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  1. presidenten

    Phaser 3 on server side to validate client actions

    Maybe use puppeteer in headless mode.
  2. presidenten

    [Phaser 2] Mini MrDriller

    Beautiful! Really nice and addictive game!
  3. presidenten

    Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1000 Tracks

    Just want to say thank you. This is amazing!
  4. presidenten

    I'm back

    @enpu, if possible, please make panda 2 HMR compatible. Would be so awesome to be able to change stuff without reloads. Here is a nice repo on a few ways to get HMR: The Vue webpack template also has a nice implementation.
  5. presidenten

    Phaser HMR?

    Anyone who can give me any pointers in getting Phaser up and running with hot module replacement (HMR)?? Using webpack I can get es6 modules to be hot replaced, but they need to replace the old ones that are already running in Phaser. Any ideas on how to get it done?
  6. presidenten

    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    HMR and time travel debugging would be nice during development
  7. presidenten

    Interphase 2 release date?

    Hahaha! Sounds great Rich! Hang in there!
  8. presidenten

    Interphase 2 release date?

    So, when will interphase 2 be released?
  9. presidenten

    Overlap2D runtime for phaser

    Wow! Looks great! Im looking forward to it :-)
  10. presidenten

    a gui library

    Looks nice! Ill try it out this weekend!
  11. presidenten

    Plugins working with Panda 2?

    Hi! Which plugins work with with Panda 2 (develop branch)? Fader did not want to work :/ Can I use P2 or box2d?
  12. presidenten

    Phaser Box2D performance on mobile devices

    Are sprites batched images, or do we need to trigger some flag or something?
  13. Hi! It seems like my ipad is stuck on 30fps. I tried disabling and not loading any tilesprites. I disable my particle emitters, I downsize my sprites to 50% still 30fps and the game feeling kind of choppy. Anyone else have the same problem? Iphone 5s runs the game great. Edit: - Game is running Canvas btw. - In the Phaser bunnymark I can have a bit over 600 jumping dudes and still be at 60 fps on the ipad, before it drops rapidly to 30fps a bit into 800 dudes. In my game thee textures are aa bit bigger, but I rarely have more than 20-50 sprites on the screen at one given time.
  14. presidenten

    Phaser Audio Level/Volume

    Try this: this.gameSounds.volume = 0.5; Info here:
  15. presidenten

    Need help to interpret Phaser.debug output

    Im using Canvas. What would it mean to have high idle times? How would I see this in the chrome inspector?