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  1. Too many cooks
  2. Excellent!! That's a perfect serious game to educate people on fires.
  3. OK, PR is on its way (under yuccai's git account). Sorry for not being "step by step", there are in fact three new events in this PR : POINTERTAP (the equivalent of ActionManager.onPointerPick, but at scene level) POINTERDOUBLETAP (to catch double click, at scene level) onDoublePickTrigger (ActionManager event to catch a double click on a mesh) Of course implementation is open for discussion in the github pull request.
  4. I also once had this error many month ago, but, saddly, I absolutly don't remember how I solved it... sorry. It was server side, I think (mime types?).
  5. Excellent!!
  6. That's an interesting idea, but clearly too specific for being added in BJS. It's rather up to the user to create such a mecanism, based on the events layer BJS provides.
  7. The main purpose of POINTERTAP is to provide a way to get a click event only on real click and not on press-and-move-while-pressed.
  8. And in any case, POINTERDOWN observer will always be raised immediatly on any click.
  9. Double click will be raised immediatly when touched the second time. It's the single click which will be delayed, in "exclusive double click" mode only.
  10. POINTERTAP will be implemented the same way as ActionManager OnPickTrigger. POINTERDOUBLETAP will be implemented by checking time between previous click and current click, if lower than particular delay, it is a double click. At first click, a click is raised, at second click, the time is checked, and a click or a double-click is then raised. If exclusive double click mode is set (not set by default), every click will wait for this specific delay before raising (to determine if single or double).
  11. Hey JCP, what exactly are all the values we can pass to format parameter?
  12. There is also a smart tip in GitHub to manage issues and commits: by adding the #id of the issue in the commit message, both are automatically linked in GitHub. Very usefull when bugs are managed with GitHub issues.
  13. @Deltakosh I have some questions relative to the implementation of the new custom Observers. ¤ My concern is about the fracking names of the new events, mostly because click is for a mouse and tap is for touch... and I don't know what to choose to express both. I remember having the same question when working on ActionManager, but that was solved by distinguishing pick and down. But for Observers I can't use pick, since pick tells us that a mesh is picked, but in Observers there is nothing to pick, we are at scene level... POINTERDOWN already exists and is ok. The new event should be a POINTERCLICK / POINTERTAP, whatever the name it must explicitly tell that we are talking about a single click (with no following drag). Do you have a name suggestion? CLICK, POINTERCLICK, POINTERTAP, POINTERSCHTROUMPF, POINTERPICKINGOFNOOBJECTBUTITSASIF, going crazy, I need a hand...knowing that I also will have a double click event...) ¤ For the double-click event, should the simple click also be raised when double-click happens? I had a look at usual usage, and it tends to be that way (double raises a single first), It is, then, up to the user to handle that the way he wants (for instance waiting for double-click delay before doing something with simple click). But I think it would be more interesting for BJS to provide users a nicer event manager, where they can choose if they want, or not, to raise a previous simple click on double-click listening. For this we can implement a kind of "exclusive" double-click. When activated we do not raise single click on double-click event (and the user do not have to manage that himself), but that also means in this mode every single click is trigged with a delay (waiting to be sure this is really a single and not a double). Do you think this could be interesting? If yes, we have two possibilities: 1. we implement an other event mask (EXCLUSIVEDOUBLECLICK?, EXCLUSIVEDOUBLESCHTROUMPF?) 2. we add a flag somewhere (exclusiveDoubleClickMode, false by default, but where to add it?, in Observers, in Scene...) Which one do you prefer?
  14. Just a thought: current BJS version has the new inspector, which change the canvas styling to allow positionning on the right. Are you using the debug layer ? This may change your page layout, which may lead to pick with wrong coordinates...
  15. Yep, I know the price, and in fact I was creating a PG ( http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KA93U#212 ) when I saw your fix. And that's ok now! That PG became useless even before being finished Many thanks!