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  1. Current state of the market

    That's beyond hypocritical coming from you.
  2. Current state of the market

    I think WebGL uptake has been lacking for quite a few reasons, with one of them being that the browser adoption rate isn't 100%. I haven't seen any recent data on this but even when it was 80% I still wasn't comfortable losing 1 in 5 players. That would have been almost 10,000,000 players for me. I'm only just now planning to use WebGL in a project for the first time in over 5 years of making HTML5 games. It feels like the time is right for WebGL.
  3. Current state of the market

    This thread started with a blatantly false statement that "most sponsors are closing". Then when I call out that bullshit, my sponsor list is called obsolete and my book is called clickbait (I hadn't even mentioned either of these). I worked very hard to compile both of these resources. Then I'm accused of calling people names (you're looking at the thread, tell me where). That's blatantly false too. I will always defend my reputation when I'm falsely accused of something. And you're telling me not to be offended? You may not like the tone of my posts but I'm not spreading fake news, making up bullshit, or attacking people's games, products, or reputation. When I see that type of behavior I'll respond however the hell I want.
  4. Current state of the market

    What are you even talking about? I added two sentences to my earlier post, to address the other lie you made in this thread (you brought up my list of sponsors, not me). I have not called anyone in this thread names - are you just a pathological liar or what..? Stop harassing me. I don't have time for your type of crazy.
  5. Current state of the market

    I mean, now you've just lost all credibility...
  6. Current state of the market

    It's almost like a couple dozen multi-million dollar companies can still support a small niche industry of developers who are happy with a few hundred bucks per game license. Isn't that clearly the point I have been making since my first post in this thread?
  7. Current state of the market

    Again, not what I said. In fact I said many developers have been doing well despite the limited number of sponsors. Learn to read? At least provide something of value to this thread beyond passive aggressive troll comments.
  8. Current state of the market

    Please can you name more than half a dozen active sponsors who regularly and consistently purchase non-exclusive licenses? He said "most of them are closing" and that's what I said was untrue. Don't take my comments out of context. I said myself that I agree there are too few sponsors. Not true either. 12 out of the 23 active sponsors in my List of HTML5 Game Publishers & Sponsors are rated 3 stars or better, so most (52%) are valid sponsors that developers could approach. I provide plenty of information about which publishers to avoid too, so that developers don't get into business with the wrong companies.
  9. I like your ambition, and its an interesting idea, but your advertising platform is surely not going to earn anyone more than a few dollars. revenue sucks (I used it for years, as both publisher/advertiser) and it doesn't compare to the banner advertising on sites like Kongregate. I would also outright disagree with this statement. Advertising must be the worst way to earn money from mobile HTML5 games - sponsorships and contract work are far more profitable. The amount of traffic it takes to earn a significant amount of money from advertising is extremely high (millions of impressions).
  10. Is it wrong to make html5 games focused just for web / pc?

    He said it "might find a lot of success"...not that it does. Commercially successful HTML5 desktop-only games are few and far between. Why even bother using HTML5 if you're going to ignore mobile completely? If you have a passion for making desktop games that's fine. But to have a realistic shot at making money, you need to actually fill demand and not just make whatever you want.
  11. Current state of the market

    This is simply untrue. You shouldn't spread fake information like this. Are you basing this opinion on your own inability to make sales? Because I see that a lot in threads like this. I would say there have been "too few sponsors" for years, but there are still many developers that are doing well in the market. The current state of the HTML5 games market is that there is more competition than ever, but the tech is in a great place and the future is looking bright.
  12. Is it wrong to make html5 games focused just for web / pc?

    Yes. HTML5's key selling point is that it is cross-platform and you should be taking advantage of that fact.
  13. Testers - where do I get them?

    Social media is the best option, especially Twitter where it's easy to connect with developers & fans. Example ยป
  14. HTML5 Game Portals

    This thread is from 2013. Everything above is outdated... There is a list of sponsors on the forum and I have published my own List of HTML5 Publishers & Sponsors too. Anyone looking to distribute their games would be better off using either of those resources.
  15. Music you listen while working.

    These are my favorites for long coding sessions... Artists: Bonobo Emancipator Ott Soundtracks: Mr Robot Hotline Miami The Neon Demon Ex Machina