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  1. We have two sample interactive Flash movie lessons (two of 1200) that we need to convert to HTML5 so that they can be used on Tablets (iPad, Android and Windows) as well as PCs. We are paying for the conversion and a detailed step-by-step guide to the process used. The process needs to include the ability to convert the HTML lessons to different languages (audio and text). We are also looking to greatly reduced files sizes that are often not possible with some of the ‘quick’ conversion tools. The Flash movie can viewed from the below links. Source files can be sent to you via email or dropbox (3MB) This is the rather more complex animation of the two This is the simpler one Skills required: Adobe Flash, HTML5, others Do let me know if this is something you have experience in doing and some idea of costs. Please feel free to ask any questoins that you may have. Many thanks, Chris