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    Interesting game! Looks great. Maybe add more some effect when you hit an enemy? I see that there is red blinking but that's not very noticeble an I don't know if I hit him and not someone else. Another nice thing would be automatically hiding after shooting if you were hiding before you started to aim. And maybe making pressing Down while aiming not just stop aiming but hide as well. Be I dunno, maybe I'm just lazy Was kind of lost in the factory map at first, aiming in the windows didn't seem very obvious. Encountered a bug when my cursor became invisible after the game ended and didn't come back, had to refresh the page.
  2. Cute game, really like the idea. I haven't figured out why sometimes grass grows into trees but sometimes it doesn't, managed to finish quest mode anyway somehow It might be just a matter of timing? Though trees grew instantly a few times so I'm not sure. Would be cool to have maybe a Wind tool to dry blocks back. And fire to make rocks\lava.
  3. apanda

    Colorize - puzzle game

    Very difficult game indeed. Also I noticed that clouds scroll really fast after you switch back to the inactive tab the game is in. Maybe add some kind of emitter to the character to explain floating in the air? Also tutorial would be nice - was a bit lost what to do at first.
  4. apanda


    Fun game! 424 is my record Why does eating jammed players give so much calories? The difference to the regular pies seems so huge... I didn't understand if I can recover hp? That would be nice. Probably you'll add a way to see what items you've collected later anyway, just want to mention that it'd be cool. Great work!