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  1. Issue 2 says "Missed Issue 1? Read it before continuing. It contains Part 1 of the Tanks game." - but I cant find any link to the first issue. Where can i find it? EDIT: found it: http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=6bdcc8be63da44a8e2bee2c6f&id=71b7f39bdb
  2. If you really want to destroy the function (I guess its not what you want) do "delete FavoriteFlavor.bootState.button". If you want to remove the button you have to store a reference (for example "this.button") to the button and than call "destroy" on it. So, what exactly should happen?
  3. Taleforge

    Group Overlap

    I guess you have to show us a bit more of your source code - i cant see anything that destroyes a sprite or group.
  4. wow nice work - works perfectly for me - can´t wait to try them out
  5. Happy new year rich - keep it up - I love this project Seems like filters arn´t workung in this build. Getting "Undefined is not a function" - Or is it just me getting the error? see for example: http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=filters&f=blur.js&t=blur EDIT: Just found it ... the imports for the filters was missing in the example
  6. What do you want to see? Are you just creating more and more cookies that will never disappear? I think the Problem is, that you are creating sprites at runtime (in the update-loop). You should create all needed sprites in the create function of your game state. So you could "pre-create" some cookies that you can use in your game. Also reuse not needed sprites - when a cookie disappeares from your game (gets killed or something like that), reuse that sprite for a new cookie. See this example: http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=games&f=tanks.js&t=tanks The bullets of the player are handled that way (see "Our bullet group" and the fire-function) hope this helps
  7. I would prefer: State Manager, Input and Loader. These topics are fundamental for every game, so I guess they are no bad choice right now.
  8. this is because combatMoveBack will not be executed with the context set to "this" - it will be executed in its own context. To do so, your anonymous function has to look like this: function { combatMoveBack.call(this, damage);}
  9. On wich line is the error happening? What phaser version are you using?
  10. What phaser version are you using? The current 2.2.0 release candidate contains some awesome changes for tweening. Especially on slower machines.
  11. That is a nice idea! I will try that. Thank you very much. Would it be a good idea to place a feature request for this?
  12. Hi eguneys, Thanks for your reply. That was my first attempt too, but I was hoping that there is a better way than this? Because I would have to reassign listeners and so on, when i switch to the other sprite.
  13. Hi, is it possible to create a sprite with multiple atlantes? Lets say I have two atlantes (hope this is the right plural of atlas?) ... one with the normal animations of a character (that I need on every stage in the game) and one with some stagespecific animations. When the player now enters that specific stage, that needs extra animations I want to create that character sprite with the frames from the base-atlas and the special-atlas. I expect that the two atlas would be merged - overriding frames that have the same name in both atlantes. Is this currently possible? If no: would it be realisable without impacting the performance too hard? Thanks in advance
  14. Just migrated my game to the new RC10-Tweens. Everything seems to work - well done . Just one wish: It would be nice if you could also provide a onChildStart like there is a onChildComplete. Looks like the new Tweens are way more smoother - like it! Update to the older Tweens: In my case the older Tweens also didnt worked for me, when i chained them calling "to" multiple times. I had to use "chain" instead and everything was working again. looks like the "to"-method returned this instead of the new generated tween.
  15. That line is ok! But in your css you had a fixed size on the div with the id "gamediv"! So you have a container with a fixed size of 640 * 790 pixels and inside that container there is a canvas-element created by phaser that scales itself from minimum 640 * 790 pixels to maximum.1920 * 1080 pixels. So the container is always limiting the size of the canvas element.