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  1. Hello everybody! This is my second HTML5 game: Escape Them. Help the alien escape an evil organization by keeping him airborne for as long as possible. Smash into any enemy that stands in your way and knock them out of the sky. It was created using the Phaser framework and it uses p2 for the physics. Warning: features occasional explosions. You can play the game here: More Details (My blog): Thank you
  2. Hey guys, the game has been updated @Dread Knight I'm using the Phaser framework, so I'm just doing this.stage.scale.startFullScreen();
  3. Hey guys, I think this is a newbie question. I'm using this.stage.scale.startFullScreen(); to make my game go fullscreen. When it does, the game is off to the side and doesn't fill the whole screen. I was wondering how I could center the game? Thanks, and I'm using the basic mobile template if that helps.
  4. Hi xronn, Simply set the fixedToCamera property to true on your elements. Move them to their positions relative to the camera with cameraOffset.setTo(x, y). For example: xpBar.fixedToCamera = true;xpBar.cameraOffset.setTo(25, 700);This fixes the xpBar to the camera and sets its x position to 25 and y position to 700 relative to the camera's x and y coordinates.
  5. Hey guys, I'll be putting in these changes soon: Mute button in gameParticles closer to the playerSmaller collision box for the player body, the vacuum can now collect particlesIndicators for space rocks@JPillz The debris starts out as red boxes, then they change to asteroids once you collect a certain amount of energy. I'll experiment with scaling the size of the player down, and see how that looks
  6. 1. I'm not sure about this, but I don't think it'd make much of a difference. When making games, I just make sure my textures aren't too big for my objects. 2. I just made a game that had this in it. I went with a transparent image with stars over another background image. Having just the background image in vs having the background and the stars in made no difference in performance for my game, they were pretty much the same. You might want to look at the render starfield phaser example here, that might be faster: 3. As far as I know, this is a safe thing to do. I'd increase the interval. It's good to have your game running on as many devices as possible, but if you really can't get it to run on very old devices, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Always have it tested on as many devices as possible though. As for performance, just keep experimenting and testing until you find what works best for your game, you'll have to get creative. Don't be afraid to make changes to your game to fight performance issues. Also, keep in mind that a new release of Phaser is coming up, which might make your performance better. Here are some tips: Set .autoCull to true on sprites that move off cameraReuse sprites and resources as much as possible (re-position an enemy when dead instead of destroying them)Make sure your texture sizes aren't too bigset .body = null on any sprite that does not use physicsdestroy and cleanup any resources you stop usingAnd once again, just keep testing until you find what's right for your gameI hope I offered up a little knowledge, I'm very new to Phaser myself. I went from having 50 asteroids to avoid in my last game, to having 4 that re-position and change their appearance when far enough away from the player
  7. I usually have a shutdown function that I call when leaving a state (not sure if this is the best thing to do every time, I'm a newbie myself). Here's an example: function shutdown (game) { if (game.playButton) { game.playButton.destroy(); game.playButton = null; } if (game.muteButton) { game.muteButton.destroy(); game.muteButton = null; } if (game.fullscreenButton) { game.fullscreenButton.destroy(); game.fullscreenButton = null; } if (logo_mc) { logo_mc.destroy(); logo_mc = null; } if (backRot) { backRot.destroy(); backRot = null; } if (select_snd) { select_snd = null; }}I destroy everything in that state and set it to null, just to be safe. And yeah, it's hard to diagnose the problem without some more insight. When I first started on mobile, my images were too big, which would crash my game. Could be any number of issues.
  8. BadBearGames


    Hey, your game is really cool. Those effects that you made are very sweet on the eyes, and add a unique feel to the game. On one of my plays, two of the orbs kept hitting the walls and bouncing across the screen horizontally. This wasn't necessarily a problem (just a temporary distraction), because I was still juggling some other orbs, it's just the way you have your physics set up. I also really enjoyed how the orbs combine together to become more powerful. That's a nice touch. How was your experience using GameMaker to build the game?
  9. Hey guys! Here's my first HTML5 game (created with Phaser!): Vacuum Guy. Tap, hold, or click to move the "Vacuum Guy" around the world. Collect particles of energy to bring the space around you to life. Also, don't hit the squares, those kill you You can play the game here: My game development blog (with more info and such): I'm a young developer and this is my first game in HTML5, so I welcome feedback and discussion. Thank you
  10. Nice, original game! I really liked the graphics style, it gave me a chuckle
  11. //I have a lot of code, so I just put in the lines related to the problem//I'm using the full screen mobile templatecreate: function() {pausedFade_mc = this.add.sprite(0, 0, 'background1');pausedFade_mc.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);pausedFade_mc.scale.setTo(4, 4);pausedFade_mc.alpha = 0.5;pausedFade_mc.visible = false;pausedFade_mc.body = null;}'update: function() {if (pausedFade_mc){ paused_txt.visible = false; pausedFade_mc.visible = false;}},function pauseGame() { //Pauses the game when called paused_txt.visible = true; paused_txt.x = playerBody_mc.x; paused_txt.y = playerBody_mc.y + 200; pausedFade_mc.visible = true; pausedFade_mc.alpha = 0.5; pausedFade_mc.x = playerBody_mc.x; pausedFade_mc.y = playerBody_mc.y; thisGame.paused = true;}@Kobaltic There you go
  12. Hey guys, first time posting here. I have a black background sprite that appears when my game is paused to fade out the screen. In the create function I create it, set its alpha to 0.5, and set its visible value to false (I also put the body to null if that makes a difference). When the paused button is pressed, I set its visible property to true and pause the game. In my update function I set its visible to false, so that when the game isn't paused, the background is hidden. For some reason this doesn't work the first time I pause the game, but it works every time after that. It just really bothers me. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you.