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  1. Bloodberet

    Tilemap collision with Phaser 2.0

    Have you look at @julacariote code?
  2. Bloodberet

    Tilemap collision with Phaser 2.0

    I for sure would like this feature! I also have tried to get Object Layer from Tiled MapEditor to work. I getting same error that Rudy and you!
  3. Bloodberet

    How do you use Cloud9 to run game?

    Seems like you are missing some code? Function for the upload event is not ended right? Have you check in Chrome or Firefox what the console is saying? If you getting any errors etc.
  4. Bloodberet status pending

    Is a good service? It works good with payment/multiplayer etc.?
  5. Bloodberet

    Should Phaser Examples move to its own repo?

    +1 for moving the examples to its own repo.
  6. Bloodberet

    Securing HTML games is it possible?

    True, that's the main issue I think for HTML5 games have aheads to prevent fake request.
  7. Bloodberet

    Securing HTML games is it possible?

    This might be worth knowing about Javascript obfuscators. See more: Although Google is using Javascript obfuscators for examples Google Maps and they even say one of the nice side effects of GWT is code obfuscation. Google have comment the topic on their FAQ for Google Web toolkit:
  8. Bloodberet

    Use Shake Effect (Camera FX)

    This is very interesting development. When can we see Shake.js being implemented with the source code of Phaser.js?