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  1. Cool boulderdash game, I like the silly voices when you win yeapepepepaah Was the old version for msdos or Windows? Not much info online, was it this game?

    Wait wut!? This entire series was created by one guy? Did you also do the graphics yourself? I've played a couple of them and they're pretty good as coffee break games. Cool artwork and well designed games.
  3. [Panda 2] Diamond Dasher

    Great looking game, the voice announcer and overall presentation is very professional. Though it drops you straight into the game no tutorial/instructions or options or anything. Also I think there's a minor game-play bug, sort of. When you select two gems that are too far apart it will deselect the first gem, which is correct. However, when the gem stops spinning it sometimes is in a sideways position, I mean you see it from the side and you can't see which shape it is (triangle, round etc.). I think the gems should always be front-facing, especially for colorblind players.
  4. It requires taking photos and a lot of image editing and programming, but maybe you mean something like this?
  5. Cross post I've just updated the lcdgame.js library, see github page: Mario Bros and Highway are playable only on pc and laptop, tablet/mobile support not yet available unfortunately. edit: Sea Ranger is now also playable
  6. small games

    Wow, really clever use of the CSS perspective property in Marble Labyrinth there very well made games allround
  7. Btw I just noticed that MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) have been adding lots of Game & Watch and Tiger LCD games. Although they don't look as good as the simulators, because you don't see the background image and buttons etc.
  8. I've been playing around some more and stumbled on a solution. The trick is to use 2 global variables. One to check if there is an overlap, and one to see if the switch action was already done. Then it can all be handled in the update() function. function update() { // assume no overlap frameoverlap = 0; // do arcade.overlap game.physics.arcade.overlap(mushroom, theswitch, handleCollide, null, this); // check flags after arcade.overlap if (frameoverlap == 1) { if (doswitch == 0) { doswitch = 1; // remember the switch was done doSwitch(); } } else { if (doswitch == 1) { doswitch = 0; // stepping off the switch tile } } } See updated code here
  9. I'm working on an action game where the player can touch certain switch tiles to turn other enemies off and back on. So the way it is supposed to work is like this: 1. The player overlaps a switch tile 2. Execute the switch action only once 3. Ignore further overlapping with that tile until player moves off 4. When player moves off the switch should wait for the next overlap 5. Repeat from step 1 when player overlaps again I'm using arcade physics and the overlap function and it's working.. sort of. The problem is, the overlap keeps firing over and over again. What would be the best way in Phaser to get the desired result? See screenshot below of what I mean, and I've created a sandox of my code example here:
  10. Kickin' It : with freestyle masters

    Cool game, the graphics and animation looks pretty slick. On thing though, the tutorial hints show the "A" and "D" keys, however for me only the cursor keys actually work, A and D do nothing (Windows 7 Firefox).
  11. [Phaser] Sky Kid Mini

    Wow, you've got an actual official deal with Bandai Namco? Congratulations that is awesome. Pretty cool game I like the pixel art, the controls reminds me of "Retry" by Rovio. Although I don't think the vertical layout is very optimal for this type of game. Btw why does the "enter initials" keep popping up? It doesn't remember my previous initials, and when I click "ENTER" it doesn't seem to do anything.
  12. I've finished porting my Snake Slider puzzle game using Phaser. >> Snake Slider playable demo << It's a unique sliding puzzle game. The goal is to move the green snake to the exit. You can slide any snake by dragging them by their head or tail. Use as few moves as possible to earn all three coins. There also are apples and mushrooms that will make the snakes longer or shorter, blocks to push around and locks to unlock. The game also features hand-drawn graphics and multi-language support. It's based on an older iPhone/Android game, this is the JavaScript version which is completely re-written. It's powered by Phaser and it's slightly improved compared to the older version; it has an animated tutorial hand, a visible cursor, sound effect when moving, and overall more animations (menus, buttons etc). Let me know what you think. Can you can solve all levels?
  13. Do you mean your game scales correctly, but it doesn't fill the entire screen? I mean like in the image in the attachement. If so, I think you need to set the ScaleManager to USER_SCALE and then implement the "game.scale.onSizeChange" and "game.scale.setResizeCallback". Btw also see this topic. Here is an example of resizeCallback I've used in my game to adjust for either the width or the height, based on the display window size (i.e. the browser window size or the cocoon windowsize). resizeCallback: function(manager) { console.log('resize_Update - common function'); // only adjust when really needed if (this.resize_old_width != window.innerWidth || this.resize_old_height != window.innerHeight) { console.log('resize_Update - ACTUAL RESIZE!!'); // save values for next time this.resize_old_width = window.innerWidth; this.resize_old_height = window.innerHeight; // do the actual resizing var t = window.innerHeight / window.innerWidth; if (GAME_WIDTH * t > GAME_HEIGHT) { this.scale.setGameSize(GAME_WIDTH, Math.floor(GAME_WIDTH * t)) // too tall, adjust height resolution } else { this.scale.setGameSize(Math.floor(GAME_HEIGHT / t), GAME_HEIGHT); // too wide, adjust width resolution }; }; } You also need to implement a resize event for each State/scene, to adjust and arrange the sprites, buttons etc. correctly for the new canvas size.
  14. Schubi gravity action and skill game

    Interesting game concept, but the levels start out way too hard. It's not good game design to make the first levels this difficult. I think in the very first level, the trucks should be at the bottom so the player can simply drop cargo straight down. This is just so players understand the goal of the game and get used to the controls. Also, the cargo should instantly reload IMHO, sometimes you are just waiting for the green ball to re-appear.
  15. You mean the game images at the top of the frontpage of the forum? Those game screenshots are collected automatically from posts in the Game Showcase subforum. The first image that is attached to an openingpost (the first post in a thread) of that forum will show up on the front page, with a link to that forumpost.
  16. What is the best way to record/screencast a video of your html5 game? I'm trying out some stuff so I can upload something to YouTube or Vimeo, here is what I've found useful so far. OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is a fully fledged suite for typical game-streaming stuff, there's a pretty advanced scene builder to arrange game + webcam + chatfeed etc. But it can also simply record a browser window to file as FLV/AVI/MP4. It works great with FireFox, although it seems a little resource intensive. ShotCut can do some simple video editing and the final rendering. It's pretty intuitive and it can do transitions, text/png overlays and even green-screen effects, but no fancy animated titles or sliding an image intro frame AFAIK. Btw I haven't tried Story Remix yet, which is Microsoft's replacement for Windows Movie Maker Has anyone else got any experience with recording their JavaScript game, for a promotional video or something like that?
  17. Thanks, the snake going on was intentional, I thought the "woohoo!" and then "smash!" sounds were kind of funny. I'm thinking of maybe doing a sequel where you have to go through an exit to complete each stage, that is probably a more logical way to end a level. Coincidentally I just uploaded a new version with some minor bugfixes, added an easter egg and added the Phaser logo to credits screen. Btw it ran fine on my pc but on the Kongregate website it runs too slow for some reason. Really weird, when you hold the mouse button down and move it around in the game area then it runs at the correct speed, but when mouse button not pressed or moving it runs really slow. Edit: Never mind it's fixed now, was probably some caching problem or something.
  18. Impossible Snake is a game I've been working on (see posts here and here) and it's now available on the Android playstore. Impossible Snake on Android Store: Impossible Snake on kongregate - Impossible Snake on newgrounds - It is a one-button game, meaning that you control the snake with only single taps on the screen. Every time you tap the snake will toggle between turning clockwise and counter-clockwise. Eat all apples to complete a level, the last three levels are almost impossible.. almost. There is also a VS multiplayer mode, where 2 players can compete on the same device. Player one taps on the top half and player two taps on the bottom half to control their snake. Eat the most apples to win.
  19. A Sliding Thing

    Level 33 = up, left, down, right, down, left up right, left, up, left, down, right, up, down, left, down, left, up, right, down, up (no spoiler tags on this forum) I'm stuck on level 34 and level 37, they are pretty hard. Also I prefer if the level select screen just shows there are 40 levels in total, instead of adding more and more as you go along.
  20. I tried the tactic in my new game Impossible Snake, it had "Give a rating to unlock skins" button on the main menu. But the app got suspended fairly quickly, like within hours. Maybe this was because the button is right there visible on the very first screen, but anyway it seems like Google is monitoring this more closely now. I reuploaded using a different package name, the ratings button is removed but the extra snakecolors are still in there, now they are unlocked when you finish the game.
  21. Just found this app, has anyone else seen this one? It's a single app that gives access to loads of html5 games. Bored Button app by Gabble Studios is basically a webgame portal, except in the form of an app. There's a red button in the bottom right corner, the player can press this button and the app start a random game. Play the game for a while (or a couple of seconds?) and press the red button to move onto the next random game. Bored Button - Android app / iPhone app I've tried it and clicked through some of the games and found the following games in there: Aqua Thief Glitch Buster Sticky Goo Rope Ninja Pebble Boy 4 Colors Halloween Shooter Panda Love + many unnamed unblock, match3 and sokoban clones Each game has a "Bored Button Games" loading screen, so I assume Gabble Studio made deals with each of the original game developers. But still, to be honest as a developer it's a little discouraging seeing dozens of html5 games bunched together like that. I mean, does the player even care for these games? Do the developers (other than Gabble Studios) make any money off of this? Doesn't this devaluated the market? Or is it rather a reflection of the current state of the market? Any thoughts on this?
  22. Looks cool but a couple of things though.. Hard to play when you're colorblind Could use a cursor to indicate you can only move blocks sideways (at first I thought it was like Bejeweled) If you score a 5-row you should get a bomb or something like that, like in Bejeweled. If you don't login with Facebook, can you at least have the highscore name be three initials or something?
  23. I downloaded your Top Shootout game for Android and it runs surprisingly smooth on Galaxy A5. Is it developed with three.js I assume? How did you package it as a native app and get it to run so smoothly? One tip I have for releasing games in app stores, is that you should incentivise your players to leave an app rating, by unlocking a little extra that is a nice-to-have but not necessary to the game. So have a button "rate this game to unlock the special hat" or bonus level or whatever. This will usually result in more ratings, which will boost your app in the app store lists, search results etc. Technically, you can not check if the user actually leaves a rating but I have found that it is enough to have a button that simply links to the app store, and just assume they will leave a rating if they press that button. For itunes the URL should be something like "itms://" and for Android it is "market://details?id=com.mycompany.myapp" or something like that. You can subliminally suggest a good rating by displaying 5 stars on the button
  24. Pymp - A colorful, fast-paced arcade game

    Cool game, but really difficult. Clever use of the 2D graphics elements too, the pseudo-3D style looks smooth.
  25. [Phaser] Power The Blocks

    Wow, solid game, I really like it. It reminds me of Cut It in that it's a simple idea but very well executed. Nice clean graphics, sounds and menus. Only minor point is that the puzzle do get a bit repetitive. Part of that is caused by having too many blocks in a level I think. Because then you can just move the blocks around until you stumble on a solution. These kinds puzzles games work best if you remove all but the bare essentials, so have the fewest possible blocks on screen and still have a challenging puzzle, and maybe even solvable in more than one ways (easier said than done I know). So IMHO ideally each level should have a 'clear idea' behind it. I mean for example level 3 is good example of this or level 16. However level 14 is not as good, because it just looks like a lot of blocks are jumbled on the screen and it's solvable without using 3 of "plungers" blocks. Same for level 17, which is solvable without using the fixed block. And also a minor point, at the end of the game a "reset level" button would be nice. For when you want to restart the same level if you didn't get all the stars.