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  1. leosantana

    particle editor for pandajs v 1.0

    Update v 1.1 1. corrections 2. import settings
  2. leosantana

    particle editor for pandajs v 1.0

    Hi guys! A little over a month, I started my studies with pandajs, and I had the idea to make a particle editor for pandajs. I hope you like the tool. Thanks enpu, for you have created pandajs! It a great tool. Congratulations! link: http://byleosantana.com/pandajs/particleeditor/ Notes:1. I made a little change in particle.js, I inserted a var 'this.color',to change particle color.2. I made a extend of Emitter, to read the settings file. 'particleSettings.json'. links: http://byleosantana.com/pandajs/archives/particle.js andhttp://byleosantana.com/pandajs/archives/particleSystem.js Now I'm working in a way of import the archive 'particleSettings.json' to edit in particleEditor. note: this will be inserted in Update for v 1.1
  3. leosantana

    particles with panda and p2physics

    thanks, enpu!
  4. leosantana

    particles with panda and p2physics

    How to create particles in the pandajs with p2physics? Thanks!
  5. leosantana

    DragonBonesJS in panda

    I didn't try, because the pixiJS have already a "dragonbones" your name is "Spine". I'm sorry!
  6. leosantana

    Version 1.2.0 released

    Thanks enpu!
  7. How know the fps for to set animationSpeed? Thanks!
  8. leosantana

    How to do hitTest in pandajs

    Thanks empu! How I didn't know, I did something that it resolved.take a look: function hitTestPoint(a, { var dx = b.x - a.position.x; var dy = b.y - (b.height-a.position.y); var dist = Math.sqrt(dx*dx+dy*dy); if (dist <= a.width / 2 + b.width/2) { return true; } else { return false; }}
  9. leosantana

    How to do hitTest in pandajs

    Hi guys, I'm working in a project and emerged a matter about how to do hitTest?Who can help? thanks!
  10. leosantana

    How active debugDraw with p2.physics?

    Ok! Thanks!
  11. leosantana

    DragonBonesJS in panda

    Ok! I'll try!
  12. leosantana

    DragonBonesJS in panda

    I would like to ask a big favor, exist the possibility of make the dragonbonesJS work in panda? If possible, I stay greatly thankful. If you don't know, here is the link: http://dragonbones.github.io/ Thanks!
  13. leosantana

    p2.js physics

    I'll test. I'm programmer as3. I started with panda.js on last friday, and I'm already excited and fascinated with the engine, so thank you. Is you the creator?