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  1. Blender to Babylon File

    @Bricktheworld : Agree with @V!nc3r and @Wingnut - that negative scale is an issue. Go with V!inc3r's suggested methods but let me add a couple of additional suggestions 1. The animations, if they are meant to be applied to just one object rather then instead of, for example, Seat.000Action use Seat.0000-Action. Note the added hyphen. It means that the animation will only be applied to the object named Seat.0000 and you won;'t see this in your .babylon file : "ranges":[{"name":"CanopyInterior.000Action","from":0,"to":3},{"name":"Fuselage.002Action","from":10,"to":13},{"name":"Greeble.001Action","from":20,"to":23},{"name":"Seat.000Action","from":30,"to":33},{"name":"TopWing.000Action","from":40,"to":43}] All animations applied to all objects. 2. And this is a suggestion until you have it solved use a Hemi lamp getting the meshes right will not be complicated by light and dark side of meshes good luck. cheers, gryff
  2. Problem with babylon.sceneloader

    @Chrislistens : I gather you still are having problems. Can you post your .babylon file, and if you created the scene at can you export it as a .blend file and post that too (if it does not cost you money) cheers, gryff
  3. Stranded Hair Update

    @JCPalmer : Nice Jeff. As for the close up view - a skull cap the same as hair colour, or maybe just a different material on the mesh where the hair is. One day I must look at this QI closely and try and understand it cheers, gryff
  4. Importing Animations (Mixamo)

    @Sophie C Thanks for the file She is a big lady!! I will take a look at a couple of possibilities to see how we might fix her. As I said before, the issue is going to be with the translation of the hip bone in the animation. I have a couple of ideas - but no guarantees. cheers, gryff
  5. Problem with babylon.sceneloader

    @Chrislistens Hi and welcome to the forum I tested your HTML code with a simple sphere and plane I created with Blender and it worked fine - just changed the script for BJS to one I have on my local server. Did you include a camera and light? If I remove the camera from my Blender scene then it hangs at the line below when I try to load that with your script: newScene.activeCamera.attachControl(canvas); cheers, gryff
  6. Importing Animations (Mixamo)

    @Sophie C : that is why I wanted to look at your .blend file. There can be other issues and further scale reduction is one of them. It won't cause "spaghetti" but you can see weirdness in the animation where there are translations involved (walk animations for example). They won't get scaled with the rig and the mesh. If you could post your .blend file (fixed) here ... or if you want through a private message ... so much easier to have an actual case to work with. cheers, gryff
  7. Importing Animations (Mixamo)

    @Sophie C : Ahh the "Spaghetti Monster". First saw this over three years ago The image below is of a free Mixamo mesh(Zed) and rig imported into Blender. Upper part of the image highlights the Armature(Rig), the lower part the mesh. Three things to point out: A. the origins of the mesh and rig are different B. the rotations of mesh and rig are different C. the scales of mesh and rig are different. This needs to be fixed otherwise you will get the kind of result you are getting. Zed is one of the worst examples I have seen. Rather than try to give general instructions, could you post your blend file so that I can suggest fixes for your particular case. cheers, gryff
  8. Collision with walls using Cannon

    @aponty : No offense taken - as I said I am not in the same coding league as a lot of people around here I'm glad you are progressing with Wingy's ideas @Wingnut : And yeah, the jump is not exciting or parabolic. However, if I was trying to build a "Commander Keen" game I would probably play with animations, and the value of gravity etc. By the way the little "Iggy" that I'm using for an icon under my name - you should that dog jump - almost straight up cheers, gryff
  9. Collision with walls using Cannon

    @aponty : I I'm curious about whether you need to use physics. Will it be part of something more complex? Or could you just use gravity and collisions with normal BJS functionality? Jump Example Spacebar to jump. And I was also curious about your nic - but I had to look after some dogs for the day so my response is delayed I'm a crap coder so I'm sure it can be improved - with the ActionManager maybe? @Wingnut: Ok so what is with this I can't find any reference in the docs cheers, gryff
  10. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    @Deltakosh, @Dad72, and @satguru Well here is Vincent again using the latest preview version of BJS ( which I have renamed to "babylon.3.1-alpha1.js" to avoid overwriting my previous version which I know worked fine) New Vincent I also checked the .log file for vertex influencers (bones I assume) Avg # of influencers per vertex: 1.1592 Highest # of influencers observed: 2, num vertices with this: 776 exported as 2 influencers Nothing extraordinary there. cheers, gryff
  11. Marking questions as solved

    Ahh Wingy, but looking at my local test server, which has problems and fixes by poster, there are names I have never see since there first couple of posts. Students maybe? cheers, gryff
  12. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    @satguru and @Deltakosh : hmm the version I posted above Vincent uses BJS 3.1 that I downloaded about a week ago. So maybe changes since then ?? cheers, gryff
  13. [SOLVED]Blender exporter error

    @mecanicus : What version of the exporter are you using? And posting your.blend file would help, so that it is possible to see what you are trying to accomplish. cheers, gryff
  14. @phaselock : I don't know if you are still interested in using Blender but here is an example I created using Blender and some simple javascript code (I'm not a very good coder ) : Hexagons1 Using the array modifier is going to create a single mesh (as you found), so I used Blender's particle system to layout the hexagons on a plane. Then I "baked" out the meshes as instances.- so they all have the same material In the javascript code I then replaced some of the instances with new instances with a different material, then repeated this procedure by creating more new instances with another new material taking care not to overwrite the instances from the first replacement. It works fine. There are 4 drawcalls - three for the tree groups of hexagons and one for a tiny cube that is used as the target for the arcRotate camera (look underneath the hexagons). cheers, gryff
  15. @phaselock : Hi and welcome to the forum. Well here are a couple of ways you might get your tiles. I'm using an example of six meshes - 5 "rocks" and a cube exported from Blender. The white cube, which you can just under the rock at the centre, is the parent to the five rocks (for the animation). But if your tiles have no parent and there are no other meshes to confuse the issue then : PlayGround 1 The important lines are 27-35. The "action" I take on these meshes is to print out each mesh name to the browser console (line 34) you can add one or more lines of code to set your tile properties. Now if you have other meshes beside the "tiles", in Blender you can create a parent just for the tile meshes. I created a cube but you can use an "empty". Then when the file loads into BJS get that parent mesh (in my case the cube) and then get its children (line 25 - 39). Again replace the line (37)where I print out the mesh name with your code to set the mesh properties. PlayGround2 Others may have different ways - I tend to use these. Hope that helps. cheers, gryff