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  1. Hi @Emil. Welcome to the forum Can you just not create the diamond in Blender - then export that as a .babylon file with the Blender Babylon Exporter (BBE) ? You have lots of control over the actual shape you get in Blender in terms of facets, height etc. cheers, gryff
  2. Well @MackeyK24: all ready done I believe. Here is the Mixamo "Zed" character with an animation that I mentioned in your previous topic Zed Animated The mesh for that character, which has the "numBoneInfluencers" set to 6 when exported : "meshes":[{"name":"polySurface6","id":"polySurface6","materialId":"zed1c.Casual_Male_Lod_1","billboardMode":0,"position":[0,0,0],"rotation":[0,0,0],"scaling:[1,1,1], "isVisible":true,"freezeWorldMatrix":false,"isEnabled":true,"checkCollisions":false, "receiveShadows":false,"skeletonId":0,"numBoneInfluencers":6 ,"positions":[... The limit was set in the Blender exporter - see image below. cheers,gryff
  3. Hi @MackeyK24 The "spaghetti monster" occurs when the transforms of the mesh and rig are different. The image below is a free rigged model from Mixamo. The character is called "Zed" I believe. I exported it from Mixamo in a .dae format and then imported that .dae into Blender. Note the transform values. The Blender exporter will automatically detect this and abort the save to a .babylon file. I have 4 or 5 character models that I rigged in Mixamo - all have this issue. But it can be easily fixed in Blender. cheers, gryff
  4. @jpdev : TY!!. Watching the shots above, I keep thinking of a line from the song, "Lady With The Blue Dress" : cheers, gryff
  5. @adam: Loved the PG. I changed the bone index number to 4 and 5 - almost choked on my coffee cheers, gryff
  6. Well @MauJovi ; please post your solution(s) as I am going slightly bonkers!! cheers, gryff
  7. @MauJovi: by coincidence, I was asking the same question myself. I was building something with an ArcRotate camera and got the same experience with a Samsung Tablet A. cheers, gryff
  8. @aarroyoc: here is the file I created a few weeks ago It has a simple rig with an added simple IK rig. Not how both the rig and meshes have the same transforms. I created a simple crap walk animation using IK - and it exports fine with the Blender Babylon Exporter v5.2. Delete my anim and add your own. The model is basically the same size as yours. Have fun cheers, gryff
  9. @aarroyoc : well I took a look at your model - and tried to export it. Failed - no export. So what version of the exporter are you using to get the "bad animation" movie above? Further examination of your file tells me: 1. You are using the NLA Editor. I don't think the exporter deals well with the NLA Editor. I would recommend you don't use it - you can .blend animations in BJS code. 2. The mesh(es) and the skeleton don't have the same transforms; For example the skeleton is rotated -90 degrees, the mesh(es) are not. (Image window A below) 3. There is an odd bone "Capucha" which is not connected to the rest of the skeleton - has no parent. Why is the "hood" part of the mesh not parented to the "Capezza" bone? (Image B window below) 4. And finally look at Image C below - note that the selected knee bone which is a constraint bone is labelled Knee.IK.L. IK/Constraint bones do not deform the mesh just are a tool for controlling the rotation of other bones which are deforming the mesh. They are not used by BJS and you can set the exporter to ignore these bones. This is a model I created a couple of weeks ago and will post the .blend file here if you want it to play with. cheers, gryff
  10. @aarroyoc: TY for the zip file . Will try and look at it today Don't worry about being "newbies" - we all are newbies at something, at sometime. Yesterday, I become a newbie granddad - so now I'm learning again. And just so I know, what version of Blender are you using, and what version of the Blender exporter ? cheers, gryff
  11. hi @aarroyoc Welcome to the forum Hard to tell from the movies what is going wrong - but it looks like it could be the "spaghetti monster". It would be nice to have the .blend file to look at. From what I can see, the origin for the rig is at the hips - where is the origin for the mesh(es)? Also you look to be using an IK rig - so all non-deforming IK bones should have IK in the name (that includes all bones that are "pole targets" - see image below) As I said the .blend file would be useful. cheers, gryff
  12. @jpdev : I don't pretend to understand all this server coding stuff - but I really do think this post, with enough time to study it, will be helpful to maybe me, but certainly to others. I look forward to all the "Challenge" submissions. cheers, gryff
  13. Well @Myjestic ; I took a look at the models from @Nabroski's link and used the .obj for this comment. In the image below (A) you will see the the unmodified mesh - note where the question mark is, and where its origin (the origin dot) is. When you rotate you will be rotating about the origin! Now you state above: Its axis is not inside its mesh geometry and just moving the mesh ( will not bring the origin (its axis) to the geometry. I have modified the file (B below) so the origin is at the base of the mesh so it should rotate happily on the Y axis in BJS. ( I also applied the rotation to the mesh.) I have attached the .babylon file below - see if this is what you are after. cheers, gryff question1.babylon
  14. Well @kevzettler : that kind of moves the goalposts a wee bit . It might help if you could describe scenes 1 and 2 a little more. Do both scenes have armatures? How many armatures in each scene? Are there meshes not bound to the armatures(s) in one or both scenes? How many meshes are bound to the armatures? And going back to your original post what do you mean by "dynamic names"? In fact what are you trying to accomplish? Depending on your answers, it may require someone with better coding skills than gryff cheers, gryff
  15. @iiceman Love your sense of humour cheers, gryff