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  1. opendevcode

    List of Phaser Tutorials

    Great list. Thanks for taking the time to create it. I have tried Phaser before and I was wondering if there are some step - by step tutorial on how to create cross - platform games using Phaser. It would be nice to have some tutorials related to deploying your game on different platforms. Thank you again for this great list.
  2. opendevcode

    Sprite Parent and Physics

    Thanks Rich. What's the difference between body.immovable and body.moves?
  3. opendevcode

    Sprite Parent and Physics

    Hi, I am creating a character using different sprite parts and parenting it to a single sprite. //Parent spritethis.torso = group.create(0,0,actorType + '_body');this.torso.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0);//Child Sprite this.frontFoot = game.add.sprite(0,0, actorType + '_foot_front');this.frontFoot.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0);this.torso.addChild(this.frontFoot);I tried to enable the Physics body part of the parent sprite, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);The result is that all child sprites have been given a body and started to drop. I just want the parent to drop itself and all child will just follow its parents. Can anyone explain further what is happening here? Any link or topics that might have discussed this?
  4. opendevcode

    Should Phaser Examples move to its own repo?

    +1 for new example repo
  5. opendevcode

    Super Smash Bro Camera

    Hi, @XekeDeath Thanks for the GUI group suggestion, it works perfectly. I am trying to put the camera or the world at the center of the player, but assigning a value on their position doesn't move any of the two. I posted a new thread with regards to moving the camera or world. Thank you
  6. opendevcode

    Moving Camera and Moving World

    Hi, I am not sure if this is a bug. I am trying to increment both the position of the world camera and want to move all their displayed object update: function () { = 100; console.log(;},The position of the world is changed but the world did not move update: function () { += 1; console.log(;},This time, the camera only results to zero. I have tried moving the camera with Phaser 1.1.3 and it works. I am curious why this approach is not working for 1.2. Thank you
  7. opendevcode

    Super Smash Bro Camera

    Hi XekeDeath, Great suggestion. I will try your method for GUI, as well as the world scaling suggestion by codevinsky. Thanks for pointing out the stage object. It gives me a clearer view of how Phaser renders. I should look more into the stage and world object. Is there any diagram on Phaser's rendering flow? or should I look for Pixi.js? Thanks for reminding about previous version, I am also using Phaser 1.2 which should pretty much work with your suggestion
  8. opendevcode

    Super Smash Bro Camera

    Hi Codevinsky, Thank you for you reply. Awesome. Checking distance between is the best way to go for this camera effect., someYScale);I have some issue with, since it scales all objects in the screen. I have a Sprite UI that must not scale with the world. Any other workaround for this scaling effect? Right now, I have separate multiple groups, instead of scaling the world. What do you think of this approach?
  9. opendevcode

    Super Smash Bro Camera

    Hello, Our team is trying to create a camera behavior similar to Super Smash Bros. The camera zooms out when players are far with each other camera zooms in when they are near. Any idea on how I could have a similar camera effect with Phaser? Thank you
  10. opendevcode

    World Scaling

    Thank you Rich
  11. opendevcode

    World Scaling

    Hello, I have tried Phaser for a couple of weeks and I am trying to create something like a zoom in zoom out functionality on a 2D platformer. I am having trouble with setting the view of the game. I am using Phaser 1.1.3 First Approach: *= 5;I tried giving a different value for the camera's screenview. Screenview values changed but there are no changes with the camera's view. Second Approach: = 10I tried giving a different value for the world's scale, but the result is the same with the first approach. Nothing happend Third Approach: gameGroup.setAll('scale.x', 5);platforms.setAll('scale.x', 5);gameGroup.add(platforms);I tried creating a nested group but I was receiving an undefined errors. TypeError: e is undefined @ filephaser.min.js:2 Any ideas, suggestions or samples on how I should do this are welcomed. Thank you
  12. Hi George, I am also encountering some error with nested groups gameGroup =;platforms =;gameGroup.add(platforms);I am using Phaser 1.1.3 and I am receiving error: TypeError: e is undefined Have you encountered this error with nested groups? Thank you
  13. opendevcode

    Health Bars?

    Would scaling affect the quality of the image? Is there any cutting method that could be used? Something that will strip only some parts of the image?
  14. opendevcode

    Health Bars?

    I am thinking of adding some GUI on my character. How do you create health bars using sprites? Thank you