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  1. A better drummer can give you many good breaks, if you need some Always funny to put faces to forum peoples.
  2. Vousk-prod.

    SPS Solid Particle Pivot

    Excellent, we'll soon be able to render a whole galaxy!
  3. Vousk-prod.

    How to properly dispose PolygonMeshBuilder

    since I need to change everything in it I think it is easier and better choice to create a new builder each time
  4. Vousk-prod.

    How to properly dispose PolygonMeshBuilder

    Hmm, I also need to remove previous holes already added...
  5. Vousk-prod.

    How to properly dispose PolygonMeshBuilder

    Also about the resulting built mesh's name ? I can't specifiy different name for different meshes built with one single builder... (except by changing private var _name of the builder)
  6. Vousk-prod.

    How to properly dispose PolygonMeshBuilder

    Unfortunatly I don't know how to use the memory profiler to track such a specific element (I'm using FF Developper, and for those particular debugging aspect the doc is crapy, is there a good tool and doc for this profiling stuff in Edge ?). I'd like to keep my builder alive, but there is no setter to update the path (contours var of the constructor). I could manually empty points and _outlinePoints and _points and "toe points" and set all of them again, but it would be a hack I'm not sure if clean enough to work in any case, and it's then almost the same as creating a brand new builder...
  7. Vousk-prod.

    How to properly dispose PolygonMeshBuilder

    I know there is no dispose for this class, that's why I posted my question. Once finished, my function leaves its scope, but this function is called often and create a new PolygonMeshBuilder each time. I supposed gc cleans them but was not sure. I will assign undefined at the end for safety. Anyway how can I check if an object stay in memory ?
  8. Hi, Is there a clean way to dispose a PolygonMeshBuilder used in a function or it is not usefull to do so because gc will do it for us when function is terminated?
  9. Vousk-prod.

    New depth pre pass rendering

    Awesome. Just awesome !!!!
  10. Vousk-prod.

    Blow Me, Baby

    Wohaoo that's super nice!!!!! I really like it.
  11. Vousk-prod.

    How to move picked vertices from mesh?

    I also remember @RaananW playing with shaders long time ago : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#19NUUR http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#19NUUR#1
  12. Vousk-prod.

    [SOLVED] Extend mesh's pick action area

    Hmm, neat idea ! Thanks !
  13. Hello, I think I've seen one day, somewhere, a post indicating that the area used for an object to catch BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickTrigger action can be widened (we can click a little outside the mesh) but I can't find this info anymore. Am I completly dreaming or this option really exists ?