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  1. The game was just released on coolmath-games
  2. A while back I've been working on some LCD game simulators using HTML5/JavaScript. You can play some of them in your browser including an online higscores, see topic here. I was wondering, are there are there any Game & Watch collectors here? Specifically, I'm looking for some high resolution photos because I'd like to add some more games. So if anyone can help out, I'd realy appreciate it. It's an opensource hobby project and it's just for the fun of it and for preservation of these old games. For example "Flagman" would be cool because it's such a rare device now.
  3. Just a small update, I've updated the highscore list feature with previous and next buttons. Meaning that you can now scroll through all highscores instead of just viewing the top 10.
  4. Nice graphics, but I think there is a typo. "Tab to start" should be "Tap to start". Same goes for instructions text "Tab them to make them fly".
  5. Pretty funny game. Also, the dancer animation looks really cool, how did you create those sprites?
  6. Pretty cool game only the death-screen-shake is a little late. When you die it first plays the death-animation and then the screen shakes.
  7. Btw there is an easter egg in both Imposssible Snake and Imposssible Snake 2, if you play it today (Oct 31st) the apples are replaced with Halloween themed pumpkins There are a few more "easter eggs" (hint hint) like this. Spoiler: Easter eggs on Easter day, Green apples on StPatricks Day and little cakes on my birthday May 27th
  8. I've worked with graphics designers before (example on this game) and I really want to do that again. The resulting game is always much better looking no doubt about that. However, the budget for these webgames is small, so it's not always feasable. When I made the first Impossible Snake game I knew I had to do the graphics myself, so I intentionally kept it simple; no fancy cut-scene intro or elaborate sprite animations etc.
  9. Looking at the highscore lists it seems players are really enjoying some of these games, which is nice to see Recently there are 2 more playable games added, Jungle Kong and Eagle n Chicken
  10. Contacting Youtubers asking if they want to review your game is a very good idea. In general, getting people to know about your game is very much underestimated by indie devs. I've been following the Game Dev Underground channel and he has some important things to say about this, I can recommend watching a few of his videos. How easy is it? Well, it requires some effort obviously. The big Youtubers like Pewdiepie or Markiplier get loads of requests, I assume a lot of commercial PR stuff too, so that's probably unlikely. But there's not harm in trying, although I've got no clue on how to effectively contact them.. You'll probably have more luck trying to contact someone like BeyondTheBrickTV. Also, I've found that posting about it on Reddit also helps a lot. You could try on the WebGames subreddit or there's also a LEGO subreddit.
  11. Wow, that is a very cool looking game. The 8bit style graphics works well with the LEGO blocks and figures. Back in the day I just loved the Space LEGO, as a kid I had a couple of space crafts and the space station, I think the one in the background of your game with the rocket taking off. Btw did you use Phaser or another library for this?
  12. Pretty impressive that it randomly generates the mazes, and the music is cool as well. it's cool but I found it a bit too disorienting, although I guess that's kind of the point. The walls are blue/red for facing north/south or east/west, but have you tried using 4 colors for the walls? So for example east walls green, west walls yellow, north walls red, south walls blue or something like that? Or maybe have the floor gradually fade darker as you get further down (vertically) in the maze. I wonder if it's a little easier to navigate then.
  13. Nice game, the graphics, sounds and music are all very well presented, and the arcade physics feel exactly right here. Only this I would change are the levels, there are too many levels plus it's way too easy imho. Is it even possible to die or to get a game-over? There are 160 levels, but very little variety in enemies and no power-ups. I skipped to the last 3 levels (edit the localStorage ) and even those are just very easy.
  14. I've recently been working on improving the library, it now has better browser compatibility so it should work on any browser and any device, including mobile and tables. But more importantly, I've added 2 new playable games: Donkey Kong II and Tom's Adventure. Enjoy
  15. I've created some gameplay videos, showing how you can to solve the levels
  16. Great game all around, and I like how the title and gameplay goal is just so wholesome Nice to see a game that goes against the trend of combat centered games. Only minor thing I would change is the "end-hug", the animation can be a bit bigger, or magnified or just better visible in some way.
  17. There's quite a long loading time the first time, isn't it possible to break it up and load assets per scene as needed? Interactive fiction isn't my type of game but I do really like the graphics style here, was it inspired by "Hotel Dusk: Room 215"?
  18. For a game idea I was wondering, what is the best way to do a searchlight effect? So I mean the entire screen is darkened, except for a few circles of light that move across the screen. Ideally the light circles could move independently from each other, so one moving up and another moving to the left. I understand that you can make the screen darker by adding a black Graphic rectangle over the entire screen, and then setting its Alpha to 0.5, but there need to be moving holes in it so to speak. See the video below for a scene from the Amiga game "Hostages", that is kind of the effect what I mean. Any ideas on how to go about this?
  19. I'm working on a Phaser3 game with a group of sprites, and I want to sort all the sprites based on the data values. So I tried the code below. this.bubbles =; for (var i = 0; i < 16; i++) { // add random bubble var b = Phaser.Math.RND.between(1, 8); newbub = this.bubbles.create(0, 0, 'sprites', 'bubble'+b); // store color in data newbub.setData("color", b); } this.bubbles.sort("data.values.color"); // TypeError: this.bubbles.sort is not a function But the .sort() gives this error: It seems the Phaser.Group doesn't have a .sort() function, is that correct? I'm looking at the docs here.
  20. Thanks yes that was the problem. The "pack:{files[] }" array has to be passed into the constructor.
  21. I'm also struggling with this payload concept. Looking at this example it seems to me that the "pack" property could be used to load assets before the .preload() function is called. So this would be ideal for loading the images for a loading bar or a "please wait while loading" image. However, when I try it like in the code below the image "nowloading.png" is not loaded. I mean when I try to display it in the .preload() function it just shows the green missing-graphic square. EDIT: Fixed the code below to work, the "pack:{files[]}" part has to be passed into the constructor. var Preloader = new Phaser.Class({ Extends: Phaser.Scene, initialize: function Preloader () {, { key: 'preloader', pack: { files: [ { type: 'image', key: 'nowloading', url: 'img/nowloading.png' } ] } }); }, preload: function () { // nowloading image is available in preload :) so like a pre-preloaded image this.add.sprite(400, 300, "nowloading"); // load all assets'coin', ['snd/coin.mp3', 'snd/coin.ogg']);'bomb', ['snd/expl.mp3', 'snd/expl.ogg']); //etc. }, create: function () { // start the game this.scene.start('mainmenu'); } }); // ..etc. var config = { type: Phaser.AUTO, width: 800, height: 600, backgroundColor: '#006060', parent: 'phaser-example' scene: [ Preloader, MainMenu, TutorScene, GameScene ] }; var game = new Phaser.Game(config);
  22. I've created a Phaser3 game template example, it's available on GitHub here: GitHub: Play demo: Phaser3 example game This is a Phaser v3 example game template, it's intended to show the structure of a typical Phaser3 game and using some of the key features of Phaser. It shows how to use separate scenes, a simple but effective loading bar, sprite atlas loading, sprite animation, buttons similar to Phaser v2 and more. It's a bare minimum game, a starting point of sorts. I hope it's useful for someone just starting out with Phaser development. Have fun with it let me know if you have any improvements. (Btw the only thing still missing is scaling or a scale manager, I'll add that at a later time)
  23. I'm working on a Phaser3 game with mulitple scenes, a mainmenu, a instructions scene and a maingame scene for the actual game. During the game I need an animation, so in the preload of the gamescene I do this preload: function () { // create coin animation this.anims.create({ key: 'cointurn', frames: [ { key: 'sprites', frame: 'coin1' }, { key: 'sprites', frame: 'coin2' }, { key: 'sprites', frame: 'coin3' }, { key: 'sprites', frame: 'coin4' }, { key: 'sprites', frame: 'coin5' }, { key: 'sprites', frame: 'coin6' }, { key: 'sprites', frame: 'coin7' }, { key: 'sprites', frame: 'coin8' } ], frameRate: 15, repeat: -1 // endless }); }, Ok this all works fine and the animation shows. Then, when the game is over it goes back to the menuscene to allow player to select another level, and then start the gamescene again to play another level. However, when I restart the gamescene again I get this warning; Evidently the preload of the gamescene is fired again, and everything loaded and created in that .preload() method is done again. So my question is: Where or when should I add the animations that only have to create once? So animations (and maybe other things?) that will be used throughout the entire session of the game.
  24. Thanks @NoxBrutalis I was focusing to much on the .createMultiple() method. Simply creating the coins in a loop and then adding them to the group worked for me this.gameitems =; for (var i = 0; i < 20; i++) { var x = Phaser.Math.RND.between(0, 800); var y = Phaser.Math.RND.between(0, 600); var newobj = this.gameitems.create(x, y, 'sprites', 'coin1'); } Btw is there a way to get the width and height values (800 and 600) from the current scene or game instead of using hardcoded numbers for the RND function?