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  1. I played the web version. Nice game! Edit: you should link the version too.
  2. protection

    Hi, Thanks for the challenge I ripped the code here, https://goldenratio.github.io/tests/rip/ Trick was finding the value of `_0x4d6e` array variable. Once that is cracked everything just comes together.
  3. Screenshots looks great. Is web version available?
  4. you can use https://neocities.org/
  5. multiplayer

    @tex still doesn't work for me. Probably something to do with office firewall.
  6. multiplayer

    Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check https://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/. firebase.js:277 WebSocket connection to 'wss://project-2468059558167680354.firebaseio.com/.ws?v=5' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: 'Upgrade' header is missingrd.open @ firebase.js:277 firebase.js:277 WebSocket connection to 'wss://s-usc1c-nss-113.firebaseio.com/.ws?v=5&s=y028GxTF3kJsIRJQ9URu7nnPibYHXzyd&ns=project-2468059558167680354' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: 'Upgrade' header is missingrd.open @ firebase.js:277
  7. Goo engine is free https://github.com/GooTechnologies/goojs also https://github.com/playcanvas/engine Only web based editor/CDN has pricing.
  8. why not use web technologies for 3D? you can also publish to it web and get wider audience. You can look into Three.js, Goo engine, PlayCanvas
  9. my bad .. it works Should typecast to vec2 fg.rg = vec2(0.0);
  10. Hi, I am playing with Shaders (filters). Below is my shader code I am not able to swizzle rgba values (https://www.opengl.org/wiki/GLSL_Optimizations). Can someone help? precision mediump float; varying vec2 vTextureCoord; varying vec4 vColor; uniform sampler2D uSampler; uniform float customUniform; void main(void) { vec2 uvs = vTextureCoord.xy; vec4 fg = texture2D(uSampler, vTextureCoord); // THIS doesn't work // fg.rg = 0.0; fg.r = 0.0; fg.g = 0.0; gl_FragColor = fg; }
  11. sorry to be that person, but the game character & art style looks too similar to SpaceEscape game http://www.a10.com/action-games/spacescape (td2tl.com)
  12. Hi, I am looking for good collision detection library, any recommendations?
  13. ya, antialias is set true. It doesn't help, without making use of texture.
  14. never mind guys, I converted PIXI.Graphics to texture and added to stage as Sprite. WebGL curve line looks smooth var texture:PIXI.Texture = drawGfx.generateTexture();var lineSprite:PIXI.Sprite = new PIXI.Sprite(texture);lineSprite.cacheAsBitmap= true;this._container.addChild(lineSprite);
  15. Here is screenshot of bezier curve in both modes, http://imgur.com/Xb0sFVz My other idea was to draw curves in canvas mode and convert it to texture (dataURI) and then use it in webgl renderer, is it worth the effort?