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  1. Awesome game that I was able to get into right away! Nice controls, great graphics. I'd love to chat more about it!
  2. I love this - fantastic art, and quite humourous!
  3. Hi, I might have some ideas, might be best if we could skype - rodolfo-reimar is my ID Thanks!
  4. I am looking to acquire polished HTML5 games. I am open to a variety of ideas - licensing, profit sharing, or outright purchase, as long as the original developer is committed to supporting successful projects - i.e. if it starts seeing some serious downloads, I want to know that I can go back to the dev (for a fee of course) to support further development or any issues that creep up (i.e. bugs). You can reply here, or E-Mail Thanks!
  5. Hi Mitch, this sounds like a very cool project - I've emailed you :-) Thanks! Rodolfo