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  1. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Mafia Pool Tricks

    You are right, I didn't invest much time on that. I quickly tried before with a pure random shot but the whole thing is not that easy because the result needs to look natural. An algorithm that selects the best ball and pocket using randomness in the shot would look better. I'll do it for the next game I'm coding and I'll update this.
  2. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Mafia Pool Tricks

    Thanks for the compliments, I'll forward them to the guy who coded the game. AI calculations are quite intensive. I'll check the game with firefox.
  3. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Mafia Pool Tricks

    Level based billiard game. At the end of each lesson you play a match against its boss (AI). Available for licensing (it may contain contain some little bugs that we are currently fixing). Play it here.
  4. enriqueto

    [Phaser] FootChinko WC18

    Thanks, I've fixed it. Audio is beatbox, in this video you can see the guy who did it, third counting from the left.
  5. enriqueto

    [Phaser] FootChinko WC18

    FootChinko WC18 edition. Available for licensing. Play it here.
  6. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Soccer Snakes

    Its game play is original. It uses p2.js for physics and the excellent spriter library for the bones animations. An iteration with power-ups and a tournament structure should follow. Hopefully it performs well. I guess it will because it has good ingredients: snakes + football + occasional explosions. Play it here.
  7. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Baseball Hero

    no, we coproduced this game with gamepix, they take care of FB ads
  8. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Baseball Hero

    Last week we released a baseball game on Facebook Instant Games. It's called Baseball Hero. You can play it here. It uses bone animations and Spriter Player for Phaser.
  9. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Rabbit Run

    @Tom Atom by the way, we've released a Facebook Instant game using your Spriter library. Thanks for your great coding skills.
  10. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Rabbit Run

    congratulations, very nice and smooth game. Art is beautiful
  11. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Game

    Our game has been released inside an app called Kapow. It's a contract we've done for an Indian company.
  12. enriqueto

    Procedural Game Art Generator

    Looks interesting. Can you do other things rather than mirroring?
  13. enriqueto

    [PixiJS] 2D Tower defense game

    nice prototype I enjoyed the music and the shooting coupling to the melody. I code all my games on TypeScript too.
  14. enriqueto

    [Phaser] Chess Challenges for Clever Minds

    any issues understanding that bigger stones with 3 skulls represent levels with 3 move? Is it well explained?