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  1. quick question about y8 - Do you add games from gamedistribution.com ?
  2. urg that sounds bad. the integration with bots as push notification systems is what makes it work. where have you read that ?
  3. Birdy Drop is a cute little arcade game I have had lying around for a while and finally got around to finishing. the concept is simple - Help the little birds land in the right nests and se how many you can land before you fail. I have some plans for a mission system with som vanity unlocks but for now it is as is enjoy Play Birdy Drop
  4. AH thanks for pointing that out
  5. Thanks for the mails everybody - I have found the help I needed.
  6. Hello guys I’m currently looking for an artist to do some art assets and animations for my little upcoming game. The job is quite small - roughly 30 sprites and 3 animations – will provide full worklist – the visual style I’m going for is cute and cartoony - as for format I would prefer vector art or anything else that would let me resize and change sprites easily Send me a mail: simon(at)papio.nu or pm if you are interested and we can discuss the project and price further. - ohh and please include link to your portfolio or other previous work I will try to get back to you asap. Have a great day
  7. hey - I think you have posted the wrong link - it seems to point to your publisher account
  8. Ohoy good people So, I started making a new game a few days ago, and so far i sort of have a simple fun game play.... you jump around planets collecting coins and try avoid suffocating in the cold empty space (in short) - thats all very well... The problem is I can't decide which direction to take the actual game progression and that's where you guys come in. So far i see two approaches, 1: make it a level divided action/puzzler where you have to find you way across the galaxy from point A to B ... perhaps with the need to collect certain items on the way. 2: the infamous endless runner approach.... procedurally create planets, hazzards and so on - trying to visit as many planets as possible before inevitable ending up in cold oxygen depraved grave. what would you prefer??? any brilliant ideas are more than welcome game is playable on both mobile and desktop tap to jump ... tap som more for endless double jump tap( jump) + swipe to dash in swipe direction run out of 02 and die (just refresh page to go again) uhh and her's a link - > http://www.papio.nu/games/Gravity
  9. Hello guys I've just released my first game, Bubbles - Pop and Match, on google play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nu.papio.bubbles Basically it's a simple matching game where you tap and drag lines between matching bubbles to create long chains. release to pop the bubbles and earn points. the longer chains you create the better the score plus you might earn different bonus bubbles. You need to be quick on you fingers though because if a bubble of a different colour overlap you chain before it's popped you'll start to lose energy. The game has been finished for a while and I've spent some time trying to sell licences for it to different publishers, with out much luck anyhow I had some extra time on my hand and decided I might aswell try to wrap it up and push to google play. also to get a feel for how intel xdk works. give it a spin and let me know what you think - of course any reviews or rating is greately appreciated
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    Looking for new game to license

    Hi there Sent you a mail
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    NEW Mobile HTML5 Game – Pixel Slime

    my god - this is pure evil! - good job
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    Universal connector for HTML5 games

    I think it's a great idea - especially for us developers - but I think it's very doubtful that sponsors would embrace it - they already have their own systems up and it doesn't seem like they have any problems getting more than enough new content for their sites despite this. FGL are currently trying to do somewhat the same with their new html5 game shop .. a universal API that supports most of the necessary stuff like leaderboards, branding and so forth plus a one stop shop solution for finding and testing games .. and as far as I can tell it has not at all gained the attention or amount of sales that they expected/hoped for...
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    Breaking Down Successful Games' Designs [PWN UX]

    really cool project guys - i love stuff like this.. i think how ever that your write up on diamon digger saga kind of misses the ball a little bit... like you say in the conclusion .. the game (like other king games) are in no way revolutionary (not in gameplay structure or monetization) but still its is really succesfull both in terms of playability and earning actual money.. I think we can agree that kings highly succefull games are an absolute joy to play (at least i think so).. but when you break down the game to it's single systematic components it is really really hard to understand why. in short a simple analysis of structure and gameplay element doesn't really cut it. when I design and analyse games i tend to take a road like this -> http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/MichailKatkoff/20131024/203142/MidCore_Success_Part_1_Core_Loops.php so instead of looking at the game components and guessing about their relevanse for the player you are more looking at the users journey through the system, paying attentien to the timing of things (how long does it take to complete a level - does this time increase when you get further along in levels ) when and how does social integration become relevant for the player and how do the utilize it - is it for bragging rights or begging for more lives like in candy crunsh ... and also the same thing for the monetization strategy - when and how does this become relevant in the overall time & structure of gameplay.. as always the devil (succes) hides in the details anyhow thats just some thoughts about the subject - thanks again for a cool initiative
  14. really good point Chg... yeah my assumption was that serving the most adds without being spammy was the best idea. In y experience that would be the best strategy in a game on google play / appstore , as far as my experiences (and what i heard from others) video adds like the vungle service might pay more pr view but in the long run it just doesn't add up to mass posting static adds... but then this is mainly a issue if you are self sponsoring..
  15. Hi fellow dens I'm in the process of trying to sell my newest game: http://www.papio.nu/games/bubbles - and mainly I’m going for the non exclusive licensensing model and it got me thinking about the correlation between game design/ gameplay structure and its appeal to publishers.. I'm not refering to wheter or not the game is fun or nice looking but in it's ability to for instance serve adds. for instance my game: bubbles.. it has a flowing progression through levels (tetris style) and thus gameplay sessions tend to be pretty long .. that’s all well and good for retention rates, but limits the possibilities to serve adds – it only seems unintrusive if they are served on startup and gameover… Games structured like flappybird / swingcopter have the obvious ability to serve maaany more adds without crippling the gameplay.. So if the publishers buying our games are mainly monetizing our games via adds (correct me if I’m wrong) does that mean that the games ability to serve a lot of adds become a big parameter they look for when buying games ? In my opinion that would be a quite shortsighted strategy (and as far as I can see on the different portals - it’s not the case) .. but then what ? It seems to be a winning strategy to design and structure games so they initially seems to be really big - for instance include a candy crush like level structure/screen that indicates a huge amount of content – and then try to stretch you gameplay as much as possible. Do you guys have any thoughts on this ? or am I ( as it often is) over thinking this aspect of making you game desirable to publishers ?
  16. I'm i no way disagreeing with you .. though i think I would place device support as nr 1 - if the game doesn't "work" its not really desirable the things im describing would properly be listed as nr 6 or 7 on a list like that . but to sum up what you say: forget about add placement for sponsered games and design for retaining users using what ever strategy to ensure that ..
  17. Thanks for the feedback Happy you like it. Music and bubble popping sounds are included now - I had a lot of problems getting the sound to work on the safari browser - Apparantly the offline caching of sounds made the game unable to load :/ @Robske you have some good suggestions, but i found that adding even more types of bubbles made the game extreemely difficult in the later stages so i decided against it.. I really wanted to make some sort of Boss-bubbel though .. mabye one that keeps changing colour or something like that. as for the time limits - i tried implementing somthing almost like your suggestion but it kinda of changed the play experience into something more hectic which I was trying to avoid.. but I'm thinking about making a new more hardcore survival play mode - which would play very much like your ideas.
  18. Hello everyone Just wanted to show you my newest game: Bubbles - Pop & Match (for mobile / tablet) The game is kind of a match 3/ arcade / zen game where you create and pop long chains of similar coloured bubbles to advance in stages and earn a highscore. You lose "energy" if your bubblechains overlap bubbles with a different colour. Give it a try and let me know what you think (be gentle ) http://www.papio.nu/games/bubbles I'm currently looking for sponsors or the likes for the game so if any one has an intrest in it send me a PM.. I might also end up wrapping it and putting it on google play and appstore but haven't really decided yet.
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    Art, game design and construct 2 tutorials

    Good stuff - I like your UI tutorial, it's something i hate doing (especially menus) and I got a f ew good ideas that'l make life easier UI-wise
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    Great free and low-cost game graphics

    vampire banker !!!
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    Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter

    looks solid! subscribed
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    AddictingGames seeks Flambe Haxe developers

    ok - so they accept html5 games - guessing it's aimed at mobile/tablet right? how come you had to go about flash for the branding part ? it's not some kind of as3 api freaky thing i hope?? Uhh and I have to mention that your Zombies Can't jump game absolutely rock!!!
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    AddictingGames seeks Flambe Haxe developers

    not to hijack the thread.. but has any one sold/licenced html5 mobile games to addictinggames or are they still only about flash games???
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    Hi everybody - Greetings from Denmark! My name is Simon and I've been doing games (mainly gamedesign, QA & marketing) for about 5 years now. primarily PC/mac games but also a Nintendo DS game and a few mobile games. I've only recently started with html5 games and so far i'm having a blast prototyping various ideas... I'm very happy to have found this forum - it's always a pleasure to chat with talented and helpful people .. so thanks..
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    Poll - how old are html5 devs

    33 old years ...