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  1. Phaser and larger-scale games?

    I don't think the game engine is the limit of how complex a game can be. You can create really complex (2D) games with nice graphics in Phaser/JavaScript which if implemented well could be even better than the same game implemented in Unity. So, to answer your question, for sure you can create games with Phaser with hours/gigabytes of content and nice graphics.
  2. Phaser CE examples collection — contributions welcome

    Nice, but why CoffeScript?
  3. Game works better in Canvas than in WebGL

    If I remember correctly, the problem was using system fonts for debugging instead of bitmap fonts. If you don't use a bitmap font each character will have to be re-drawn from the font file each frame.
  4. sceen shot

    What do you mean by screenshot? Like using the Print Screen button on your keyboard?
  5. Head or Body and why

    Are you sure you included main.js after phaser.js in the case when you included both in the body?
  6. HTML5 Gaming Console features question

    What do you mean by gaming console?
  7. Node.js + Redis Server

    What type of game is it? At what frame-rate does it run? How many players are in a game?
  8. Phaser mobile performance

    Rendering performance is very good, you might have a few issues if you try to use physics, but this is not necessarily something related to Phaser. I guess with any other problem you might have problem doing complete Physics computations.
  9. Physics Worker

    It's usually not worth running your physics in a separate Web Worker if you need to access the state of the world each frame, as reading/transferring data from the worker thread is costly and doing it each frame might be slow.
  10. Game works better in Canvas than in WebGL

    When using WebGL, the problem is that that a texture for each letter is created and uploaded the the GPU each frame I think, which is much worse than uploading once a larger GPU. So yeah, having to use Chinese might be a problem.
  11. Game works better in Canvas than in WebGL

    Why aren't bitmap fonts right for chat?
  12. I think it depends on your GPU.
  13. Game works better in Canvas than in WebGL

    It works fine on your PC. On mobile devices or other low-end devices that have a GPU, moving the canvas-drawing stress from the CPU to the GPU really makes a difference. Also, when you can find many bitmap fonts online that you can use.
  14. Game works better in Canvas than in WebGL

    99% of time it's because you are displaying text instead of bitmapText.
  15. Make player lose points

    Show the code where you add the collision event callbacks.