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  1. Ok i found a solution. i put this code at the beginning of the script tag in my index.html // IE9 fix if(!window.console) { var console = { log : function(){}, warn : function(){}, error : function(){}, time : function(){}, timeEnd : function(){} } } Here more info about it
  2. Hi guys, i have this strange behaviour with IE11 and i really have no idea what to do. When i try to launch my game (in Canvas Mode not WebGL) i cannot see nothing at all, no images, only the background color. The strange thing is that if i open the console log (F12) and refresh the page everything works perfectly! If i disable the console again and refresh here i got nothing at all again. It's a very strange behaviour and i really don't know what to do. Anyone got this kind of issue? I'm using the full-screen template and Phaser 1.1.6. Thanks.
  3. If you want to enter in fullscreeen mode in the create() function try to use this code: = Phaser.StageScaleMode.EXACT_FIT;;;; For the orientation you can use this:, false);, this);, this); and then manage the behaviour in the "enterIncorrectOrientation" and "leaveIncorrectOrientation" function
  4. If you update to Phaser 2.0 you have to use this in your render function:;
  5. Similar problem, i cannot see no more loading bar after passing to 2.0
  6. Hi guys, i have a similar issue with IE. It's not regarding in particular WebGL rendering but Canvas Rendering. I have no rendering at all both with Canvas and WebGL, i only see the canvas completly black. The strange things is that if i open the debug tools (F12) and reload the page everything works fine. No one had this issue? I am using Fullscreen Template with Phaser 1.1.6.
  7. Hi guys, new to Phaser so maybe this isn't a bug. I searched on the forum but i cannot find any information about it, hope it will be not already asked. I found an issue regarding the circle body collider, in particular when scaling a sprite the circle collider doesn't fit the new scale of the sprite. You can try this out by modify the "Circle vs Polygon" example, just add this line of code: "sprite4.scale.setTo(0.7, 0.7);" after creating sprite4 in create() function. You can find an image attached. The fact is that if you remove the circle body (using the rect one) everything's fine. I think that is possible to modify the center of the collider manually, but i wanted to signal the problem.