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  1. Okay I should have read the docs. I can use the 4th parameter of load.atlas `atlasData`. atlas(key, textureURL, atlasURL, atlasData, format)
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if has anyone has had success with loading a Phaser game that makes use of Texture Atlases in Cocoon.JS. iOS won't allow the loading of JSON files via the filesystem and I can't see a way to hard code in the JSON config for a texture atlas. Has anybody successfully worked around this limitation before? Thanks.
  3. Nick

    Phaser + React JS

    Phaser renders to Canvas and/or WebGL so I think React's DOM implementation would not be something that could be used, however React itself is not limited to DOM and there is at least 1 implementation for rendering to Canvas ( ). So perhaps it could be possible to make React bindings for Pixi, I'm really not sure Interestingly, React itself was actually inspired by Game Engines. i.e. The Game Loop where checking is performed before making the minimal amount of changes needed in the renderer is similar to how the virtualDOM idea works in React.
  4. Thanks Guys. I've shared the source on GitHub here:
  5. For anyone interested, here's how it turned out:
  6. Nick

    Assets Optimization

    I though I'd add to this thread that I've had some success using WebP images for Chrome only. I was able to cut the file size of my images drastically. Texture Packer actually allows you to export as WebP, so you can export an Atlas once as PNG for all other browsers then export again as WebP for Chrome. Then you can detect Chrome and serve the WebP version for that browser only. Because the majority of our users are Chrome based, this was a worthwhile change and it really helped with initial load times. WebP:
  7. Thanks Tom Atom. I think what I'm going to try, is to create the text on a renderTexture as you suggested and then do a 3d transform via css on it's <canvas>. I'll post an update here.
  8. I'm trying to re-create the opening scene of Star Wars in Phaser (I'm creating a Birthday invitation for my kid ), but I'm stuck on the scrolling credits style text. I can get it close by tweening the y position and scale, but the 'tilted' effect is what's missing. The desired effect is to perform a 3d transform on the text so that it is rotated from it's center along on y axis. But I'm kinda stumped as to how I can achieve this with Phaser. Any ideas much appreciated
  9. I'm still seeing slightly worse performance on 2.3.0 than in 2.0.7. I haven't been able to upgrade from 2.0.7 thus far because of that reason. I realise this information on it's own isn't much help. I'll try to get some kind of example to showcase what I'm seeing. It's mainly with particles but also tweens which become jittery. Update: I just wanted to mention that after upgrading to 2.3.1 in the dev branch I'm no longer seeing these issues This is even without setting forceSingleUpdate to true.
  10. This looks Amazing. The ability to remove un-used features is an awesome idea
  11. This looks awesome. Hoping to get some time to take a closer look at Kiwi.JS soon.
  12. I've kept my game on 2.0.3 mainly for this reason. I've tried updating to all of the releases up to 2.2 but have always reverted back to 2.0.3 after testing because I found animations to not be quite as smooth. This was most evident with particles ( the particles appear to stutter on explosion ). Unfortunately I have not had time to delve deeper into it and I didn't want to open an issue on github without any concrete examples to back it up. I'm expecting to have some time in the next week to pin-point exactly where and how the issues I was seeing were occurring which will hopefully shed some more light on this.
  13. Try loading .m4a files for iOS. Mp3 files take a long time to decode and this usually results in crashes. You can do this specifically for iOS (although I find m4a works quite well on Chrome and Safari desktop as well as Android): if(game.device.iOS) {"mySound", "mySound.m4a");} else {"mySound", "mySound.mp3");}
  14. For anyone using Phaser 2.2, the stage manager is no longer throwing a WebGL error in this version. The stage was still being drawn to the renderTexture upside down, but changing to draw the game world instead works as expected ( Thanks @valueerror for finding this previously ). I've created a pull request for the author here: If anyone wants to use my fork in the meantime, it's here:
  15. As of v2.1.3 there is now a fadeTo method: