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  1. @JCPalmer: not sure I even had hold of the stick - right or wrong end . I was like my old days with VRML and 4 different viewers - some code would work with one viewer but not with others TY for the above post - I'm hoping this thread will be a resource, from a practical point of view, for people wanting to use compressed textures, so I hope to see more from you and @V!nc3r That will be something I will eventually wander into as I continue experimenting cheers, gryff
  2. Although I have the compressed file working - and my madness seems to be over - I continue to explore using compressed textures. So an update. In @V!nc3r 's set of images, he used a basic starting .png that was an indexed .png file and it has only 52 colours which makes it quite small (Photoshop describes it as Png-8). In fact it is smaller than the compressed file size. So I wondered what the difference would be if the imaged being compressed had a lot more colours than 52. A comparison of an indexed png file and a compressed ktx file made from the same starting picture The red boxes show where the Png-8 compression causes obvious "blotchiness" compared to the -dxt compression done in PVRTexTool. With a larger image view there is blotchiness on the fabrics and dog's legs. (The dog is Tokyo - my Blender helper .) Png-8 : 573kb (1024x1024px) -dxt.ktx : 683kb (1024x1024px) So Png-8 still slightly smaller but quality poorer and of course the Load->CPU->GPU path. cheers, gryff
  3. @TomaszFurca ; Don't use version 4.6.1. If there is an issue with the mesh and rig transforms then version 5.2 delivers an error message that lets you know: Mesh has unapplied transformations, export cancelled If you can upload your .blend file for your little character, I can take a look. Good to see you are working as a team cheers, gryff
  4. You are dead right @V!nc3r . I have warned @hunts about this issue before: cheers, gryff
  5. @V!nc3r and @Deltakosh :How about this for a playground: Image Compression Playground It uses V!nc3r's images from his github site Successfully loads the "-dxt.ktx" version of the image on my Windows machines cheers, gryff
  6. @Lynxerious Yes you can. IK bones do not deform the mesh - just move other bones in Blender. They make some kinds of animating much easier. Now by "IKbones" I include bones that are called IK in Blender plus what some people call "Pole Targets" or "Control" bones. When you are naming them just be sure that "IK" appears in the name. See the image below for an example. See how I have included "IK" in some bone names (12 bones in total) . So for example "knee.IK.L" is the control or pole target at the knee for the left leg. Now when you are ready to export in the Scene tab, check the box that says "Ignore IK Bones" (bottom right of image below). You should see a reduction in file size and fewer bones in your BJS rig. You are lucky I think as Sebastian Lague's model has all the bones marked correctly as deform and non-deform bones. cheers, gryff
  7. @V!nc3r: can you not use github in someway? cheers, gryff
  8. I'm a mouse man myself - try to avoid KB commands cheers, gryff
  9. @TomaszFurca: Hi, welcome to the forum When you see this kind of thing it usually means that there are differences of rotation and scale between the mesh and the rig In the mouse 3D window of Blender hit the N key then check the "Transform" properties of the rig and mesh of the character. What version of the Blender Exporter are you using ? cheers, gryff
  10. Thanks for the post @shen It has been a long time since I used Mixamo (before I started using BJS) and all the models I rigged and downloaded had 66 bones. Now I want rigs with around 30 bones. So my workflow is to use Clear Parent, modify the rig, then reparent using automatic weights. This saves me having to spend time redoing the weight painting - not a task I like doing I've never had any problems of any kind separating mesh and rig then re-parenting them Here is an example - a free model that I got from Mixamo - called "Zed" - you may recognize him. Originally 66 bones in the dae file that I downloaded - now reduced to 30 .I,applied the scale and rotation( both were necessary), re-parented and then a free Carnegie Mellon University (.bvh) animation was added to the modified rig using the MakeHuman plugin "MakeWalk" Zed Basketball When I am modifying the rig - I lock/make unselectable the mesh. cheers, gryff
  11. @JCPalmer : Thanks Jeff I will investigate further this evening. Nothing like making it simple BC1-7 and DXT1-5 Also I've seen something called WebP which I guess originates from Google. Feels like a bunch of dogs fighting over a bone for the best alternative to png and jpg cheers, gryff
  12. @hunts: I assume that means you have switched to version 5.2 of the exporter and you are getting the "export cancelled" message. Something like this is what you are after : Joker 1. With your .blend file, in the 3D window hit the N key - it brings up a panel you want the "Tranforms" section. 2. Now select first the armature - note the values for Rotation and Scale. 3. Now select the mesh - note the values for rotation and scale - they are different!! 4. So, with the mesh still selected go to the "Object" menu -> Apply->Rotation and Scale Now export. However, the materials and textures are a mess. They are all .tga files - you need to change them all to .jpg or .pngs as the exporter is ignoring them. And get rid of the duplicates. I've seen this nonsense before (Ka and Kd stuff on models got from websites offering 3D models). And there appear to be a few faces either missing or have inverted normals ( see leg and under arm). So much easier to find problems when you have the .blend file cheers, gryff
  13. @Lynxerious: Glad to be of help And for a low poly model it is pretty good - Sebastian Lague is not a bad teacher As for installing the zipped exporter. It can be installed directly from the zipped file. In Blender, just go to File-> Preferences->Addons->Install From File-> then locate the zip directly. Then activate the addon and Save Settings. No need to unzip the file. But a question for you. You have a lot of IK and Control Bones - which makes it easier to create that kind of walk animation, But are you exporting them as well? You don't have to - they are not needed as they actually don't deform the mesh.The exporter can automatically remove them if the armature is set up correctly cheers, gryff
  14. @Lynxerious : this is probably what you are looking for - right? Dave Character - deleted The chequered pattern is because you have no texture in the .blend file you posted. Let me know when you have changed your exporter and I will tell you the changes to make to your .blend file. cheers, gryff
  15. @hunts ; I gather you have upgraded your exporter from 4.6.1 The message you are getting is telling you that there are unapplied transforms in your file - an animated mesh? I have asked you at least twice about posting your Blender file - but no response. Without looking at the file, it is hard to say where the problem is coming arises - rotation, scale or possibly both. gryff