have the Y angle and X angle I would like to shoot. How do I find out the velocity along the x, y, and z?
  6. Does anyone know a good tutorial, or a step by step pseudo code at least, on how to do this using the canvas? Something like mario kart but the camera to be at a higher position. Any help would be great, thank you!
  7. Hello, this weekend there was a Indies VS Gamers game jam that I participated in and I would like to share with the game I dev'ed. The game is Jetpack Mailman, you can play it here: I appreciate your feedback on the game. Thanks in advance for checking it out and playing it!
  8. Try this: window.addEventListener("focus", onWindowFocus, false);window.addEventListener("blur", onWindowBlur, false);
  9. Sorry to bring this back from the dead. But I'm curious to Ninjadoodle's last post and question. Does the engine take in account the position of the objects or does the dev need to?
  10. SORRY! I meant the topic to be "RGBA8888 vs RGBA4444". I have used TexturePacker for a while and have always had Pixel Format set to RGBA8888. But just recently I noticed when switching this field value to RGBA4444 the overall file size is halved (the number in the bottom right corner). Is this better than TinyPNG or something different? Does anyone have any input on this? Does it improve performance, lower memory usage, is there a way to measure memory usage for html5 games, etc Lots of questions I know, but I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can share any and all info they know on this. Thanks in advance!
  11. THIS is really neat.
  12. I don't dev in Phaser, and I am not offering my services... but I would like to offer a big 'Awesome job!' for what you are doing. Its nice to see someone so young start so early.
  13. I don't have any experience with phaser or p2 (I am posting my own experience here), if you really want to improve performance you can do one of 2 things: 1 - keep the collisions simple, like circles only, unless you "really" need to have your bodies be the exact outline shape of your sprite 2 - reduce the number of bodies on screen
  14. I was just brainstorm a game last week that ties into this challenges theme perfectly! But the problem is trying to get it in 13kb... haha!
  15. This "might" belong in the Sponsors and Portals thread, but anyways... What is everyone's experience contacting sponsors/portals with their newly developed game(s)? Do you contact them all at once or one at a time? What if one sponsor asks for your game to be exclusive to them only for X amount of days (or forever?) and another wants it to be non-exclusive? Or if several sponsors want to keep your game exclusive for X amount of days over the same timeframe, do you tell one of the sponsors to wait their turn? What is the best approach for negotiation? Just looking for feedback on this before I send my game off to sponsors Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences