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  1. MZP is a sort of ZIP with any kind of files included. I notice that today I start with a new job so my free time for the exporter is very reduced. What I can do is just create an MZP with scritp and fbx converter included, to give a simple GUI to the users. Sorry ! but I ave no time to create a native exporter If you are ok, send me any version of compiled exe fbx and I create the tools in a few days
  2. The shader framework is written for unity using a lot of .cginc to encode rgbm cubemap and spherical harmonics. I never wrote shader in GLSL, in fact I have problem for example with textureCubeLod. I'm using bkcore shdr and shadertoy to write my tests. Have you any tips?
  3. Ehehe Yes you are right. I confused with deferred in forward vertex lights is useless . Instead with deferred, vertex light is very nice approach to improve performance
  4. I open this thread to know if anybody is interested to help me to porting an amazing CG /HLSL shaders package, that use HDR and RGMB compression for reflection, to WebGL / BabaylonJS library. Thanks
  5. Ok Thanks for the info. However why you not support vertex lights? It is very cheap system for a lot of things
  6. A very easy and quick solution would be to create a simple installer or an MZP that include the maxscript and the fbx converter. In 3ds max , simply you choise name and flag export options, and the script export FBX and and run the fbx converter automatically, In this case, the exporter upgrade in 3ds max is very simple: substitute the old exe fbx converter. If you provide me the final exe with libs included, I spent about 1 days to publish the max script What do you think?
  7. However I can help you writing a maxscript version without use FBX SDK. What do you think?
  8. I see you specify "Up to 4 lights" This means we have 4 pixel lights and the others are vertex lights? This setup is equal to Forward rendering
  9. Ok! However I can help community just with maxscript version if you need
  10. But to create exporter it is not possible use just maxscript? Why use FBX SDK?
  11. Thanks for support. I hope in fixing in BabylonExporte.exe because Blender bridgin pipeline is not so "confortable" However in max files there is NO camera. just the letter mesh !
  12. I can help you to create 3ds max exporter
  13. I found an issue with pinch zoom on android devices. On mobile devices I cannot find any solution to zoom in/out. Any solution? Thanks
  14. I attach a zip with .MAX - FBX - .babylon. It is a simple "A"! You can see that it has a 90 degree rotation offeset Thanks mesh.zip