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  1. Blow Me, Baby

    Wohaoo that's super nice!!!!! I really like it.
  2. How to move picked vertices from mesh?

    I also remember @RaananW playing with shaders long time ago : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#19NUUR http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#19NUUR#1
  3. [SOLVED] Extend mesh's pick action area

    Hmm, neat idea ! Thanks !
  4. Hello, I think I've seen one day, somewhere, a post indicating that the area used for an object to catch BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickTrigger action can be widened (we can click a little outside the mesh) but I can't find this info anymore. Am I completly dreaming or this option really exists ?
  5. New Playground features

    Hmm, sometimes, we are just creating "trashable" playgrounds to test some things. Not really valuable, those PG fill the search engine with rubbish. When saving, in the name/description panel, we could add a button "do not indexed for search engine". Those PG would not need any name/desc, and should not be indexed, to avoid thousands of useless playground to appear in the search results. What do you think ?
  6. How to dump render target in new inspector

    Oh I know that, I thought you were talking about a "brand new" inspector (a third one, which is not necessary at all, the current one is doing great stuff, you're doing an awesome job on it @Temechon, thanks !)
  7. How to dump render target in new inspector

    Nice !! Thanks a lot. A new inspector is planned?
  8. How to dump render target in new inspector

    If I remember well I already tried this, but it dumps the current view, and not the actual renderTarget image.
  9. Hi team!! I sometimes miss the old debug layer. For instance, I can't find a way in the new inspector to inspect rendertargets. In the "textures" section, I can see the list of my renderTarget textures, but if I click on the blue link, I get an "undefined camera" error. TypeError: camera is undefined babylon.max.js:7754:17 Engine.prototype.getAspectRatio babylon.3.0.max.js:7754:17 Tools.CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget babylon.3.0.max.js:5820:45 INSPECTOR</n.prototype.displayDetails babylon.3.0.max.js:409:9403 INSPECTOR</n.prototype.select babylon.inspector.bundle.js:409:9712 INSPECTOR</n.prototype._addEvent/< babylon.inspector.bundle.js:410:12904 In inspector / TextureTabs.ts, this is the line : BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget(this._inspector.scene.getEngine(), texture.activeCamera, { precision: 1 }, (data) => img.src = data); Don't know why activeCamera is undefined for that texture. I can tell you it is a probe's cubeTexture, and the probe has its refresh rate to 0, if that could be usefull info.
  10. html+webgl

    It works in Chrome but not in Firefox on my Windows 10 EDIT : Only the latest link http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WADD47#1 doesn't work in Firefox, this one http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WADD47 works fine for instance.
  11. Detect Intersection of Submesh

    Wingnut, always here for those who get no answer. Tireless knight, defending the (code's) widow and orphan, forever
  12. ArcRotateCamera onCollide event

    @RaananW In your latest collision code, when collision with camera is detected, the camera will reposition itself to a new position (a mix between previous position and constraints). But if someone wants to let the camera go through objects and just receive a notification (as ragingclaw), is it possible? EDIT: This question could be linked to
  13. BabylonJS Mansion in WebVR

    Ouuuh, scary!
  14. And don't forget the real purpose of a rendering engine: doing evil tasks behind the scene, for the sake of the user. A process pushed GPU side is, for most users, a garanty that it is optimised and do not require too much hard work to be used. That's valuable. Of course, it also means more difficult to understand and adapt if needed, but it is specific cases, not usual usage.
  15. Thank you @adam . I added img.crossOrigin = "Anonymous" to the images I load in the DynamicTexture and now it's OK !