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  1. Weird  camera follow behaviour

    @drhayes thanks for all the help
  2. Weird  camera follow behaviour

    @drhayes I've alleviated the issue by using game.add.existing(this.player) rather than game.stage.addChild(this.player) While it works, is this a valid solution?
  3. Weird  camera follow behaviour

    @drhayes Is this the saw tooth pattern you were referring to?
  4. Weird  camera follow behaviour

    @drhayes Thanks I'll try that when I get home.
  5. Weird  camera follow behaviour

    @drhayes I've added that in and the body is aligned with the sprite. Would it help If I linked to my repo?
  6. Weird  camera follow behaviour

    @drhayes It's called in the 'play' states update, It was in the sprites update method before that but I was still experiencing the same behavior. I should note that the Player object is extending Phaser.Sprite
  7. Weird  camera follow behaviour

    Does this work with Phaser or have I entered this in the wrong forum?
  8. Weird  camera follow behaviour

    I've been trying to whip up a little prototype today and when I built up my tilemap and added in the camera follow, I was getting weird behavior from the camera follow. The player speed would greatly increase that the camera can't keep up. When I hit the fire button all projectiles are originating from where the player is supposed to be. Have any of you encountered this before? //I am using the lockon method but I have also tried platformer and a default follow //I've called this in the create method, I've tried the update but the same behavior is happening this.game.camera.follow(this.player, Phaser.Camera.FOLLOW_LOCKON); playerMovement() { if (this.controls.left.isDown) { this.body.velocity.x = -this.attrs.moveSpeed;//200 } else if (this.controls.right.isDown) { this.body.velocity.x = this.attrs.moveSpeed;//200 } else { this.body.velocity.x = 0; } if (this.controls.jump.isDown) { this.jump(); } }
  9. Hey, Before the new year, my plan was to take time away from my traditional web dev job as I am starting to hate building up websites. both client and server-side. That plan has pretty much been shelved as my living situation has changed and I can't really take the time off to just work on games. I was just wondering, is there much demand for HTML5 game developers in the workplace? if there is what are the average salary expectations? In an ideal world, I would be more than willing to take a hit on the salary to do something I actually enjoy doing but in reality. I need to be making at least €34K to keep myself a float.
  10. Need some insight into the business end of html 5 game dev

    Thanks for your reply Tom. I do have a few games made. All have really dodgy art. I am currently working with a friend of mine to add some proper art work to the games. Game development has been a hobby of mine for a good few years now, it is the reason why I got into programming and computer science. I am a web developer currently and it's really not scratching my creative itches. I think I need to turn my hobby into a job as I always find myself thinking of games to make while in work and I end up doing quick prototypes during lunch breaks and evenings.
  11. Hey, I have been thinking of committing seriously to html5 gamedev for the past few months. I plan on working on a portfolio over the next few months, just to refine my skills and get some work out their. While I have a good handle on the development side of things. I feel a bit lost when it comes to the business side and actually making money. I apologise if this is something that has been asking a million times before. What I would like to know is how do you guys go about getting income. I am aware of licensing games but not sure of where the best place to go for that is. On the licensing point, how do you decide how much your game is worth? Apart from licensing, is there much demand from companies looking for developers on a contract basis? Finally while I don't have a grand vision of this being my main source of income at least not initially. Is html5 game dev a viable career option? Thanks in advance
  12. Module system for phaser

    Thanks for the options guys. I am going to give the two of them a bash and see which one works better for me. And hopefully I will be posting a game, sometime in the near future
  13. Module system for phaser

    Hey. I am fairly new to phaser and javascript game dev in general. I have been hacking away with phaser for a few weeks. Haven't made anything major. I am currently working on a prototype and my play state is just blowing out of proportion. I was wondering if there is a module system like Requirejs or Browserify that works well with phaser. Just so I can separate out entities from the state.