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  1. Heya, How you finding the HTML5 market nowadays? We found at the end of the year there was a busy period, but now it seems sponsors have disapeared or going in other directions... So we're thinking about trying the Non-Exclusive route and also the Rev Sharing.. Have you had any experience with rev share style business?

    1. True Valhalla

      True Valhalla

      It's been quite a slow start to the year for me too, but it almost always is in my experience, and I planned for that. I would not recommend participating in revenue shares, as you're more likely to cost yourself and others future business and the results will often be disappointing.

    2. o0Corps0o


      Oh right, really that bad huh? Well, we've unfortunately gone down the route of rev share with cloud games to try it out for ourselves, since there are no bites on Exclusive license for the game we made at the moment... But thanks for letting me know that the start of the year is slow.. Cause at the end of last year from like April to December we made about $80000 in exclusive deals then it just died.. shame really cause I was hoping html5 was the next big thing, just not sure if sponsors are holding back for some reason, or they just see that the numbers arnt adding up..

    3. True Valhalla

      True Valhalla

      Yeah, it seems to be an annual pattern that Dec/Jan/Feb are extremely slow for business. Things should start picking up again soon. I'm glad to hear you're doing incredibly well. It's kind of surreal to go from meeting on a Twitch stream to running a successful business!

  2. @Firenibbler That's really the main issue I have - if you're going to label it as HTML5 content, at least make it thoroughly about HTML5. Otherwise you're just using HTML5 as a buzzword and that doesn't help anyone.
  3. Well, you posted this here so I assume you welcome critique & feedback. This is all super generic advice. I feel like I have read this same article a hundred times before, and I wonder if even beginners would find any actionable value from it. It's also barely HTML5-specific (see: generic). I would like to see more original/interesting ideas if I were to read the blog again.
  4. Depends on the terms of the contract. If you agreed in writing to do something specific, you should do it. But this works both ways...if the client is asking for more than what you agreed to, be assertive and tell them they either have to cut back on their demands or pay you more. They will usually cut back on demands.
  5. A polished minimalistic look was my preferred art style before I could afford to hire artists. There's so much that you can do with good shapes, colors, and effects (fl0w is a great example).
  6. This is another fake account - an attempt to censor this thread again - from Claudio. I wouldn't be so stupid to link to a Facebook profile without doing my research first. You don't work for IBM anymore. Your LinkedIn profile ties you to "Ravens Inc", the brand that Claudio originally listed as the support email for all of his stolen apps (see first post in this thread). Below is a compilation of all related ties proving this. Yes - it was a lot of effort to compile this & most people wouldn't bother. I'm sure you were counting on that as you continue to attempt to discredit me. But you stole games from the wrong developer... ZOOMABLE IMAGE HERE (PROOF) ยป
  7. I'd support this idea, although the forum already accommodates this type of discussion fairly well with its framework-specific structuring. I'd certainly follow it with interest if it's added.
  8. Unfortunately, it's 40 hours worth of flights from Australia. Hard to justify that for a conference
  9. That's certainly one of the best things about working with HTML5. Welcome everyone!
  10. Is that a site populated by a company like Famobi or with more stolen games? In either case, how about you stop trying to profit from real developers for once. If you put as much effort into actual work, as you do into stealing, maybe you'd get somewhere in life.
  11. html5

    @Jacob Sam is actually Claudio Souza Mattos, a scum-of-the-earth criminal that has been called out for stealing HTML5 games in the past: This thread connects the dots. I hope someone pursues legal action against him in the near future, as he has continued to steal our games and profit from them illegally. He didn't "make a mistake" of any kind...this was intentional abuse of developer content.
  12. Quoting Famobi: > "You have already been revealed to be the owner of Zapbooster, thusly being the person we're talking about here. Please remember, you yourself already stated earlier under your Jacob Sam account that you are waiting for money to be paid by us and even publicly posted your mail address "zapbooster@...". So no need to hide behind a fake account we know belongs to you anyway." The app being referred to (doesn't that name look familiar...) This is clear proof that you're the lying scumbag that stole our games, and continues to do so. You're a thief and a criminal.
  13. They pretend to sell your games for you, but actually just sell their own games at exorbitant prices. The so-called "market" is just a front these days and has been for years.
  14. I don't agree with this, based on the current state of the market, although I hope that as Flash fades out of existence desktop HTML5 games can start to shine. HTML5 games are overshadowed by Flash games, in terms of quality/scope/variety, and they lack key components that make Flash games commercially viable (ie. viral distribution).
  15. You can make some money, but not enough.