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  1. It is possible do vibrate a gamepad?

    Hello everyone! Is there any way to send a signal to gamepad to make it vibrate? A greeting!
  2. Game list of phaser games

    Hello gamers.I present Egypt Adventure. It has been developed with Phaser 2.0.5 and packaged with node-webkit. It can be downloaded for free from the official website. Available for Windows and OSX. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. Spanish meetup of Phaser

    @totallybueno espero que la disfrutes!
  4. Spanish meetup of Phaser

    Hello everyone. Last monday there was a meetup in Madrid about an introduction to phaser and how develop videogames with it. The talk is in Spanish. The Spanish people in the community will enjoy with the video. Here is the material used during the talk. Spanish comunity: Video by Alejandro Arroyo Duque: github: Slides: Online Demo: A greeting! Espero que os guste
  5. Hello developers! I use version 2.1.2 and I have a Phaser problem pixi incidence of for some time. When a sprite plays an animation and tinting is applied, the frame of the sprite is locked. Is there any way to fix the problem?
  6. [2.1.1] Problems with tint and animation again

    Eternal issue in pixi
  7. The audio does not play with node-webkit

    Thanks @lewster32 Works perfectly with .ogg audios!
  8. The audio does not play with node-webkit

    Hi! I have a game made with phaser, I've packaged with node-webkit. The game works fine except for the audio. The game in node-webkit does not play any track. I've done testing on windows. The audios are in mp3 format. Any idea? Greetings
  9. The gamepad buttons do not respond with the game on pause

    Hello. That idea has been good But I tried with the gamepad API, sometimes detected the gamepad and sometimes not ... window.addEventListener("gamepadconnected", function(e) { console.log("Gamepad connected at index %d: %s. %d buttons, %d axes.", e.gamepad.index,, e.gamepad.buttons.length, e.gamepad.axes.length); });
  10. The gamepad buttons do not respond with the game on pause

    I use the example that you mentioned @valueerror. The problem is that it does not work with the button assigned to gamepad. Keyboard works perfectly. Is possible unpause game with a gamepad button? this.pad1 =;; this.actionControls = { 'pauseButton':, // ENTER 'pausePad': this.input.gamepad.pad1.getButton(Phaser.Gamepad.BUTTON_6) }; this.actionControls.pauseButton.onDown.add(utils.pauseMenu, this); this.actionControls.pausePad.onDown.add(utils.pauseMenu, this); utils.pauseMenu = function () { = !; }
  11. Hi! In my game you can play with a keyboard and a gamepad. With keyboard I can pause the game and execute other actions, for example can I unpause the game. However with the gamepad the player can pause the game but can not execute actions buttons gamepad with the game on pause. //pause this.actionControls.pauseKey.onDown.add(utils.pauseMenu, this); this.actionControls.pausePad.onDown.add(utils.pauseMenu, this); //utils.pauseMenu unpause the game if the game on pause Any help? A greeting!
  12. [2.1.1] Problems with tint and animation again

    Ok, thanks Rich!
  13. Hi! This issue is closed.: Now when a sprite is tinted animation plays constantly and does not change until it stops be tinted. For example if my sprite has an animation when it is ducking and is tinted sprite when is standing, the animation does not change. Greeting.
  14. P2-When the player touches a wal over the side it gets stuck

    Thanks @valueerror When I have some time I will adapt my maps and try your method.
  15. P2-When the player touches a wal over the side it gets stuck

    Thanks @valueerror. You have an example to apply what you comment? I do not understand exactly how to implement it. Regards.