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  1. Hi there, a long title for a small game. Something I do while waiting for bigger projects. It's a variation of our Jr Chess. We thought that this concept could be more accessible to kids than the classic chess game. It may contain some bugs and I'm in the process of catching them .
  2. Procedural Game Art Generator

    Looks interesting. Can you do other things rather than mirroring?
  3. [PixiJS] 2D Tower defense game

    nice prototype I enjoyed the music and the shooting coupling to the melody. I code all my games on TypeScript too.
  4. [Phaser] Chess Challenges for Clever Minds

    any issues understanding that bigger stones with 3 skulls represent levels with 3 move? Is it well explained?
  5. [Phaser] Chess Challenges for Clever Minds

    this didn't take too long, I think a couple of weeks, because most of the work was done with Jr. Chess. What do you think of the level selection menu in form of bricks?
  6. Sparkchess

    Very nice, it looks very polished. I did a chess game myself but I used an existing AI. In case you want to have some feedback ... I would have preferred to see an animation when a piece is captured. An alpha tween for the captured piece would have been enough. Why don't you cancel the selection when the player tries to select another piece instead of having to click again in the first piece?
  7. [Phaser] Animal Connect

    many thanks! I've fixed that, it was just a typo, Chrome didn't bother but firefox yes
  8. [Phaser] Animal Connect

    Hi there, here our latest game, something cute and simple. We are busy with big contracts and this is more or less a small side game. Please let me know if anyone has interest on licensing it.
  9. [Phaser] Animal Connect

    hmm....strange. Thanks for checking the game Which device/browser are you using?
  10. A game I made for a client

    good job, well polished and nice use of particles.
  11. Hi there, here our latest game. It was a contract for minijuegos.com and it features 4 famous spanish speaking youtubers.
  12. [WEBGL] Chess Artifact For Royals

    you can use this: http://soundbible.com/
  13. Mario Bros and Highway LCD game simulators

    buy it you won't regret it
  14. Mario Bros and Highway LCD game simulators

    Great job, very useful for people interested on those platforms that don't have the actual device. Those games represent the origin of casual gaming and can teach us some game design lessons. You've replicated the game play very well. Congratulations. By the way, this week I bought Mario Bros.
  15. BlackMoon Html5 Games

    how is it going with adsense? do you host the games yourself?
  16. multiplayer game using p2.js example

    I'm thinking on doing a physics game using phaser + p2.js in the client and p2.js in the server. Basically it would be a 2 players game with some 10 - 15 balls bouncing. Has anyone tried successfully a p2.js networked physics game using p2.js?
  17. trumphandshake.win

    I liked the idea
  18. Hi there, I'm considering to make an RPG game using phaser. Is there any library in js that I could use to edit the events taking place in the game?
  19. Events library for RPG game

    Thanks for the infos but I meant a game events library to edit without hardcoding events like key found, chest open, etc...
  20. [WIP] Jr Chess

    Hi there, here our approach to the game of chess. Theoretically it should do fine and connect with kids. There aren't many html5 chess games around and this should help with its distribution. It's not finished yet, has no audio, it contains bugs and parts of the instructions/tutorial still need to be done. However you can have a good idea of the final product. It's available for licensing. Play it here
  21. [WIP] Jr Chess

    tx for the compliments. yes, it has many bugs I have to get rid off.
  22. Postmortem: Medieval Defense Z

    looks impressive.
  23. [Phaser] Happy Kittens Puzzle

    Our latest game is here. This time we've versioned a classic game called Lights Out. No game design for this game. I haven't given it up yet but it's hard for me to spend time and efforts creating original game play in the niche we are. As you see, the game is quite simple. It's the first time we don't use a title scene. Some portals even ask developers to modify their games so that players enter directly to the game play scene. I think that this makes sense in the context of the huge choice and low patience that players have. I still need to do QA and figure out what we do regarding the tutorial. play it here.
  24. [Phaser] Happy Kittens Puzzle

    mmm... yes, why not? good point. more simple