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  1. Here you go @ian It contains all the files including the .blend and .babylon cheers, gryff
  2. @ian: Morning Ian Is this what you are looking for? Two actions Green cube and red cube rotate differently at different speeds. The cube are set up as shown in the image below. Note the" -" in the names of the actions for each cube. So cube0 has an animation called "cube0-Action" and cube 1 has an animation called cube1-action in the Dopesheet Action Editor. cheers, gryff
  3. @flyingbee: I looked at your blend file and make this suggestion - see image below: 1. Select the mesh object with the photo texture on it 2. In the Properties Panel select the Mesh Properties the triangle highlighted in blue in the image below. 3. Now under the Babylon Export Properties check the box marked "Use Flat Shading" Now export as usual to check the result. And just so you can see what is happening, look at Suzanne. In your Blender file. Suzanne is flat shaded - you can see all the individual mesh faces. However, when you view her in your browser, the mesh has been smoothed. That is the default option for the exporter. cheers, gryff
  4. @flyingbee : TY for the blend file - I will take a look at it. The latest version of the Blender Babylon Exporter is v5.3. It comes as a zip file. Download that zip file,. uninstall the old exporter then install the new version using the "Install From File" option in the Preferences Panel. No need to unzip the file, just point Blender to the zip file you downloaded and Blender will handle it. Activate the addon, then hit the "Save User Settings" button. I will take a look at your file. cheers, gryff
  5. @flyingbee : TY for posting your files I notice from the home.babylon file that you are using version 4.6.1 of the Blender exporter but have downloaded the latest version Same results with the latest Blender exporter? The one file I did not find was your .blend file. Can you post that so I can check some settings? Nothing wrong with that - it is a nice piece of software and it is free!!! And @JCPalmerand @Deltakosh have developed a great exporter for it cheers, gryff
  6. Hi @flyingbee ; welcome to the forum As @Wingnut : says, post your blend file and I will take a look. But ignore all his flattery . Though he does seem to have learned that posting blend files is important - so that settings can be checked cheers, gryff
  7. @lucky de : Hi, and welcome to the forum You have a number of options in the babylon exporter that may be of use. 1. For the meshes that you do not want to illuminate - but them in a separate layer with no lights. Then with their materials add emission to their materials (Materials Tab->Shading->Emit > 0) 2. For those same meshes: Meshes Tab->check the Use Flat Shading check box 3. Put all lights in a layer for the meshes you wish to illuminate but then Lights Tab-> check the This Layer Only checkbox. Now the layer with emission and flat shading will be ignored. Hope that helps. cheers, gryff
  8. @En929 : Good If you are happy, maybe change the title of the thread - add "SOLVED" at the start or end. Yes those pages do not have an obvious path to follow. But now you can start experimenting cheers, gryff
  9. Ok @En929 here are the steps I use to get a .dae file with a mesh and animation : Steps: 1. I open my Mixamo account, go to "MyAssets" and chose "MyCharacters" and click on the one I want (Image 1) 2. This takes me to Image 2 - I click on the "Find Animations" button 3. This takes me to Image 3 - where I can chose an animation by clicking on it, then make whatever adjustments I want, and finally click on the "View/Download" button 4. And now I see Image 4 - and hit the "Queue Download" button 5. And a panel pops up that allows me to chose the format (.dae) and select "With Skin" and hit the "Queue Download" button once again - Image 5.- which leads to a page that allows me to download the file. Then I import the file into Blender with all the check boxes checked and "Minimum Chain Length" set to 1 in the little options panel at bottom left of the importer. See if you can do that. cheers, gryff
  10. @En929: Well here is another example of the Zed character with two animations - walk and run Zed2 I will try to write up an explanation of how it was done later today cheers, gryff
  11. @En929: Well I took a look at the blend file - it is a nightmare, The file contains three armatures - Armature, Armature.001 and Armature.002 See first image below. Some comments: 1. Armature.002 seems to have a walk animation that works but its "Rest" position seems to be the same as the first frame of the animation. It has no meshes parented to it - it is just an armature hanging about. 2. Armature does have meshes parented to it but has itself been parented to Armature.001 which has no bones(why?). The "Rest" position for Armature is a T-Pose. In addition it seems to have five bones not influencing the mesh but named after lights - 5 lights ? (See second image below). Only two lights exist in the scene and neither are a "Spotlight" which is what four of the bones are called. 3. Trying to use the action from Armature.002 with Armature will not work properly as they have different "Rest" Poses. I find it hard to believe this came from Mixamo. I would suggest going to Mixamo forums to get an explanation on how to exported skinned .dae models with animations. cheers, gryff
  12. TY for the file @En929 I will take a look at it tomorrow cheers, gryff
  13. TY @En929 for the pics. I'm worried about the values of the scale and rotation in the upper images. They are the same as the image I posted - and it is not going to work. Here is the Zed character again - this time exported from Mixamo with and idle animation ( a freebie) Zed Idle I exported from Mixamo as a .dae again,imported it into Blender with all the options checked and a minimum chain length of 1, applied the transforms (so there is no rotation and scale values are 1) Then exported It has been a while since I was at the Mixamo site - and things have changed - but when you go to "Queue Download" you have an option to "Save with Skin" - that way you don't just get the bones. And you also have a number of options for the number of bones in the rig. Could you post your .blend file so I can look at it? cheers, gryff
  14. Hi Ridge - welcome to the forum So you have corrected the usual issue that people run into - unapplied transforms A couple of thoughts: 1 What do you mean by "append" ? Can you describe your process? 2. If you have multiple animations assigned to an armature in Blender, when they are exported they will just be one animation in the .babylon file that has been divided up into "ranges". So if you have two 60 frame animations in Blender, they will end up as one animation in the .babylon file with one animation from 0-60 and the second animation 65-125 (extra frames get added to separate the two actions.) Search your .babylon file for the word "range" cheers, gryff
  15. Hi @En929 Here is a rigged character - a Mixamo freebie - that I imported into Blender (.dae format exported from Mixamo ) then animated in Blender : Zed So it can be done. But a a couple of questions. 1. What version of the Blender Baybylon Exporter (BBE) are you using? It should be v5+ 2. With your cursor in the 3D window, hit the "N" key - it will open a properties panel on right side of the 3D window. Now check the area called "Transform" for both the armature and the mesh(es). If there are any unapplied rotation and scaling transforms - see example image below - you are going to have problems cheers, gryff