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  1. @iiceman : A couple of nice clear, simple and straight forward examples @JohnK : Another good suggestion cheers, gryff
  2. Hi @Rolento : as @davrous said in his answer if you assign your materials and textures properly in Blender (the modelling tool I use) then you have a good .babylon file. Step 2 is irrelevant . If you have not assigned your materials properly then the Blender exporter will produce a .log file indicating where you missed materials As for meshes greater than 64K, if you create your own meshes, try to design your meshes in a low polygon format in the first place!!. You can always add more vertices later with the mult-resolution or subsurf modifiers. One trick you can use is to have a hi and low poly version of your meshes, then bake textures from the hi poly version to the low poly version. Then use the low poly version with BJS. Now, if you are obtaining your models from elsewhere, there is a decimator in Blender (and I assume 3DMax) but you can also look at MeshLab which seems to have a lot more options than the Blender decimator. I avoid using such tools for any kind of animated mesh as they produce triangulated meshes which don't always fit well with rigs and shapekeys. cheers, gryff
  3. Hi @tranlong021988 ; as @Wingnut says, "Your english is fine" I can't help much with the VJ camera issue, but I do have a question for you. In your game, you have this animated "zombie" character that follows you around - how many bones does it have? On my desktop PCs, I normally have around 32 bones which would put a strain on mobile phone rendering. @JCPalmer, I believe, recommends a number of bones around ~20 for mobile devices. And as that character follows you around, are you running some fancy "A star" pathfinding code? Could those features also be slowing your camera responses as well as making your phone a little warmer ? cheers, gryff
  4. Keep playing @JohnK. Push @jerome's SPS as far as you can. I look forward to your discoveries. I'm still playing with it - going through the "exploding torus" code. cheers, gryff
  5. @iTekVR: Well I downloaded your files and took a look at them. I'm used to creating my .babylon files in Blender, so I'm really used to the format in your files - though it looks like they are derived from AutoCad initially. Anyway things that seem odd to me - using file 28.babylon as an example: 1. The materials. "materials":[ {"alpha":1,"ambient":[1,0,0],"backFaceCulling":true,"diffuse":[1,0,0],"emissive":[0,0,0],"id":"51","name":"AutoCAD Color Index 1","specular":[0,0,0],"specularPower":0.011999999172985554,"wireframe":false}, {"alpha":1,"ambient":[1,0,0],"backFaceCulling":true,"diffuse":[1,0,0],"emissive":[0,0,0],"id":"52","name":"AutoCAD Color Index 1","specular":[0,0,0],"specularPower":0.011999999172985554,"wireframe":false}, {"alpha":1,"ambient":[1,0,0],"backFaceCulling":true,"diffuse":[1,0,0],"emissive":[0,0,0],"id":"53","name":"AutoCAD Color Index 1","specular":[0,0,0],"specularPower":0.011999999172985554,"wireframe":false}, {"alpha":1,"ambient":[1,0,0],"backFaceCulling":true,"diffuse":[1,0,0],"emissive":[0,0,0],"id":"54","name":"AutoCAD Color Index 1","specular":[0,0,0],"specularPower":0.011999999172985554,"wireframe":false}, {"alpha":1,"ambient":[1,0,0],"backFaceCulling":true,"diffuse":[1,0,0],"emissive":[0,0,0],"id":"55","name":"AutoCAD Color Index 1","specular":[0,0,0],"specularPower":0.011999999172985554,"wireframe":false}, {"alpha":1,"ambient":[1,0,0],"backFaceCulling":true,"diffuse":[1,0,0],"emissive":[0,0,0],"id":"56","name":"AutoCAD Color Index 1","specular":[0,0,0],"specularPower":0.011999999172985554,"wireframe":false}, {"alpha":1,"ambient":[1,0,0],"backFaceCulling":true,"diffuse":[1,0,0],"emissive":[0,0,0],"id":"57","name":"AutoCAD Color Index 1","specular":[0,0,0],"specularPower":0.011999999172985554,"wireframe":false}, {"alpha":1,"ambient":[1,0,0],"backFaceCulling":true,"diffuse":[1,0,0],"emissive":[0,0,0],"id":"58","name":"AutoCAD Color Index 1","specular":[0,0,0],"specularPower":0.011999999172985554,"wireframe":false} ], You are defining 8 materials by id, but they all have the same material name, and they, in fact they are all identical apart from the id . I looked at two more of your files and there is the same issue. 2. Mesh materialId. I then did a search of the file for materialId - to see what materials the meshes were using - again 28.babylon as an example: "materialId":"42_Polygon Mesh" ... "materialId":"43_Polygon Mesh" ... "materialId":"44_Polygon Mesh" ... "materialId":"45_Polygon Mesh" ... The materials associated with the meshes bear no resemblance to the materials listed above. Same issue with the two other files I looked at. So to me, and my Blender approach, there is an issue with the methods you are using to create these files. I don't know if that will help - hope it does cheers, gryff
  6. The html file with all the code is attached Just so you know: 1. The doors were not pickable in the .babylon file 2. The animations were set to play automatically in the .babylon file. So I had to change that in the code I don't know if you can change either of these in 3Dmax (I can't afford it ). Make sure at the top of the file that the babylon file path is correct for your setup. I have tried to to document it as well as I can - and I had to add a camera. cheers, gryff
  7. @thiendv: is this what you are looking for? Doors cheers, gryff
  8. OK @thiendv : I have it running See image below. The .babylon files from 3Dmax are laid out a little differently - but hopefully I can understand them One door (on the right) seems to just move backward and forwards - is that right? cheers, gryff
  9. @thiendv : OK I have the file - will take a look at it cheers, gryff
  10. Hi @thiendv Sure I can hopefully help. Can you give me some detail about what you are trying to animate - a picture to start with ? And a question, why does the animation have to be created in 3d software? For this kind of animation the action manager will work fine ? EDIT: Actually @thiendv: I did use animations from Blender fo3 that particular version(I have 4 different versions) You can see the Remed out code from a previous version cheers, gryff
  11. @Wingnut: your wish is my command Wingy Gryff's Desk Maneuver It uses the Action Manager to open and close things - but the pivot points have been set in Blender. Does not use an invisible hinge - although that is another option. Hope it helps cheers, gryff
  12. @Wingnut : I think the "etc" is important. The Babylonjs webpage describes BJS as " A complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML5, WebGL and Web Audio " - to me that immediately says "teamwork". And teamwork includes not just coders but graphic artists (2D and 3D), musicians and story writers. Add to that the target for a game - mobile -> XBox/PC, and then, as you and @Richard C mention the question of age (with perhaps different learning styles). Perhaps, someone coming new to BJS sees the potential for BJS not as building a 3D game but as a method of creating an attractive commercial website ( @ozRocker?) Can tutorials on BJS talk to all these people, working as individuals, and should they? As someone coming from a Blender background, I don't think BJS should be trying to tell me how to use Blender - there are thousands of video tutorials on YouTube. Maybe new users expect instant success - without putting in some learning time? There are a few examples of collaboration and teamwork that I can think of - the "Sponza Demo" and the collaboration between @dbawel and @Pryme8 - but not many. As for the adequacy of what tutorials are available, as I said in my first post on this thread, the one on @jerome's SPS system I found very good, but for using RAY - MIA . (As soon as I see the word "matrix" in someone's code, the fear level rises ). Anyway, enough of gryff's rambling - life will change in "gryffbekistan" over the next two weeks - and I have to go play with guitar frets cheers, gryff
  13. Ok the X was a typo . But "sphere"that you parent the bullet to and then make it a child of the active camera? I suggest you make a playground and show us the full code in it. cheers, gryff
  14. @Adem: I have no idea what you are trying to do with this code but I don't claim to be a great coder . But let us look at what you have written : but your code has : bullet.position.z += 0.05; Then let us look at your other code: Where is this sphere defined in your code - not sphere2 - sphere? cheers, gryff
  15. So far on this thread, posts by a lot of very very good coders - people I respect, and admire their coding skills I, on the other hand look at BJS from a different perspective . I started out almost 3 years ago looking at 3JS, BJS, Blend4Web and x3dom - to see where I might go from VRML. And BJS was my choice as it looked like there was good help if needed. I look back at my first year - and BJS seemed to move at a steady speed. The last year, I agree with @Pryme8 - it seems to be moving very fast - but I don't think fast enough to put me off. And perhaps, most importantly, I can build with basically two tools - Blender and Notepad++ - which are both free I have never thought to myself that I must know everything - and I sure as heck don't. Currently, I'm experimenting with @jerome's SPS and the "Ray" feature of BJS. The latter, in particular, I'm having trouble getting my head around - but I persevere by looking at PGs ( but a nice tutorial would be useful). The way that BJS is developing, to me, seems to be very professional. Almost three years ago I published the "Blue Lady" - it used BJS 1.14(?) but today uses BJS 2.5 with no code changes. As DK and jerome put it: And that is important to me, and hopefully everyone. And I continue to be impressed with the development of the Blender Exporter - also important to me. Anyway, enough rambling from me for now ... but tell your fried Pryme that nothing worth doing involves no work cheers, gryff