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  1. AlexSham

    Looking to buy html5 games

    Do you buy games made with Construct 2?
  2. AlexSham

    Great free and low-cost game graphics

    Well, it is good graphics. The only thing we need is to create a game for those graphics. IMHO, first you have to find an idea for a game and only after that look for graphics.
  3. AlexSham

    [Phaser] Elevator Miner

    I think you have done a lot of work, making this game. Good graphics, new gameplay. The only problem is the loading. It loads too long! About 2 minutes in my case.
  4. AlexSham

    Header Champ! - HTML5 mobile browser game

    Pretty good game, but please make game with AI easier))
  5. AlexSham

    Car Jump: the game you were waiting for

    Woah! So huge description and so simple game)) You should write books))