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  1. suntemple

    PlaneAdventures - Looking feedback for my game

    This game plays nicely although it is nowhere near Flappy Bird in difficulty
  2. suntemple

    First game project finished - Riamond Rush

    I second Rich, the learning curve is really steep. I got past Level 2 but it seems like it throws too much at you at once. Also, having to lead the char with touches every cell was a little annoying. Being able to give him a remote destination would be much more convenient.
  3. suntemple


    Nice game, tested on a Samsing Tablet. I think it should be "Only 5 tries a day" instead of "Only _a_ 5 tries a day" if you care about grammar
  4. suntemple

    [js13k] Element Puzzle

    Hello fellow devs, Check the updated version out. It has 12 more levels + some more diverse gameplay mechanics: Link I also rolled it out for native stores via CocoonJS: iOS Android Cheers!
  5. suntemple

    [Completed] Red Blocked

    Tested on android tablet. Works fine but framerate is very low for some reason (maybe around 5 fps)
  6. Flawlessly made IMHO, great casual title. Played on Samsung tablet - good performance and everything.
  7. suntemple

    [Completed] Aqua Thief - Puzzle Game

    The game seems well polished already. Impressive performance for so many animations and effects. I also liked how both device orientations are supported and switched to one another smoothly.
  8. suntemple

    Safari Spot, Mobile Game

    Nice game, works flawlessly on samsung g tab 2. I thought it was too easy until doubles and triples started showing up.
  9. suntemple

    [js13k] Compact Conflict

    Really good game. To me, the way units are selected wasnt immediately obvious (played on mobile), otherwise perfect.
  10. suntemple

    [Completed] Fly Trap!

    Great creation, played smoothly on Samsung G Tab 2. I noticed a bug however - while playing for aound 5 minutes I got 2 times into a situation where play button would stop functionig. It displayed 00 hops in the background in both cases.
  11. suntemple

    [js13k] Element Puzzle

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Esp. Pete for the specifics. I placed extra tokens on some levels to make the solution less obvious. I've also made a "native" Android port using CocoonJS: If the game fares well I'll definitely add more levels.
  12. suntemple

    [js13k] Element Puzzle

    Hello fellow devs, Please check my js13k entry out: Element Puzzle. You will need to collect fire, earth, water and air tokens to change the element's form and solve some interesting puzzles. The js13k entry. You can also play the game here. I've made a short gameplay video too.
  13. suntemple

    [WIP] [Phaser] Knight&Wizard The Runaway

    Looks nice, nostalgic vga era art. But too little footage to give gameplay feedback.
  14. suntemple

    Solitaire FRVR

    I tested the game on Samsung G Tab 2 and it plays smoothly. I don't always manage to fetch the part of the stack that I need with the first try, but otherwise it's good.
  15. suntemple

    [WIP] p(ape)rball - it's apetastic!

    Tested on Android tablet, works flawlessly, although a little slow. Can't say much about gameplay - I've seen it a lot in other games, seems recognizable What engine did you use?